Monday 26 February 2007

Mari Mari Mari

Once upon a time I had a blog but has since forgotten all about it. Then some how through screenshot I came across a link to Zorro Unmasked and something happened. I began to start reading blogs again especially Zorro's which I would visit at least twice a day.

What made me do it, you might ask. Its because I feel that I can identify with the comment posters. Somehow I feel like we are brothers and sisters. I sense the same spirit in them, the spirit to fight a Goliath. We may have different fighting techniques but it seems that our foe is the same ugly, bullying entity.

Then I itched to start my own blog again, who knows I may catch a drifter once in a while. I am a nobody in this blog world so I don't expect droves of visitors but I dare say this, if you are a diehard BN arse licker, an AAB fan or even a Mahathir worshipper, you would not like this blog so do yourself a favour and give me a skip. I am being polite which is something I am usually not to your kind.

Just a hint of what to expect from this blog: plenty of critcism of the government. Total hatred for Mahathir, which AAB arse lickers would love, a little music, mostly early 70s rock music and a decent dose of football especially Manchester United, a team I fell in love with when I was in primary school and to give you a hint I am 51 this year.


jasgill said...

I drifted here from Zorro. I am 53+. Nice to know that you are anti-establishment. But you sound very angry. Myself too have no love for politicians. But we have to be pragmatic. By calling names you will just put off many people and not get your message across. In this age of the internet and blogging what you have to do is put your arguments coherently and show the sham that is our goverment. I have not started a blog yet. Hope to read something interesting in yours. What subject do you teach?

Unknown said...

I teach English. Have been doing it since 1977. Will take note of what you have just said. There is truth to what you said and being pragmatic is of course the right thing to do but when you see total disregard for humanity being committed by those up there it kind of gets to you.

Anyway Jasgill thanx for drifting by. I will start to post and try to hide my anger. I hope I don't get cancer in the process.

Nice knowing you and do drop by for some cyber tea and biscuits.

Shanghai Fish said...

I too drifted in from zorro... seems you are ok except for that mu.......thinggy lah !
Well all I can say is welcome to blogosphere !rock on.... and Cheers !

Alliedmartster said...

What we have in common;
1.Our fight against 'Them'
2.Our interest in current affairs
3.We blog (Of Course!)
4.Our must read blogs?(Thanks Zorro)

What we don't have in common;
1.Our football interest (ha ha)

But I guess, we will never walk alone?...
Welcome to the blogsphere!
51,51, its just a set of numbers, deep down, we are still young at heart....

from a 38!
Tony Yew a.k.a alliedmartster

zorro said...

WELCOME, WELCOME, WELCOME. WE ARE MU. I am announcing you on my blog later today.

zorro said...

KTN, as promised I introduced you to the Band of Bloggers. Great to have you back. I have a good feeling about your blog. We are MU. I began following them after the 1954 crash. When I visit Penang I will make it a point to touch flesh with you. Stay the course brother.

zewt said...

wow.. how come zorro never announce me in his blog.... i am upset! hahahaha

anyway... glory glory glory man united... let's kick some liverfool's arses this weekend!! ya?!!!

muststopthis said...

Ha ha..If I may invite you to Phileo Damansara, there is a place called Broadwalk, use to be Liverpool fan base, but affordable beer, and amazing game night atmosphere!
This weekend, Sony Ericsson is sponsoring some prizes!

I am suggesting those with footie MU/LIV interest to drop in and enjoy the game. Why Not?

ANyways, KTN...since you dropped in and I dropped in, thanks to Zorro!
I have tagged you too! Nice way to start your blogger life??
If you don't know what Tag is by now, you have not been blogging!
Go check out Zorro, or 3540, and lots more in Bloggers United!

Go tag 6 others won't ya? O, and also your 6 weirdest habits?


zorro said...

Zewt, sorry lah. You young man, you can handle things. KTN is senior citizen mah, so oldies have to hold each others hands. Glory2 MU

Muststopthis: I have been to Broadwalk when it started. It is a liverpoor joint. A Chindian guy runs it, or maybe the mum started this joint for him....Fatty Crab family.
Thanks for invite.

Alliedmartster said...

Hey zorro. To take it fro there.
I helped him start the place. Was there for six months in its infancy, and after that he took over completely. Bala is his name, but since late last year, he has sold his business after running it successfully for 7 years!
He is now 'retired'..he he!
Meaning all essentials paid up, any income is extra!
How small the world? The rule of six?
so howzat?Saturday?
KTN..sorry did not mean to hijack your you on?

Walski69 said...

Just a quick note to wish u welcome (back) to the bloggerhood!

Being a Man U fan is just one of those little unimportant details, that a Reds fan like me is willing to overlook... heh heh.

Hope to see lots more from ya soon!

Daniel said...


I am drifted from Zorro too..

A very warm welcome from Landed Angel

lucia said...

hi! like most people here, i came here via zorro too.

wanna wish you a hearty welcome to the blogosphere. it's good to see another penang blogger (i'm from penang too).

from you last para, we have 2 things in common - being critical of the government and like 70s music!

tony -stand-up philosopher said...

I'm a LEEDS UTD fan.
Agree with jasgill. Be more pragmatic and add a little philosophy and some wit in- between.It soothes the soul.

A Voice said...

Can an anti Pak Lah say somethign here?

No? OK I'll talk of Man U.

BTW that chindian at Boardwalk is son of this Indian Trade Unionist, isn't it?


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