Thursday 1 March 2007

The virtues of Nothingness

At last, a little time for myself to write something. I have yet to think of a title for it coz I don't know where this will lead me.

You see people, in the morning, I am glued to to osk188 looking at all the reds from top to bottom. The market really crashed and I got burnt pretty bad. Well you win some and you lose some but somehow it just doesn't feel nice when you lose, don't you think so?

At about 12.00 I get ready for school since I teach in the afternoon. I was once the number 2 man in another school but got kicked out for shouting at my number 1 at the PIBG AGM. Just lost my cool and gave the piece of shit a piece of my mind except it was in a crowd of about a hundred plus people.

Now I teach in the afternoon in another school and I am loving it. I know some would say, especially Jasgill, 'oh that's why he sounds angry'. Sad to say the answer is no. I have always, since I can remember, despised injustice and arrogance and to me that guy suffers from both.

Anyway back to the routine, school ends at 6.15 and I got home at about 7.00 coz of the jam and a flat tyre I had today. After some rest it's out with the family for dinner and back for telly and now a little peace and quite.

As always I will drift into some blogs and post comments if I see fit and now I am ready to do some writing. One thing I dare say is that prior to blogging, I don't write much and when I first started, it took me really long to string a decent sentence. I am guilty of publishing before reviewing and many a time when I read my postings or comments I see mistakes galore. Now after a few postings and some comments here and there I find that the words flow better and smoother.

Am I boring you? I know I got just the thing stir things up a bit. This saturday its the Reds vs the Devils and I simply can't wait. I don't have to go to no fancy place to watch it coz its a carnival here at home. I have my 2 daughters and my son is back. My wife will be in the room coz football is not her cup of tea but to us, my children and I, it is our elixir of life. My son in law, may Allah have mercy on him would sit in a corner and watch quitely coz my team will be playing against his. He dares not celebrate (if the Reds win) for fear of offending his father in law. For his sake I hope he decides to watch it elsewhere.

So I guess that's about all so what should I name this posting.


zorro said...

Your son-in-law not MU? How can like that one? Prerequisite to marry your daughter is to be MU fan. Brother you got distracted huh? If you convert him to MU that would be conflict of interest or whatever they call it. Tell your MU daughter to give him the cold treatment....that tak mahu, tak mahu thing. MU2, Liverpool 0. Good night chegu. ...rather good morning.Tomorrow morning at 7.30 I will be at University Hospital. I have volunteered to be "guinea pig" in an international project on hypertension. Time to give back to future Malaysians for what current Malaysians have done for me. You take care sir....and dont let your sil watch the match if he remains recalcitrant.

Alliedmartster said...

Aiyah...true allegiance is to the club! (look at it like this...if u managed to convince him to switch to MU, then he is not a true supporter, more like, with the joneses kinda guy. If he can switch clubs, he can switch wives too! He better he remains true to his club, which can also be applied to your daughter. Which ultimately means he is a good SIL! He He...
(Same situation in my household!
FIL+Wife=MU me=LIV!

Unknown said...

I will not get him to like MU coz I know its hard to convert a Reds to be a devil. Its like persuading a Taliban to be a free thinker. But let me tell you this its even more difficult to get a Devil to be a Reds. As for the others in the league they are there to make up the numbers.

Anyway, from the comments I got from the sport commentators in ESPN, only MU and Arsenal play sexy football,and I love sex, and let me add, the others are frigid, ha,ha,ha. Just, joking, just joking.

tony -stand-up philosopher said...

Once again, I'm a LEEDS UTD fan. Does anyone listen!
Mr. KTN, sounds like you are bored la sir.
Check out my website someday when you
Give me your comments via my e-mail

A Voice said...

Leeds made the biggest boo boo of selling Cantona after winning the PL. The folliwngs years Cantona won for Man u 5 PL...

Tony G, You can always live on the past glories of Billy Bremmer.

Unknown said...

a voice, I agree with you Leed's for whatever insane reason gave away a real jewel by selling Cantona and the rest is history. I have no animosity for Leeds. When they were up in the Division 1 they were a decent team but what a pity to see where they are now.

Stand up philosopher, I will give your website a visit.

They Asked 4 It said...

Cikgu, talking about the Reds and the Devils, I was also kicked around like a football! Twice within two months from the same school! The first time, I managed to convinced the PPD (with evidence) that I was framed by the No. 1, 2 & 5. and the PPD duly cancelled my transfer.

I got back to school and they were not satisfied and they went for 'bigger cable', and I was again kicked out to another school some 80kms away! Imagine, at the age of 50 I am made to travel 160kms to-and-fro daily plus the cost of petrol and tolls paid out of my hard-earned cash.

Yes, they have the power to do whatever, but don't forget, sooner or later, (as Muslims) they're all answerable to Allah SWT, since they asked for it.

zewt said...



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