Tuesday 1 June 2010

Waa, best la like that.

Man1: Woi Mat, come la sit down here, we all minum kopi and sembang-sembang abit.

Man2: You want to belanja ka? Can also.

Man1: What's wrong with the weather nowadays ha? Panas like anything only.

Man2: Everything make people panas la nowadays. Last night I lagi panas. What man, England play like shit only. Against Japan also can not play properly ka? Play like shit want to win World Cup some more.

Man1: No la, they all didn't go all out la, they all takut get injury.

Man2: No la, England no class la, I think this year, Portugal or Spain or Argentina got chance la.

Man1: Piiiiiirah, you want to bet ka? Come we bet RM10.

Man2: RM10 means go bet with school boys la, I bet already at that shop there. Sure cannot run away one because they all got licence.

Man1: They all got licence ka? You mean, now can bet legally ka?

Man2: Yes la, last time also I want to bet but takut they all run away, I get nothing, but now because they have legal betting shop, got receipt, I not afraid already. Lucky la the gomen legalise betting, no need to be afraid one.

Man1: Wa good la like this, last time also I want to bet but cannot find people to bet with me, now like this means easy to bet la.

Man2: Good la like this, no need to secretly find people to bet and haggle, just go into the shop and bet. Like that means if last time a few thousand people only bet, now at least a few hundred thousand people can bet la.

Man1: Yes la, my friends and relatives from other countries all want to migrate here already because easy to bet one.

Man2: I heard they say ah, they all planning to make electiion betting legal also. SPR will be given the licence.


Anonymous said...

Oklah cikgu.Like that I want to bet RM10 Malaysia to win the world cup. Sumbangan patriotiklah. Can or not ? Just my 2sen.

Unknown said...

Anon 11:12
Never mind, I take Malaysia give 5 goals some more. I am confident we will beat Spain at least 6-0

BravoEagleHotel said...

SPR get lesen ... give 1 Malaysia 99% of profit !


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