Tuesday 13 April 2010

The Visit.

Warden: Okay girls, is the place ready? Our visitors would be here soon.

Student1: Ready cikgu.

Warden: Are all your suites clean?

Student2: Yes, cikgu, housekeeping came in early today.

Warden: Please see what Chef Wan has for breakfast today? I told our visitors that we would give them breakfast.

Student3: Chef Wan said we'll have a sumptious buffet of continental, English, American and Malaysian breakfast.

Warden: Oh, god, I forgot, please run and check to see if the swimming pools are ready. Oh dear me, I hope they have the heating on, it's quite chilly this morning.

Student1: The pools are ready cikgu, I checked them myself. Ah cikgu, I tried calling you just now but you didn't answer.

Warden: Oh, how forgetful I am, please go to my suite, I think I left it at the jacuzzi.

Student4: Cikgu, cikgu, our visitors have arrived, they are waiting at the mini golf parking area.

Warden:( Clap, clap) Okay girls, girls, can I have your attention please, our guests have arrived so remember what I said at the briefing. Make sure all the airconds in every suite, and foyer and lobby are on. make sure there are pupils on standby on every floor. All elevators must have someone to aid our visitors should they need any. I want at least 10 girls working out in the gym at any time.

Captain: Good morning cikgu Murni. I am glad that you are gracious enough to play host to our girls.

Warden: Aaah, Captain Zaiton, it is our pleasure really, please do come in. As Head warden of Sekolah Menengah Kg. Jawa girls hostel, I am very proud to welcome, the ladies from the 5th Regimen of the Army Corp. Ladies don't take off your  Jimmy Choos, Christian Laboutins, Manolo Blahniks and Yves Saint Laurents.

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