Sunday 28 March 2010

Tale of the Golden Leap.

Teacher: Dennis! What book did you read during the holidays?

Dennis: I read a fairy tale from the East teacher.

Teacher: What a fairy tale from the East?

Dennis: Yes, teacher.

Teacher: Good Dennis. Class this is what I want. I want my students to read books from other parts of the world. You should not confine yourselves to books from the west only.

Dennis: Is the book good Dennis?

Teacher: Oh, it's very good teacher. I love it, in fact, when I grow up I want to be like the characters in the book.

Dennis: It must be a very good book indeed that got you wanting to emulate the characters. What's the title of the book Dennis? If it was really that good maybe we could get the library to buy some.

Dennis: Tale of The Golden Leap.

Teacher: Hmm, sounds interesting. Why do you like the book Dennis?

Dennis: It teaches readers the fastest way to be successful and rich?

Teacher: It does? Why, that's amazing, maybe I should read it myself. Can you tell us how to do it?

Dennis: Easy teacher. Be a frog and leap. That's what they did in Malaysia and they all became very-very rich.


Anonymous said...

Salam cikgu. Very funny. I sure want to read this book.All pupils must read too! Better then Pak Man Telo. Sure rich one. Just my 2sen cikgu.

Unknown said...

2 sen
I reccomend this be a compulsory read for the Eng Lit and Malay Lit.

Anonymous said...

Funny lah. Tapi kat Malaysia nih katak katak semuanya katak modern, warna coklat dan kuning langsat aje. Katak normal semua color Kelabu Hitam, tapi Katak kaki dua Malaysia lain warnanye.

Tak cukup zat vitamin ke CikGu?

Unknown said...

Bukan tak cukup zat, depa semua tak cukup ajaq atau pun kurang ajaq.

Anonymous said...

lawaklah negara kita hih. Mangkok buat romen masuk dvd pun boleh jadi Boss nih. apa cite nih CikGu. ada mamat sorang tu kena tuduh 'zero penetration sodok-mee' tak senang tidor siang malam, si Boss nih terang terang dapat Oral-B tak pakai ubat gigi pun boleh jadi Boss, makan mee siang malam pulak tu.

Anonymous said...


The background of your blog is too dark a colour for reading.

I dah tua, susah nak baca black letterings on dark background.

Boleh tolong tukar warna lain tak.

Sorry lah Cikgu. Aku memang suka baca blog Cikgu.

Terima Kasih.

Orang kampung


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