Thursday 22 October 2009

The Expert.

Ah Chong: Good afternoon doc, long time no see, you must be very busy lately?

Doc: Yes la, even my wife is complaining, this inquest is taking up too much of my time la.

Ah Chong: Yes la doc, how come still not over yet? What's taking so long?

Doc: It should be over by now but those people want to bring in a foreign expert as if local experts are not good enough.

Ah Chong: But doc, I saw a programe in Astro about her and her works, she is good la.

Doc: I know she is good and experienced but this is a straight forward case. I could conduct the autopsy with my eyes closed.

Ah Chong: Well did you?

Doc: Did I what?

Ah Chong: Conduct the autopsy with your eyes closed?

Doc: No la that was a figure of speech only la, what I mean, is that the case is no big deal. One more thing, as much as I respect her, I think this time she got it wrong la. The other doctor and I concur on suicide and she comes to suggest that it was homicide.

Ah Chong: Maybe she saw something that you all did not see?

Doc: No, impossible, we scrutinised every inch of the body and the scene. We are also very experienced people la.

David: Dad, dad, come quick, come faster dad, its Rover, dad come quick dad.

Ah Chong: Hey that is my son David. Something must be very wrong, lets go see.

Doc: Yes la, he seems to bde in distress, lets go.

Ah Chong: What's wrong son, what happened? Oh noooooooo!  What happened to Rover? Where's his head?

David: Dad, Rover's dead dad, someone killed him. Look, they cut his head and hind legs off. Who could do such a thing dad? Oh no, Rover, Rover.

Ah Chong: Oh, God, Rover, why would anyone want to do such a thing to you?

Doc: Now, now, now. Ah Chong, David, compose yourselves. I am sad too with what happened.

Ah Chong: Doc, who could have done such a thing? Rover is such a good dog. He hardly barks at anyone, why would they want to do such a thing?

Doc: Let me see if I could find some clues that could help us find out what actually happened and who are the perpetrators of this hideous crime.

David: Please la uncle, please help us find out who did this.

Doc: Hmmm, hmmmmm, Huh! a machete, this must be the weapon used. See how fast I found the weapon? I am such an experienced man and still they want to bring in a Thai expert.

Ah Chong: Please la doc, leave the inquest alone and look into this. I want to know who did it. They killed him with my own machete. That machete is mine.

Doc: Don't worry Ah Chong, David. You can rest assured that I will get to the bottom of this. Hmmm, look at this trail here, it leads to the roof. Hah! I got it, my god, am I good or am I good. I have solved the case. Look here at this trail, it leads to the window of that room up there.

Ah Chong: Yes la doc, do you thing the killers got into the house and got into the room to kill Rover?

Doc: No, no, don't jump to conclusions. I have years of experience. This is how it all happened. Rover was chained near your garage right?

Ah Chong: Yes, just next to the garage.

Doc: You kept the machete in the store in your garage right?

Ah Chong: Yes, how do you know?

Doc: I am trained in all these remember. You see, from all the evidence that I gather here and I am 100 percent sure that Rover, broke loose from his chains, got into your garage and took out the machete. He then ran upstairs into that room and jumped down. On the way down, he used his front legs to sever both his hind legs and just before hitting the ground, he used the same legs to completely sever his head off. There you are. No need to blame anyone, it's SUICIDE.


D'ayo said...


Panggil je pegawai dari Pejabat Kesihatan Dungun... dia orang punya analisa memang hebat... protein dalam belacan less than 2% pun dia orang boleh trace... sure dia orang boleh trace berapa % Rover tu bunuh diri dan berapa % Rover tu kena bunuh...

Unknown said...

Itu cadangan yang baik tu. Sementera tu buleh juga diaorang check otak MB Terengganu dengan 1Toilet nya

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

hehehe...and suddenly the thai doc became the subject of hatred amongst those who are not in favour of her finding. suddenly her credibility is a subject of doubt. but back home she has solved hunreds -if not thousand- of cases. she must have done something right to be a celebrated icon, right?

romerz said...

I read a comment in Susan Loone's blog on this subject which made me want to puke.

As usual a cybertrooper writing under the guise of anonymity questioning Dr Pornthip's credentials and authenticity.

He/She implied that because Dr Pornthip has colored streaks in her hair, she cannot be a real Thai but most probably Chinese.

Where did this horrible racism come from? What happened to our humanity despite our political differences?

What is our beloved country going to become with such racist people around and nurtured by our ruling elites?

I'm pretty sure that commentator will not be able to enjoy the sarcastic humor of your post cikgu.


Unknown said...

Of course she is hated because UMNO demands that the Malays hate anyone who sees things differently but then what to expect from this kind of people.

Unknown said...

That commentator would thing that this is a true story and would concur with the doc since he is MALAYsian.

Anonymous said...

Wow Doktor "Malay-sia" dah tak laku lagi dah sekarang ni. Kena ada doktor dari luar negeri walaupun dari Siam.

Mungkin rakyat "Malay-sia" pun dah tak laku lagi dah sebab ada kena mengena dengan "Malay".

Nak tahu juga apa yang korang nak buat dengan orang-orang "Malay" yang korang rasa bodoh dan tak sebulu dengan korang? Itupun kalau korang pegang kuasa nanti.

(tak siar tak apa, sebab aku tahu kau baca)

Unknown said...

A perfect specimen.

D'ayo said...


Dia orang nak 'expert' yang baca skrip dia orang je, fakta-fakta letak tepi... macam jugaklah saksi utama kes 2 ADUN katak kat Perak tu... masa ADUN tu belum jadi katak, dia cakap dia orang tu minta duit tapi lanie, bila dia orang dah jadi katak, lain pulak cerita...

Unknown said...

Yang tu semua anon 10:36 tak nampak, buta kot.

frankie said...

I think our doctor also help rafa benitez do post mortem on why Kops losing like ceret beret this season, and they keep on losing. hehehehe....

Unknown said...

Actually Rafa mau di sack sebab dia buleh dapat 20 Million pound free saja.

Anonymous said...

Hi Cikgu
Love your blog very much!

Unknown said...

anon 21:57,
And who might I know you are? Thanx anyway.

Anonymous said...


lady just confirmed what the majority thinks.

It is pure MURDER.

But then MACC is a ketuanan institution. Nobody is supposed to weaken it. Not even when the chief opens his big mouth on cars and cows and literally maligned the MB he is guilty.

Anonymous said...

This Thai Dr PornTip already confirmed that Malaysian doctors are as good as Benggaps (referring those checking the Dog Rover death lah!).

Funny betul... Britain pun dah worry dengan illegal Malaysian kat sana, probably Gordon Brown will invite Dr PornTip do post mortem why Malaysian abandons Malaysia; funny ehh... Malaysia is not like Pakistan and Afghanistan - terrorist country.

No wonder Senior Obama only meet Lee KY during his coming Asia Trip, but not including Dato Seri Benggap fella. imagine Obama scarred of Suicide Bomber from Malaysia even after Nordin D' Top long sei-zhored! boroi and buncit could be C4, possibly too huh.

Phobia betul, no?

Anonymous said...

You forgot to mention that Rover was going to get married the next day and that his owner didn't have any money in the bank account and that the owner should be sent to Tanjung Rambutan to check whether he is nut...


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