Wednesday 24 March 2010

It's raining cats and dogs.

BigCat: This is cat country, but look, look all around you, see how dogs are getting everything.

Cat1: Yes, you are rght, sometimes it's even difficult to get fish. We must not allow dogs to take everything. We must stop them.

Cat2: Yes, we must stop the dogs. We must let them know that this is our country.

BigCat: Look there is a dog there, let's stop him. Let's see if he can answer our questions. Hey dog, come here.

Cat3: You know this is our country right?

Dog: I thought this is my country too.

Cat3: Who says this is your country, this is ours and only ours.

Dog: I have the papers to prove that this is my country too.

Cat2: Aaaah, those papers mean nothing. Typical of you dogs, you come to our country and take everything. We are left with nothing. We have to scrounge rubbish bins while you wine and dine.

Dog: That's not true, there are many dogs living a life just like yours and they don't get handouts like you. You are lucky, just because you are a cat, you get more than us dogs. We on the other hand, have to work our butts out.

Cat1: That's because this is our country. All riches in this country should go to us first and then only to you.

Dog: But we too work very hard to make this country rich, do you think it's fair that we get nothing?

Cat2: What do you mean you get nothing? Look at your kind, you have everything.

Dog: Why do you think that is so? We work hard, we don't ask for handouts. Anyway who says you get nothing? Do you think BigCat eat out of the rubbish bin?

BigCat: What are you trying to prove?

Dog: What is your occupation sir? From what I know, you don't earn enough to live the life you are living.

Cat2: What are you getting at?

Dog: Come on fellas, don't you think that it's common knowledge that all you top leaders are not actually scrounging for a living? Everyone knows that it's the common members that are hard up. You and your advisors are not actually poor.

BigCat: It's because we work hard.

Dog: Bullshit. It's because all your riches are given to you, you don't have to work. All the riches for cats are not distributed rairy. Only you big cats get the loot while the rests are given nothing. We know that there are dogs behind most of you supposedly succesful cats. Who are there behind us ordinary dogs?

BigCat: Shut up you scoundrel.

Dog: Don't you think we know there are really huge dogs behind you? You think we don't know that you actually want to be a very big shot in the ruling committee but because of the disease that you have they could only offer you a small position, too small for you to get to the top, so, you instigate ordinary small cats and with their support the committee will have no alternative but to offer you a post near the top. Who is going to benefit most from it if not a few invisible big dogs?

Cat3: What nonsense is this. What disease are you talking about.

Dog: Have you ever watched him sleep?

Cat3: No. Why?

Dog: Dogs, cats, cows snores but he goes ribbit, ribbit, ribbit.


Kerp (Ph.D) said...

Hehehe...couldnt agree more. 'We' prefer handouts rather than being competitive. And i'm sorry but cant help to think 'our kind' are getting paranoid that the 'dogs' will take over 'our' land. Really?

frankie said...

It is not exactly a proud moment for the animal kindom. When the measurement of wealth is narrowed down to the diameter of the belly instead of how to be competitively progressive.

I say we fry the frog.

Anonymous said...

Wah Cikgu.... betul betul got Anjin dan Kucin kah di 1Malaysia? Olang ramai semoa tau hanya ada QinZire saja kan? itu Olang Besar Besar jadi boss semoa besar besar macam itu QinZire saja, mana ada Anjin dan Kucin punyea.

Manyak kesian loh, olang ramai sudah susah cari makan sekalang manyak Anjin cari luit kopi siang malam oooo...

Itu QinZire besar besar tarak mati punyea kah? Manyak gemuk itu macam Babi biasa mati cepat kasi jangtung mati lah.

Aiyahhhh, 1Malaysia jadi manyak sueh punye. Qing-Ming mau kasi datang mau pakai luit lagi oooo... Itu Toya Toya tarak happi punyea kalau QinZire tarak kasi makan itu kapal dalam selam betoi kan.


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