Friday 9 April 2010

The New Strategy

MP1: Boss, are you there?

Boss: Yes, I am inside the surau seeing what can be repaired and what need to be replaced.

MP1: Come quick, come quick, I think we have been cheated la.

Boss: What do you mean cheated? Did Samy cross over to the other side?

MP1: That is not cheated boss, that is a blessing, come quick la. I am at the junction to the kampung.

Boss: It better be good calling me out at this time of the night.

MP1: I am sure you would be surprised come quick, we can't hold the lorries much longer.

Boss: Okay, I'll be there in 5 minutes and remember this is a by-election so don't do anything rash.

MP1: Okay boss, we'll hold them.

Boss: Okay Mat, what is it, why are you holding these lorries.

Man1: DS, what is this your man are holding our lorries to deliver the goodies?

Boss: Yes, Mat why are you stopping these lorries. These are our gifts to the kampung people, without these how are we going to win this by-election?

Mat: But boss, you see the barang-barang first la, all used ones. Even the tar on those lorries are recycled ones. I don't know from which road they curi. See these bicycles, all use already. The tvs also sudah pakai one. See these planks, I am sure they are going to repair the suraus with used planks. We are being cheated la boss.

Boss: Come here, let's go to that tree there.

MP1: Why boss? What's the matter?

Boss: You see Mat, initially we got everything ready, everything new, then we heard that Sibu also got by-election so we change the strategy la. Where got money somemore, all habis already.

MP1: Oh, like that ka? I don't know but from which second hand shop they got all these?

Boss: No,we can't even afford to buy from second hand shops.

MP1: Then? They steal ka boss?

Boss: No these are all ours. The tar, planks and tvs and bicycles we took back from KT, Bukit Selambau, Penanti and Cangkat Jering. We lost there so we take back la. We save a lot you know.


Anonymous said...

Salam cikgu, betul-betul a good one. I just cannot stop laughing esp. the last part.Even the roads they had to korek and take back. Gomen where got money now ! All kena sapu. Hope they all rot in hell. My prediction 2-0 for PR. Just my 2sen cikgu.

Anonymous said...

Amat lucu Cikgu.

Aku ketawa sampai nangis.

Gomen ni biar mampus. Wang di guna bela Israel berbilion bilion.
Kering kontang skarang lah. Celaka betul. Tengok, Perkasa Ibrahim Ali senyap aje. Kalau tidak, asyik merepek tapi tentang APCO, diam dan buat bodoh. Muka nya memang cam katak.

Kita mesti sebar berita2 yang busuk mengenai BN/UMNO kepada penduduk melayu di Hulu selangor terutama FELDA punya.

orang kampung

Unknown said...

Anon 20.08
I hope and pray that your prediction is right.

Unknown said...

Anon 02.59
Ya la, I never thought about that katak, he has been rather silent about Israel. Hmmm,,,,,,

Anonymous said...

Aiyoohhhhh CherGu. you just give idea to that Primate Minister how to give abundance Gifts to Olang Kampong - Sei-Bu & Ulu Slangore.

now Primate Minister has changed to become 'Orang Utan' and because the specie is near gone from surface of mother earth, President Obama giving that 'Orang Utan' 5-mins simply to save Earth.

can't imagine Obama sitting and chatting to nearly extinction 'Orang Utan' at the White House coming week!

monsterball said...

No bribery and corruptions...Najib is a dead duck.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

Hehehe...suddenly Samy got into the picture again. Put him as candidate la, who knows his loss in 2008 was just a fluke.


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