Friday 24 September 2010

'Eff'ing mofos

Just a moment ago a friend sent me a message saying that Katataknak is removed. Of course I was shocked. Who the 'eff'ing hell did it? Perplexed I tried to access my blog and sure enough it said that my blog has been removed.

What the 'eff'. So I did the needful and after filling in some forms and changing my password it has been restored. I would like to thank the people at Google for being very efficient, something that is alien in this country.

I have since activated comment moderation. Sorry for the inconvenience but I have to do it just in case this action could prevent further removal.

Anyway, I admit there have been something amiss with the blog. I do have people coming in making a nuisance of themselves, as if I care. To you mofos, 'eff' off.

Sorry for the not so sweet language but I am pissed off with these mofos.

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