Thursday 26 March 2009

Who Lost?

Layman1: Woi, did you hear that Khairy won the Youth post?

Layman2: So?

Layman1: So? Is that all you can say?

Layman2: I mean does it make a difference if any of the other two had won? I mean one is a tempe pushing broom lover and the other the son of a dictator, so does it make a difference if a pscho won?

Layman1: Yes, la I know there wasn't much of a choice but he wasn't the favourite candidate, how come he won?

Layman2: Do you think those voters voted with their mind and heart? Do you think they have suddenly changed? Those people are incapable of change.

Layman1: I am still stunt that both Toyo and Mukhriz lost. Really, I am in a daze.

Layman2: That is where you have gone wrong. No matter who the winner is, it's the Malaysian people who lost.


cakapaje said...

Salam Cikgu,

Yup! Malaysians have just lost in a loony circus election.

By the way, it is a STUNT by circus, but no one is really stunned except for the candidates.

Anonymous said...

spot on. we are doomed.what else do u want me to say?erm, may be i can also say, "apa saya boleh buat?" thats what the clowns in my workplace say when u question them on simple matters.thats kinda answers drive u up the wall an drive u nuts too.

Anonymous said...

You're right...I already LOST my appetite this week... the vultures are in town and PWTC stinks from those carrion eaters...

admin said...

salam chekgu... come the the "midget dick" won eh??

this time i am the very most f#*king "confusest" person in this solar system..muahahahhaa

BTW chekgu,look at the bright site,mebi we,people are loosing aite now,but in 3years to come,in PRU13,we are going to take over the goverment.

During that time,the "midget dick" woldnt have dick anymore,mebi he will run to Thailand and start selling his but than.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

seriously la, what has he ever done to the country/community to deserve such high-rank post? and worse, he's proven to play money politics and yet he's still endorsed by ppl in the party. the talk of change by najibus all went down the drain. either that or he was merely talking cock.

Unknown said...

Is it a cunning array of stunts or stunning array of cunts.

Unknown said...

Oh yes, there are plenty of that kind of people around. 'What to do la, sudah taksir la". Bullshit

Unknown said...

They are no longer vultures, they are barking hyenas.

Unknown said...

I think they like those with minute dicks to complement their minute balls.

Unknown said...

Change? What change? If they can change then New York is in Kodiang.


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