Thursday 7 June 2012

Application For Waiver

Minister of Transport

Director General,
Ministry of Transport
(should the minister be not free)

Dear Sir

I would like to point to the minister's reply that he was awarded the plate no WWW 15, meaning he was given a waiver from paying sum of RM24K. I am sure as a learned man, he had written to the Director requesting for a waiver, but being a very forgetful man, he forgot about it when first confronted by the press but he has now cleared the confusion by his revelation that, he got it for free.

I am sure this is not restricted to VIPs only since the government has time and time again boasted that that it is a fair government having the people's welfare at heart.

Being from Penang, I have long been fascinated by a certain plate no but I am sure it is going to cost me an arm, a leg, a nostril, an ear and maybe even a pair of testes if I were to bid for it.

Since there has been precedent of special numbers being awarded for free, and since this is a caring and sensitive government, I hereby formally request to be awarded the special plate number PUK 2. You can have the one with the number 1 because I am not that special.

Thank you in advance.


Anonymous said...

another sunshine day for me today, Cikgu.Thank you.Keep on writing

sol said...

woh, welcome back, cikgu. You are back with a bang ( your new car with new number plate). Keep on writing - I miss you! Can you also please ask them to reserve the no. ending with 18 ("8" rhymes with "mak") for the owner of WWW15? Raykat can help pay if it doesn't come free.

Unknown said...

Its good to be back Al Husseyn and sol.

zorro said...

WELCOME back Chegu.


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