Thursday, 2 October 2008

Glitch in heaven

Judge: This is a special inquiry to find out what actually happened on the day in question to decide on measures to be taken to prevent this catastrophe from ever repeating. Mr. Prosecutor, you may proceed.

Pro: Your honour, I call upon Angel 2 to take the stand. Angel 2, since you are an angel, you will not be able to lie so no oaths necessary. Tell us what happened that day.

A2: I was on my way home after my shift when I dropped by Angel4's place. He looked very tired. When I asked him if he was feeling alright, he said he was okay and that he had one more job to do before calling it the day.

Pro: What did you do then?

A2: I asked if he needed a hand, he said that his work was delicate and that I wouldn't be able to do it without proper training.

Pro: Okay thank you, now I would like to call Angel4. You are also an angel and are incapable of lying. Tell us what happened with the last job on that day.

A4: I was talking to A2 and was really tired because I had to do double shift. You see Angel3 called in sick so I thought I'd continue and maybe he could stand in for me on another day.

Pro: Did you realise you made a mistake that day?

A4: No, not at all, I thought all went well until I received a letter asking me for my log on that night. I checked through the log and was aghast that I had made a serious error.

Pro: What was the error?

A4: Since my department was the 'high priority' department, we were supposed to be extra careful and record everything we put in. As you could see in my log I put in everything that was needed accept one.

Pro: What was it that you forgot to put?

A4: First of all I would like to apologise that my negligence caused this catastrophe. As you know, being an angel, I am incapable of malice so nothing was done on purpose. I admit I was negligent and it was a result of extreme fatigue and that short conversation I had with A2 made me lost track of what I was doing.

Pro: Now tell us what is it that you forgot to put in.

A4: I was extra careful because of the highly sensitive nature of my work. I checked through all genes and double checked them before marking them ready.

Pro: Is this the log belonging to that specimen you are talking about?

A4: Yes, this is it and that is my signature.

Pro: Please mark this evidence as AAB. You may continue.

A4: Last week I was asked to produce this log that I did 60 over years ago because it seems that I had been grossly negligent in my duty resulting in a catastrophe of epic proportions.

Pro: After checking the log, did you identify any specific mistakes?

A4: Yes, I found that I made a grave mistake, infact after realising it I also checked all other logs I was involved in for the last 1 century.

Pro: Oh, you did? Did you find any other mistakes?

A4: Yes, I found 2 more. One could not be undone because it has expired and another is potentially even more dangerous.

Pro: This is very disturbing, I thought there is only one and now you say there are 3.

A4: Let me begin with the 1st one, the one that cannot be undone. I had carelessly filled in too much ego substance in the ego genes and forgot the compassion genes altogether. The evil genes left by Satan that was meant for destruction was mistakenly marked and I had inserted them into that specimen. This specimen is marked MM.

Pro: My God, what have you done? Go ahead.

A4: The next one is the AAB specimen that we are inquiring into now. After fixing the brain genes in its proper place, I forgot to fill it with the 'mind' substance.

Pro: You mean, you created a brain without any mind?

A4: I am afraid so. After checking through I also found that I had put in extra active sleep genes in the specimen.

Pro: Do you know of the gravity of these mistakes of yours? You said there is another one that could be undone, what is it?

A4: This one is marked NAR. I accidentally filled it with Boer Stud virility genes.


cakapaje said...

Salam Cikgu,

Lol! NAR with Boer studs? That's too big a compliment for that fella whom a friend said has the TB sickness - Takut Bini. Perhaps, in fatigue, the angel missed out that NAR needs viagra? Oops! I'm acting more like a defence attorney now :)

BravoEagleHotel said...

Hahahahaha ... keep it up cikgu !
Never fail to give me a good laugh whenever I drop by .
Sleepy, no campaasion , all these came about , after the MM fler, prior were all small stuffs.
Seems from Miliions to Mega Billions nowadays !!
No wonder our ringgit getting smaller by the hours ... sighhhh

Gelombang Rakyat said...

It is interesting to explore what BM got, Cik gu...


Pak Zawi said...

They were born such so it wasn't their fault really since it was their genes that made them act the way they did. Do we blame their maker for all the mistakes that they did in their life?

Anonymous said...

You are a real genius!
A gem of a writing!
I enjoyed it and am entertained.

Unknown said...

When it comes to hitting the sack he is a real boer but when it is one on one he is a chicken.

Unknown said...

The rot started during the MM era. He perfected it, and sleepy head had a ready script to follow.

Unknown said...

Hmm interesting, maybe deserves another entry just on BM

Unknown said...

I did give it plenty of thought before going ahead with this. No the Maker is never to blame. The aim is to highlight the serious flaws in these people, the setting is to facilitate the story.

Unknown said...

Welcome and thank you.

Gelombang Rakyat said...

Cik gu,

If there is such a single glitch in heaven.

Then, when I can no longer for personal enjoyment, use 10 sen, which is of no use there, I wanna check this BM bit.

The theme of inquiry will be on:

"One who told me he is powerful because he is PM, but he actually has no power; and one who did not tell me, yet she is the power, so powerful because she is BM"

2nd Room!

Unknown said...

Of course the 2nd room is more powerful because the 1st room is busy humping, just like the present where the 1st room is busy sleeping, the power is the 4th floor so I wonder why they want to be PM?

Gelombang Rakyat said...

Cik Gu, you made a really good point.

A point, a murid can always learn.

I shall post about it, at my blog, soon.

Thanks, next hari guru, we eat quachi together okay.

I have an extra 10 sen in my pocket now.

I shall save it now for then, InsyaAllah.

The good part about eating these smacko together is, when an idea strikes then, we shall be buying BM another Mercedes, okay. Much better than the Terengganu one


bayi said...

LOL! And LOL again!


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