Wednesday 18 August 2010


Macai: Boss, last night my neighbour came to me to ask for help.

Boss: Help la.

Macai: Susah la boss, his daughter got expelled from school for being pregnant. She is only in form 3. In fact, 5 of her friends also suffer the same fate.

Boss: Oh like that ka. Okay no problem, we will open a state sponsored school for pregnant teenagers. Tell your friend to wait a while, a few months tops.

Macai2: Boss my friend's son also got expelled.

Boss: He can't be pregnant right?

Macai2: No boss, he is gay. He was caught for giving his friend a head in the toilet.

Boss: Hmm! Never mind, we will start a state sponsored school for gay teenagers. Ask your friend to wait a while.

Macai3: Boss, 1 state director's wife was caught red handed making out with her driver at the Farmosa. Her husband is fuming boss.

Boss: Never mind, we will start a school for wayward Datins.

Macai4: Boss an EXCO kena tangkap basah boss. Do you want to start a school for horny EXCOs boss?

Boss: No, make them teachers in the school for wayward Datins.


Tiger said...

Hahahahahaha, another good one!
Thanks, Cikgu!

zorro said...

Featuring this post either on Friday Guest Blogger or Tuesday's Pics.
Good you sah!

Ka Damar said...

your link has been postin my blog, lest check its out ^_^

Anchor=kata tak nak

Anonymous said...

lama dah tak singgah blog cikgu ni.. harap dapat hiburkan kami dengan menulis tentang lawyer cabuk macc... pasti klasik!

jesse jr


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