Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Somebody is going to get a hurt.

This Motherland of mind simply fascinates me. There is nothing wrong with the land. The land is blessed by God with whatever we need but some people in this land is simply mind boggling.

Lets take the recent leaked report case. We could see smoke coming out from the nostrils of the coppers. They said that this is an attempt at sabotage. They can take action against the hospital and those involved in the leak.

Wow! Mr. Policeman why so fierce one. Take it easy man. Take a seat, have a cup of coffee and maybe a smoke. Now take a deep breath. Breathe in, breathe out. Yes, thats the way.

Are you feeling better now Mr. Policeman? Okay one more deep breath. Fill your lungs till you feel like its going to burst. If you burst it, it would be better. Now hold it, hold, hold, hold, hold and out.

Okay now that you are feeling better maybe you could answer a few questions. Don't tell me you are not used to answering questions?

I know you are mad because it is supposed to be an official document and now it is leaked, but why so angry?

Aren't you interested at all in the contents of the leaked report? I have not heard any single one of you say anything to show that you are interested in the contents.

All I hear is that, it is illegal, it is wrong and it is against the law to do this. Yes, the action maybe wrong but do have a look at the contents.

Who knows, maybe the person who leaked it, thought all of you have forgotten about this particular report and that he/she is trying to help you to remember something?

Who knows even God is fed up with all that is happening and He got someone to leak this out. Hey, you can't be going around getting angry at God you know. Its not going to be favourable to you in the afterlife if you know what I mean. Oh, one more thing, are you trully afraid of God?

Hmm, that figures.

Anyway, just curious. Wonder how Pak Lah would look like if UMNO and OAS merged and he becomes the Spiritual leader of PASUMNO? Got this from AlHusseyn.


things fall apart, the centre can no longer hold said...

Who is Rodwan, other than the fact that he works for the IGP and is known as the police chief’s bagman and go-between with the organised crime syndicate that controls all the drugs, prostitution, loan-sharking and gambling rackets?


Malaysia Today

At 2.30pm on Wednesday, 25 June 2008, Senior Assistant Commissioner (SAC) II Mohd Rodwan Mohd Yusof met Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan in room 619 of the Concorde Hotel in Kuala Lumpur. Prior to this secret meeting, Rodwan and Saiful spoke on the phone at least eight (8) times.

Three days later, at 2.00pm on 28 June 2008, Saiful went to see Dr Mohamed Osman Abdul Hamid of the Hospital Pusrawi to ‘complain’ that he had been sodomised by ‘a very important person’ and that he wished to lodge a police report. The doctor, however, found no traces or evidence that he had been sodomised and suggested, for purposes of the police report, that Saiful go to a government hospital.

Who is Rodwan, other than the fact that he works for the IGP and is known as the police chief’s bagman and go-between with the organised crime syndicate that controls all the drugs, prostitution, loan-sharking and gambling rackets? Well, read the following archived reports to get a better understanding of this scumbag and slime-ball named Rodwan. Maybe then you can understand why he met Saiful in a hotel room three days before the sodomy allegation against Anwar Ibrahim exploded.


Berita Harian
Rabu, 30 Disember 1998

Seorang pakar forensik Hospital Kuala Lumpur (HKL) memberitahu Mahkamah Tinggi di sini hari ini bahawa contoh darah Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim tidak boleh digunakan untuk ujian DNA kerana ia diambil dan disediakan bagi ujian HIV, Hepatitis B dan VD (penyakit kelamin).

Dr Zahari Noor berkata, oleh kerana itu beliau menolak permintaan polis sebanyak dua kali supaya contoh darah itu digunakan untuk ujian DNA. Menurutnya, ketika di Ibu Pejabat Polis Bukit Aman pada 28 September lalu bagi mengambil darah Anwar, beliau ditanya oleh Asisten Mohd Rodwan Mohd Yusof sama ada ujian DNA boleh dilakukan terhadap Anwar. Katanya, beliau menasihatkan polis supaya tidak mengambil darah Anwar untuk ujian DNA kerana Anwar hanya memberi persetujuan supaya darahnya digunakan bagi ujian HIV, Hepatitis B dan VD.

"Pada 15 Oktober lalu, Mohd Rodwan dan SAC I (Senior Asisten Komisioner) Musa Hassan datang ke HKL dan bertanya sama ada mereka boleh mengambil contoh darah Anwar untuk analisis DNA," katanya.

Dr Zahari: Kami memberikan empat sebab kepada polis mengapa ujian DNA tidak boleh dilakukan terhadap darah Anwar:

* contoh itu tidak disediakan untuk analisis DNA,

* ia tidak sesuai untuk ujian DNA,

* pendapat kami ialah keputusan ujian DNA itu tidak boleh dipercayai.

* ia boleh membawa keputusan yang mengelirukan kerana kami menyimpan contoh darah itu di dalam bekas biasa tanpa pengawet atau EDTA.

Katanya, mereka kemudian mencadangkan kepada polis bahawa mereka bersedia pada bila-bila masa untuk mengambil contoh darah Anwar di penjara Sungai Buloh untuk ujian DNA jika tertuduh membenarkannya.


"In 1998-1999 trials, Anwar experienced the phenomenon of fabrication of DNA evidence. We had SAC Rodwan illegally removing DNA samples from forensic custody. In cross-examination of the prosecution's witnesses it was exposed that DNA taken from blood samples was planted on the infamous mattress," said Sivarasa.

"When confronted with this fact the prosecution amended its charge and persuaded the judge, Augustine Paul, to expunge the entire DNA evidence from the record, preventing Anwar's lawyers from responding."


Police have never dilly-dallied in investigating the alleged sodomy against Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim since the case was reported to police on June 28, said Deputy Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Ismail Omar. He said the police, instead, had been relentlessly seeking relevant and the latest information, besides giving the case priority, as it was a high-profile case.

"We want to solve this case as soon as possible. The investigating officer is constantly looking for new leads. We are doing our best and we need the cooperation of all quarters concerned," he told Bernama when contacted here Tuesday.

Ismail was asked to comment on Home Minister Datuk Seri Syed Hamid Albar's statement on Monday, asking for police to speed up the investigations into the sodomy allegation against the Parti Keadilan Rakyat advisor.

He said since the police investigations began, some quarters had been making speculations and statements that could interfere with the investigations.

"I wish to warn everyone, including bloggers, not to disturb police investigations by disseminating material or information that is inaccurate or false.

"Action will be taken against those who deliberately try to interfere with the investigations. Let the police do a meticulous job," he added.


Sources told The Malaysian Insider that investigators are "crossing the t's and dotting the i's" and will be relying on Anwar's DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) samples from 1998 when he faced similar charges which cost him the chance to be prime minister.

"Nobody wants a repeat of 1998 when the prosecution had to amend the charges. Anwar has alleged that he had an alibi for the 24 hours on the day the offence took place. So the authorities have to check everything out," said an official who is familiar with the investigations.

"We understand that there is an attempt to quash credibility of the case even before the matter goes to court. The police cannot say too much because then they will be accused of trial by media and ministers cannot say much because they will be accused to interference.

"This case is built on strong scientific evidence," the official added.


This was posted on Susan Loone’s blog:


I would like to write the following statement in the name of GOD whom I believe.

I am a government doctor in the rank of consultant working in Hospital Kuala Lumpur (HKL). I know personally the doctors who examined Saiful on that day - 28 June 2008.

The so-called medical report mentioned in the NST is a fabrication or imagination by the UMNO paper. There is no such medical report submitted to the polis yet.

When examining Saiful, the specialist could not find any signs of Saiful being sodomised. Saiful was very cheerful, unlike real sodomised patients who will usually be very sad and disturbed.

Saiful was subsequently admitted to the ward and observed for a day. He was completely well in the ward and not emotionally disturbed.

Please let RPK know of this.


Anonymous said...

Correct some words:

mind: mine
OAS: PAS, etc

[zsazsa] said...

i think they have an obsession with Anwar DNA. last time have got no chance to practice forensic kot.

they are trying to focus more on the report but not the content itself it seems.

Tanamera said...

That medical report's credibility is increasingly in doubt. More doctors are coming out to refute it. Please do read this too before moving onto more conclusions :

Any girl maybe a virgin from the time she is born until she dies if she choses to do so.She gets a hymen tear when her vagina is penetrated.

All human beings anus gets reversely penetrated(passing motion) within a few days of birth and this act continues almost on a daily basis for the rest of their lives.

Most adults(male/female/trans) would have been reversely penetrated sometime(and some many times) in their lives with big hard feaces when they were constipated.

When you are constipated, your feaces is usually hard and dry ....... how many of us had tears?Some of us may have bled a little but the next time we went to pass motion, no more bleeding any more ......... leave alone blood after few days. For pus to form , you need a tear and infection to set which rarely occurs.

For all those who still doubt that someone can get sodomized without suffering any tear, bleed and pus formation need to know that anuses are being routinely penetrated in hospitals on a daily basis with metal proctoscopes which are 8-10inch long and about 1 inch in diameter, the obturator is removed once the proctoscopes is in and once deeper inside the anus - no tears, no bleeds.


1)It was done either in outpatient and probably in an ER(A&E) room
2)It was done by a medical officer and not a specialist
3)The history taken was very minimal as rightly pointed out:

* when it occurred ie time, date, place
* how many times has it occurred
* who did it
* consensual forced or neither ie not agreeing but not resisting
* any constipation recently or in the past
* size, consistency , shape etc.

Physical examination PR means Per Rectal examination whereby the basic examination would be;

* spreading the cheeks of the buttocks in a semi prone position to look at the anus under good lighting
* putting a gloved forefinger through the anus to feel tone, swellings, irregular surfaces, prostate
* proctoscope examination whereby a speculum is inserted through the anus to look directly at the anal canal and also the anus while the proctosocpe is being withdraw out of the anal canal after completing the examination. This is the appropriate exam to look for tears.

Looking at the OPD exam, it looks like the doctor just performed only the visual exam because:

* all is reported as "seen/not seen"
* no mention made of findings of finger rectal exam ie stained with mucus/blood/feaces etc.
* no proctoscopy exam findings mentioned

It is surprising how casual the examination was in view of the fact that the patient complained of assault to his anus - doctor's job is to do a thorough exam irrelevant whether he/she believes the patient complaint(s)

Finally, the examination was not done by a specialist who in this case would have to be a colorectal surgeon and a forensic specialist. Even if the specialist finds no tears(old or new), blood or pus, it does not mean a person was not sodomized.

A disservice has been done to both the patient and also the alleged assaulter by the very poor history taking as well as physical examination of the patient. It is not rare for doctors to take such poor history and do such poor examination in patients with running nose or cough of few days but to do so in a potentially medico-legal case is grossly irresponsible.
The doctor's only service to this patient was that he felt that patient may have been sodomised [TRO Assault(Sodomise)]and thus needs to be properly examined by someone more qualified and experienced in such areas which rightly should have been a specialist from the same hospital.It is a well known fact that private hospitals have briefed their A&E MOs to refer any potentially medico-legal case which do not have life threatening problems to government hospitals to avoid any hassles later on.
As a medical doctor, i feel the slipshod OPD examination should be properly addressed and explained by the Malaysian Medical Association so that no party(accuser or the accused) can twist the facts any further.
Truth will ultimately prevail.

frankie said...

Sombody going to get hurt Cikgu? I think the rakyat already being hurt quite bad by the poor leadership of Pak Lah administration.

I think the top leaders of BN have already forgotten that there is a country that need to be run, or has it been on autopilot for the last 5 years and no one knows how to run the country anymore except driving it down the drain?

I have a friend who told me the current on going development project listing he currently has is only 10% of what it used to be a year ago.

That means some segments already experiencing 90% decline despite the promises of economic corridors through out the nation.

wisdomthinker said...

Hello respected bloggers and commentators,

I personally think that Anwar could sodomize Saiful. Well when most of the people thought that its impossible for a 61 year old man, with a bad back and ill health - hold down, rip the pants off of and stick his erect penis into the asshole of a young strapping 23 year old man? I dont think so. Well like what people said,"when there is a will, there will always be ways for it. "

Well, common sense will tell you in reality even an employer can get a desperate employee to do pretty much anything.

So a girl with a knife to her neck would be easy to deal with, don't u think

Coming back to Saiful, it could be any number of reasons, but definately the least of these reasons would be brute force or violence. I can think of many more ways on how a 60 year old man can get a young man like Saiful into a predicament like the one he is in now without the use of force, but I will leave that to your imagination for now :)-quoted from stephendoss.

Regarding about the medical report which is so controversial, suprisingly there are three expertise doctors finally reveal out their analysis and comments about it, they think is unfair to said that this is a setup done by the government like in 1998. The websites are ( which is Dr Novandri Hasan Basri, Dr Mohd. Raffick comments in (, and also form a doctor which would not want to reveal his name, but commented in ( I suggest you log in to the websites to get a clear view of the medical report explanations.

But in a conclusions, I think that in a few days DSAI will be charged for the cases. I also believe that RPK has misinterpreted the facts. He has also exaggerated the interpretation of the doctor writings. I think who ever has been advising him , has not given a fair opinion His writings have come to such a skewed conclusion and now his writings is being politicised. Overall, I think this medical note has not proved or disapprove anything.

Uncle Pet is brave to challenge RPK since RPK is insulting him personally. RPK wouldn't be dare enough to accept the challenge, might as well figure out a new article to twist the stories around again.

wisdomthinker said...

Hospital Pusrawi today clarified that its medical officer Dr Muhammad Osman Abdul Hamid did not conduct a sodomy-related examination on Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan.
The hospital revealed that Muhammad, a Burmese national, is not a specialist but only a general practitioner stationed at the Emergency Unit.
In a statement distributed to reporters, the hospital's general manager Wan Mahmud Wan Yaakob also said that it has not released any official reports pertaining to the case.
After examining Saiful, he said, the doctor advised the former to undergo an examination by a specialist at a government hospital.
""There were no further examinations carried out (on Saiful at Pusrawi) in relation to the sodomy complaint,"" he added.
Saiful had gone to the hospital complaining of pain in the stomach and anus.
Hospital Pusrawi was thrust into the limelight following media reports on the findings of the doctor who examined Saiful on June 28, hours before he filed a police report accusing opposition stalwart Anwar Ibrahim of sodomising him.
In his report, the doctor stated that he found no evidence of sodomy.
Quizzed on the authenticity of the report leaked to the media, Wan Mahmud replied: ""Looks the same, contents are the same.""

So the doctor on his own concluded no sodomy when saiful himself never told the doctor about being sodomised

Why the doctor suddenly know all along before saiful lauch a police report itself?

Shouldn't he have done a proper probe of sodomy then if he wanted to pronounce as such.

Smells like rotten fish. Hmmm..Saiful went to see this doctor before he lodged the police report right?

so it's either Anwar and the doctor set him up, or they're ALL in it together.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

hehehehehe...the title itself is already a killer cikgu. "somebody's going to get A hurt real bad".

whats amazing is, their main concern was how the document got leaked rather than whether or not that guy was sodomised.

just wrap it up la, the rakyat can do with that a lot, unless ofcos they're ameno people.

cakapaje said...

Salam Cikgu,

If Sarpas and PAS do merge, then I'll say goodbye to both. And I think more than half of PAS members would be doing the same.

ps. Do read My Malaysiaku at my link.

Kata Tak Nak said...

Wisdomthinker, tanamera.
If once you cried wolf and you would forever be looked with suspicion. Why is it that the police chose to cold storage this particular report? Because it is damaging to them? Why the Saiful report not given to Anwar? Because they still need to do some tinkering with it? Look, if they have conducted their investigations professionally it would be difficult for the people to doubt thm. Blame Najib too. He lied about meeting Saiful. That too cast doubts.

As for Dr. Novandri, he has an UMNO mobile clinic at the back of his clinic. I know because I have gone to his clinic a few times. He is an UMNO jerk whose god is Mahathir. Mahathir started this mess in 98, now need I say more?

Kata Tak Nak said...

You can give them the best equipments and they will still foul-up because they are always thinking about how to use these to frame people.

Kata Tak Nak said...

Yes, business is bad. Why? Nobody's working. They are more interested about one boy's arse.

Kata Tak Nak said...

Oh they will wrap it up alright but with lots of holes so they will fall back on a dirty prosecutor and a compliant Judge. Just like before because that is the only way they know how to play the game.
When they play in front of neutral judges we lost Batu Puteh, Why? No practice la, don't know how to go to court without the judge's guarantee?

Kata Tak Nak said...

I will follow you if they do that.
Couldn't even get into my blog yesterday evening. I'll try to get into ur blog.

Ydiana said...

Now, lets try to see things objectively. When There's a report saying this SlyFool is sodomised, the police is quick to act and prosecute Anwar without hesitation. He was not even proven guilty yet. But when another report like this arises, they are quick to say its sabotage. Isn't it right that they should also investigate this case as well, if they are playing fair? No, they are quick to say its fabricated evidence. How one-sided can that be, and very obvious too.

And the fact that Najib was with SlyFool earlier, and tried to lie too, need we say anymore?

As for tanamera and wisdomthinker, try somewhere else lah... Here we have brain, and we have heart and we believe in God.

hafiz said...

There is no reason for PAS to 'get marry' with AMENO. No way man...! things happen when theres a 'little bit' of pas leader a.k.a nasharuddin etcetc met with ameno leaders....but somehow, pas member really angry...sia-sia je berjuang 50 tahun maaa....

Zawi said...

I don't believe in the system any more.

Shirzad Lifeboat said...

hello cikgu

otto von bismarck said: politics is the art of the possible.
and that was said a long long time ago. today in malaysia we have taken bismarcks words in wider dimension possible. it is in fact like a license for the government. One cant be afraid of God when one plays god.

monsterball said...

I think Saiful love to be mad...Anwar will give him anymore.
And doctor found his arsehole normal no tear...because the hole is so big..used to King Kong normal..easily shaft in.
Thee is no rape for sure!!
And the sickening UMNO's only get rid of Anwar.
I wonder why no comments from Wanita UMNO?? This is serious National news?
And all those UMNO ministers should have their wives arseholes examined!!
I have a strange feeling...all those the same thing...especially Dollah and Najib.
Malaysians are shamed by Mahathir on same his students uses it. Whole world laughing at stupid UMNO!!!
They don't they are cling on to power..and desperate people.uses desperate means.

monsterball said...

And if the doctor .with 20 years experiences..reported what UMNO like to hear...he would have been a hero and get promoted!

vesewe said...

copy from other blog ----------

We are reminding Najib and Mahathir about this, that Malaysia is not an Islamic state and it is not in a social contract.

Malay Sakai, so please tell Badawi about it. Umno has always threatened the non-malays with riots and chaos. Nobody in Malaysia has started riots and chaos except for Umno.

Umno has a deep rooted tradition of starting riots and chaos when every time they can't debate sensibly.

The social contract is there alright and many do not question it. But is the social contract followed according to the spirit or hijacked to the benefit of a few?

Just look at the number of huge projects that has failed is proof enough. Yet these are treated like normal - part of everyday happening.


All the social contract talk does not hold any water, when you have people in power, namely Umno abusing their power. In fact, they are indirectly telling you, that they have the right to abuse the power. Is this fair? Of course it is unfair. You don't even need a social contract to tell you whether it is fair or not.

Social contract didn't say that Malaysia is an Islamic state. On the contrary the social contract expressly stated that Malaysia was and is not an Islamic state.

Now the deliberate misinterpretation, apparently accepted by Umno, is that Malaysia (including Sabah and Sarawak) is an Islamic state!

Sabah and Sarawak would never have joined Malaysia if they had known that Malaysia will be deemed an Islamic state.

If the social contract meant that the non-malays would merely exchange the British masters for the malay masters, they would never have agreed to join the malays for independence.

What is the difference of having the British lording over the non-malays and having the malays doing the same to the non-malays! Probably worse. At least the British had some respect for fairness while the malays have none!

So to get independence, the malays needed the non-malays. Without the non-malays agreement, the British would not have granted independence. So, is that not also part of the social contract? It is not a one-sided malay right. The malays would not be where they are without the non-malays.

This country was all along a land for Orang Asli. The Chinese originated from China, Indians originated from India, malays originated from Indonesia etc. China get to give priority to the Chinese, India get to give priority to the Indians, and the malays are just freeloading from the Orang Asli land by claming it is bumi land.

This is because they are doing what Allah said……….Allah told malays to come from Indonesia and steal the land from Orang Asli and use Orang Asli as slaves. So when is Malaysia giving priority to Orang Asli?

The only time Malaysia is not a racist country is when an Orang Asli becomes the prime minister of Malaysia - which is never - it is a genocide in the name of Allah!

Bodoh punya melayu……….

Baik balik ke tanah melayu la. We are natives of Sabah and Sarawak land - buat apa kamu punya orang datang sini menjajah kita oh?

Kita tak suka kamu orang datang sini mengorek sumber petroleum tanah kita - this Sabah and Sarawak land not belongs to your malays.

Get out from Sabah and Sarawak la!

Bodoh melayu!

Then let me re-quote Lee Kuan Yew:

Singaporean politician Lee Kuan Yew of the PAP, who publicly questioned the need for Article 153 in parliament, and called for a "Malaysian Malaysia".

In a speech, Lee Kuan Yew bemoaned what would later be described as the Malaysian social contract:

"According to history, malays began to migrate to Malaysia in noticeable numbers only about 700 years ago. Of the 39% malays in Malaysia today, about one-third are comparatively new immigrants like the secretary-general of Umno, Dato Syed Jaafar, who came to Malaya from Indonesia just before the war at the age of more than thirty. Therefore it is wrong and illogical for a particular racial group to think that they are more justified to be called Malaysians and that the others can become Malaysians only through their favour."

Eventually, and Singapore became an independent nation in 1965, with Lee Kuan Yew as its first prime minister.


So what about UK lands in the Peninsula? What was that called Tanah UK?

And what about the 4 northern states that belonged to Thailand, that the Sultan groveled to the UK to take back? Tanah Thai?

And previous to that all the lands owned by Portugal and Holland? Tanah Portugal and Holland?

And how about the fiefdom of Raja Brooke in Borneo? Tanah Brooke?

Each state may have had its own Sultan and government but that does not = Malaysia!

If Malaysia was your own land to control then how come we had to have independence? I suppose Umno teach you that you have to declare independence from yourself?

Stupidest thing I ever heard!

You should go study Malaysia history, real Malaysia history not that doctored Umno garbage!

It is undeniable that malays are stupid, incapable and lazy. Why don't they just humbly admit the facts and repent and learn from other races especially Chinese?

What is the point to argue here and wasting time again?

From the first onwards we were merely telling the truths. It wasn't us who think that way but their own Badawi as well.

All malays should go and read the newspaper, even Badawi is ashamed of maintaining the NEP after 34 years of implementing it and these malay baboons are still asking for it.

Even Badawi wanted them to compete on a level playing field.

So what does all these tell the world? It sends a very clear message that it is malays themselves who are incapable and lazy and they don't even want to admit it and make a change!

That is the biggest shame of all.

Can't you see, it is all back to square one. Year in, year out, some talk for half an hour, some one, some two. Some sing, many belt out their most recent released 'pantun'.

After all. Malays are good at that. Suggestions after suggestions, some good, some impossible to realize.

But, do you see any of these materialised? Hardly. Why, why and why???

Because the malays can never change. Never! Why?

The leaders forgot or were it they simply didn't want to address and admit that the actual disease is the malays and the remedy itself is also, the malays. They can never change. What is it about the malays?

Firstly as you all know, they are a lazy species. Since the beginning of time they have been like that. Even the encyclopedia called them as lazy people. I think those British with their accent tried to call them 'malas', and if you put 'y' in, it becomes 'malays'.

Embracing Islam make them a worse lot. Now they have a license to kill anything that gets into their way.

Malays are ungrateful lot. In reality, they just can't live or open their minds for others. When Mahathir said that they are complacent, they put him in jail. When Mahathir encouraged them to learn English language, they got angry with him, saying it is a 'bahasa penjajah'.

When other races 'maju', they got angry with them too. That was why at the end of Mahathir his regime, he said this, "I have achieved greatness as a prime minister, but I only fail in one thing, changing the malays."

Well, nothing to be surprised about anyway since Mahathir is not really a malay, and I guess that was why the malays were angry with him.

Drug abuse, hate, incest, liberal extremism (culture of miniskirts and gay marriages), murder, parochialism, racism, rape, religious fanaticism, snatch theft, spoilt-bratty behavior, tribalism, wife abuse, child abuse, all that is associated with the malay race.

To them, malay is the biggest impediment towards building a truly Malaysian nation, and should be chucked into the dustbins of history.

A genetically flawed race cannot be fixed by politically. Nature will take its course and globalization will put them out to pasture.

What have we got now?

Brain drain, economic disparity getting wider, poor education system, racial segregation, widespread corruption, inefficiency and uncompetitive on the government departments and others.

Sad. Sad. Sad. The question asked by many of my fellow Chinese is this - Why can't you just tell the malay peoples to adopt Chinese culture which is superior?

From research, this peninsular was part of the Siamese empire way before these malays from Indonesia invaded it.

Still so thick skin, don't want to go back to Indonesia!

It has nothing to do with Chinese. It has to do with malays versus the world.

So what if all Chinese left Malaysia, malays still have to compete with the rest of world. Malays can still be "conquered" by foreigners. You cannot escape competition.

Malays still have to learn how to live and work with the rest of world since Malaysia is a "small" country and has to trade with China and India.

Why do Chinese want to conquer and control Malaysia? It is so small. Chinese wants to be global competitor. We do not want to be "Jaguh" Kampung.

The choice lay with malays. Learn to compete or suffer the consequences. That is the universal value of the world.

Part 1 - The origin of pendatang:

· Malays - come from Indonesia and Yunnan.
· Chinese - come from China.
· Indians - come from India.

Part 2 - Why they come to Malaysia:

· Malays - easy life, food aplenty around those days, like fish from the river etc.
· Chinese - looking for a living.
· Indians - looking for a living and goes back.

Part 3 - Pendatang's attitude:

· Malays - the words 'relax la', 'bantuan kerajaan' and 'cukup makan' are their daily words.
· Chinese - work, work and work but also spend.
· Indians - work, earn and save but spend little.

Looking at the mindsets of various pendatang. You tell me is it possible to be one Bangsa Malaysia? Never! For oil will never mix with water.

If you tell the Chinese to close down Chinese schools, the children will not taught to be hardworking anymore, so they become lazy and can they ask for bantuan kerajaan?

No! Right? So let the Chinese have more Chinese schools to teach the principle of hardworking, integrity, trustworthy etc, thus others can get more shares.

Those days the government control the Chinese schools is because of communist. Now where got communist again? Bodoh!

The Chinese are not in control of the economy at all. Consider this:

Tenaga, Telekom, Proton, Petronas, Maybank, Genting accounts for more than 50% of the market capitalization of KLSE.

So basically malays already control more than 50% of the economy.

But problem is, only a few malays enjoy ownership of the economy and businesses while the rest are bleed dry. These people are millionaires and billionaires man. That is where the lies about the Chinese controlling the economy comes in, to keep themselves in that position.

So the ordinary malays are angry because they feel the Chinese stole their money. The Chinese and Indians and others are angry because they feel they are further discriminated on top of discrimination.

Non-malays on the other hand owned only 10% of such equity.

People like the Robert Kuok group were so pissed that the government pressure them to sell their business, they shifted their headquarter to Hong Kong. But when we want the world to see that one of the richest tycoons is from Malaysia, when we want fame, we said Robert Kuok is from Malaysia, not knowing that he has long gone.

What minister mentor Lee Kuan Yew has said is absolutely true. It is a simple fact. The Chinese and Indians have been marginalised since 1957, so what is new?

While the Chinese have been economically strong, the Indians have been lagging behind, simply by being a minority race in Malaysia and by being led by a complete moron for the last three decades. What is Najib so upset about?

Prove your worth as a race that can stand on theirs own two feet and succeed and you will have our respect. Until then, please just stop making a complete idiot of yourself and shut your gap.

This goes for the entire Malaysia cabinet. You are all a disgrace and a bunch of corrupt hypocrites! Malaysia would have been much better off if it had remained a British colony. Only then would there have been equality.

The malays are fall into the trap of other Umno malays should treat like shit in Malaysia. When we demand over basic rights, they always like to quote Singapore malays on not holding public position……….Please la, Singapore practise the real meritocracy, not the fake one like Malaysia.

Do Singapore systematically marginalised the malays there, the answer is definitely no, do Singapore practise discrimination on education or limited their entry to university, do Singapore limited the critical field business license to the malays, do Singapore force the Singapore malays sold off their business to the Singapore Chinese, the answer is again a big NO.

And this make Singapore malays stand high when compare to Malaysia malays.

What make the Malaysian Chinese not happy is, we already being discriminated by our home country, when anything go wrong in Umno or in malay community, the Malaysian Chinese will be the target - for shooting or divert the attention to their own problems.

Have you wondered why there are fewer Indians than malays in the general population in Singapore, that there are many more Indians than malays in high positions in politics, medicine, law, business, and many other fields that require talent and hard work in Singapore!

In Malaysia, there are tongkat or crutches available, but in meritocratic Singapore, even the smaller minority Indians outperform the bigger minority malays.

To Chinese, education is the most important thing to their next generation, so don't ask me why Chinese insist to have own stream of education until today.

To tell you frankly, I feel much comfortable when I move to UK, after few years I know they will offer me citizenship being a professional here. And as far as I know, there isn't a classification on the citizenship, I will get equal treatment as others fairly.

The culture of jealousy never die. Mahathir promoted the sense of jealousy of malays against non-malays to get into power.

He promoted again jealousy of Malaysians, and malays in particular against the son in law of Badawi to throw Badawi out, so that his nominees can go in.

Now it is generally accepted that jealousy between races has a legitimate claim to attention. Then NEP will not go way and Najib claimed that there cannot be a time limit for NEP.

His father asked for 20 years, and he now says 200 years, until the country is taken over by foreign power, whichever is earlier.

Let us not provide excuse to Umno.

Badawi can formulate any policy. On the ground level where the heads are not qualified themselves as their staff - many problems will arise.

Further the NEP will somehow make good brains frustrated and will certainly be the main causes of frustrations. At best we can get the second rate staff to stay - the top ones will have no problem seeking better salaries and futures elsewhere without the glass ceiling overhanging their heads.

Our national sense of belonging will be lost when day in and day out we feel the impact of marginalisation in almost every sphere of educational or economic activities.

I think we are in even more for hubs of abandoned projects because it is the brains that matters, not real estate buildings which politicians are only good at how to initiate to build for their own gains. When coming to real research and real productive work, you only have lots of unemployable graduates lining up to fill them.

Best of luck Malaysia, while Malaysians of the best calibre are in our neighbouring countries creating state of art products and discoveries.

The people with brains first go to Singapore, then Australia, then the US. Apparently roughly 2 million Malaysians have emigrated since the 1970s. Wow, what a brain drain that is……….

S/he did the right thing by moving out of Malaysia. As long as is a Malaysian non-malay, you will be suppressed. They don't need scientists but more keris wielding morons to run the expensive labs.

So anytime the experiment didn't work out, they can go straight and blame that the equipment is outdated. Anybody disputes their claim, they can take out the keris and showed their "power". Good for them. Malaysia is turning to a baboon infested country.

Let alone those whose have already left. How about those who came back earlier with their foreign wives! The immigration department has made their renewal of visa a living hell, and they are not allowed to work no matter how qualified they may be. Eventually these "loyal Malaysians" also end up packing their bags and leave.

The politicians can say one thing but it never gets implemented at the ground level. Look at the mess surrounding Malaysia "My Second Home" campaign - how many have actually come here and then left in deep frustration!

The racists in Umno will also make certain that such policies will be doomed to fail. They would rather give citizenship to unruly and uneducated illegal Indonesians than some non-malay PhD holders.

Get your children out of this sucking country before it is too late! This is a hopeless and dirty country with all the lousy ministers and corrupted politicians.

I am afraid there is nothing second class citizens like us can do.

Emigrate to other countries looks to be a better option. Of course, the exodus has started decades ago. In fact, Umno will be most happy to see us go (race ratio, you know what I mean).

Umno does not depend on the second class citizens for the brains. They have the many universities in Bolehland to train their kind and churn out any number of experts you want. So brain drain is not a problem.

Malaysia is slowly and surely turning into a very sick place. We must finish off Umno and its cronies to cure the country from this acute sickness.

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