Wednesday 30 April 2008

Happy 21st Birthday Baby

Well what do you know, my baby, my youngest daughter is 21 today. In the days of old, turning 21 would mean you are finally given the key to freedom but nowadays, they are free from the day they were born.

She is the youngest and I dare say the most 'manja' and in her I see myself. She is very much like me especially her wits. My baby is a woman now and may one day fly off to lead a life of her own. As of now, she is still here with me and the family and we will savour every second of this.

I am not a rich man but I am a very happy man and today I am happier. Happy Birthday to my dear little baby. Ba loves you very much.


Toilet paper said...

Salam Cikgu,

time change too fast..
we don't even realize how fast time change..
the day she born might be the happier time for u..but then, now, u r thinking about her new life after this..
we getting older..
time to let her go for her own life..

p/s: Happy Birthday to ur daughter..

Pak Zawi said...

Happy Birthday to your 'Baby' who is ready to explore the world now. May she find happiness in this life and spread happiness among her friends like her father did.

rastom said...

Sedih ada suka pun ada. Pejam celik pejam celik anak sudah besar. Entri yang menyentuh ke dasar sanubari. Sungguh belum puas (untuk menumpah kasih) kita mengharapkan dia masih kecil tetapi itulah kehidupan. Esok esok dia nak kahwin pula...kena simpan sikit air mata...untuk hari itu. Selamat ulangtahun dan selamat mencapai ketuaan - untuk diri saya juga.

Unknown said...

Yes, times move at speed that we can't comprehend. While riding time, we forget that it is moving.

Unknown said...

Thanx for the wish and I wish the same for her. What is our lives without them? I really don't know.

Unknown said...

Bagi seorang bapak, anak-anaknya sentiasa masih kecil, sentiasa baby.

Snowflake said...

What else can I say. Life has to go on as usual, be she is a baby, a girl, a woman or a mother. For as long we live as a decent human being, life will be just as near to perfect. My "Happy Birthday" wish to your daughter.

Unknown said...

I like the part where you said, 'for as long as we live as a decent human being'. That is what I try to instill in all my children.
Thanx for the wish.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

whoaa...she's...ehem this throat is killing me.

yes, so where were we, cikgu? ahh ok, wishing you a very happy 21st birthday, baby! i mean, cikgu's baby...hehehhe...

ok seriously, May Allah bless you with a wonderful life ahead and tons of happiness with your loved ones.

monsterball said...

Yes...time flies...and all of a sudden .you baby girl is a grown up woman...ready to make her own family soon.
May I take this opportunity to wish her ...happy birthday too!!
What is her name?

Unknown said...

Thanx for the wishes. I appreciate it.

Unknown said...

Being a father yourself, I am sure you understand how I feel. Thanx.

tokasid said...

Salam Che'gu;

Alhamdulillah and happy 21st birthday to 'baby Manja' che'gu.
Semoga sepanjang hidup nya akan di rahmati ALLAH.

Anonymous said...

Hehe happy birthday to your daughter!

I too just turned 20 2 days ago.

Book anak cikgu boleh?

Anonymous said...

Salam che gu,

Happy birthday to yr girl,
very cantik lah, time flies,
my eldest is only 20 yrs old
and how conservative her dad is,
kalau anak keluar, tak tidur
sampai anak balik, if 5 mins past
curfew time dah suruh i talipon
check where she is, the agonies
we moms also have to go thro.


Anonymous said...

life goes on....
may god bless your daughter

p/s: happy birthday to ya daughter..

amsran said...

*happy birthday to ur daughter*

cakapaje said...

Salam Cikgu,

Foremost, my apologies for commenting late on this.

MasyAllah! Your baby is a pretty woman now! Please, convey my birthday wishes, and my congratulation to you and her as well! May Allah's blessings be with her and your family :)

Unknown said...

Thanx a lot.

Unknown said...

Nak booking kalau kena tanya abang dia dulu. hahahaha

Unknown said...

Yes, we can be quite a protective lot. Bukan tak percaya kat depa tapi risau.

Unknown said...

el mohico,

Unknown said...

Thanx a lot

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

Ooo...dah ada abang. you better grill him good cikgu.

Unknown said...

I would convery it to her and thanx.

Unknown said...

They do meet but not that often and no late nights, so I think buat masa lani, no need to grill yet. Anyway her brother and sister and also mother will do the grilling. Bad cop and good cop la, and I get to play the good cop.

Anonymous said...

Anak Cikgu cute lah..myself just turn 51 today...ada can ka lagi nak jadi menantu?

Unknown said...

Buleh apa salahnya. Ada mercedes dengan bungalow tak. kalau muda kerja biasa tak apa tapi kalau dah tua, tak lama lagi nak jalan mesti ada insurance sikit.

farzain said...

i feel like shedding tears. How i wish my dad would blog about me and wish me happy birthday too...


Unknown said...

maybe your dad doesn't blog? Maybe he blogs about you in his heart.

Ydiana said...

Congartaulations to you and Happy Birthday to you baby girl. Muga dipanjangkan umur, dimurahkan rezeki.

I feel she's lucky to have a Dad like you. All the best!


Unknown said...

Thanx. I am just an ordinary dad.


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