Friday 2 October 2009

The Return

Machaius: Hail, The Thane of Banus Pinangus, your humble servant bringeth heavenly news from the steps of Putrus Jayus.

Isaus: Speaketh, good servant, loyal warrior, for our heart raceth as fast as Hamiltus in Singapus. What tiding doth thou bringeth from the steps of Putrus Jayus that paints such joy in thy countenance?

Machaius: Rejoice oh Prince of Baganus for our delegation, after encountering the soldiers of the Villain Matus Hassanus fought so bravely that the Gods of Putrus Jayus was left without a choice but you oh Lord of the land Pinangus.

Isaus: Is it true these words that you say oh valiant servant of Baganus? Is it true that the soldiers of Hassanus hath surrendered?

Machaius: Yes, my Lord, as true as that Old Fool Kuttyus hailed from the sub-continent no matter how he denyeth. Once faced with our relentless onslaught and continued threats that Baganus Pinangus would be lost if my Lord is not picked, the Gods relented much to the dismay of the of the weakling Hassanus who ran to sulk at the laps of the scrawny Kuttyus.

Isaus: Rejoice, my servants, rejoice for We, the Lord of Baganus Pinangus will reign once more. Go, go seek which parcel of land in this Land of Nine, thou desireth for thou deserveth it.

Machaius: My Lord, your humble servant wants very little for himself because his effort is to see that my Lord once more sits on the Throne that rightly belongeth to him, the Throne that was untimely robbed from him by the teacherous old lepers of the Disciplinary Committee. If it pleaseth my Lord could thy humble servant ask for an insignificant parcel of land of only 5 hectares each for each of his 15 children, 3 wives, 4 brothers, 3 sisters one mother, one father, 3 mothers-in-law and 3 fathers-in-law?

Isaus: What?, Parcels so small for my valiant warrior? Go, scour the Land of Nine and take whatever they desireth for thy Lord The Great Isaus Thane of Baganus Pinangus is back.


Kerp (Ph.D) said...

a resort with a long stretch of private beach in telukus kemangus oughth to doth it....hehhehehehe...

Unknown said...

Okay Sir Kerpus, it is yours.

Anonymous said...

Hear ye, hear ye all ye good folks of Banus Pinangus. UMNOcancerus candidatus, Lord Isaus, is perfectus as Lord of Pinagus because he fits the condition primus of UMNOcancerus: Candidatus must be very corruptus.

UMNOcancerus sloganus: 1UMNOcancerus which stands for Corruptus First, Corruptus Forever.

Anonymous said...

nampak gayanya Negeri Sembilan akan menjadi lebih Benggap ye, Port Dickson hilang bersama 'Dick' nya, dan "Army Town" take over jadi macam pekan Haadyai.

Tak lama nanti Tsunami melanda Negari Mabuk ini lah, hancur nampak gaya nya bila Pencuri Perasuah dan Persetan di lantik menjadi Panglima "Army Town".

Sama sama lah kita tonggang Bir San Miguel free-flow masa Oktoberfest Bagan-Pee yea...

Ydiana said...

Selamatus Harius Rayaus, Cikgus.

Maafus Zahirus and Batinus...lolus!

huanchoo said...


Thee are in the same league as Shaksperus.

Pak Oncu said...

hantammmmmmmmmmm lah cikgu!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Jom rehatkan minda di sini:

boleh jadi sumber dana perjuangan

Al Mahadaya said...

Non collaboration with evil is a sacred duty. Evil is what men do. Hmm.
Can u comment on my blog

kopitelp16 said...

Lord Isaus will be victorious as he rely on the Voteus of Soldierus. Anyway, The Great Lord Najibus has endorsed Lord Isaus the Corruptus as he is desperate for a win.

monsterball said...

hahahahahaha....Machaius want only little..for his good Isaus.
Both are jungle people...talking jungle language...and it sounds so familiar with our modern as if...hearing Najib talking to Isa.
Three cheers for "1 Malaysia"..winning Bagan Pinang.
It is still 8-1..clobbered by West Malaysia..yet Najib said 65% Malaysians have returned to support UMNO.
Is he a nut or something else?
Taking 8000 voters from Bagan Pinang to conclude how 4 million Malaysians voters will be voting in 13th GE?
The bad news...their biggest balls carrier...MCA is not "1 Team.1 MCA"..but three and turned to be rojak party ..right now.
Since UMNO claim MCA commands Chinese did he ever get 65% Malaysians support UMNO?
Must be an idiotic student in maths.


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