Friday 30 December 2011

But Tuan ......

Awang: Hello tuan, can you please help me?

Tuan: Sure we are always here to help. Are you poor?

Awang: Yes, tuan I am very poor tuan. I only get 700 a month and must support a wife a 5 children.

Tuan: Oh, how sad. How may I help you?

Awang: You see tuan recently because my children very hungry I stole from the supermarket and got caught. The court fined me RM3000 tuan so can I borrow to pay the fine?

Tuan: Hey! This is Pusat Urus Zakat, not Ah Long. We don't help these cases all.

Awang: But Tuan, why Menteri can borrow?


Anonymous said...

malaysia, oh tanah air ku.
Rembat jangan tak rembat.

ali allah ditta said...

Menteri got immunity ma! courtesy of mamak Mader!!!

happy new year!!!


zorro said...

A timely hit below the belt. Chegu, a SUCCESSFUL ABU YEAR to you.

zorro said...

A tribute to you teachers:


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