Saturday, 19 July 2008

The Reward

PM: So what do you think ..... shh, shhh, he is coming.

Najib: Here comes our hero, come in, come in we were just talking about how brilliant you were that night.

Shab: You all thought so? I knew I was good but how come many said that I was slaughtered? They must be idiots.

PM: Yes, la, they all idiots la. You were superb la Shab. I really take my hats off to you la.

Najib: Brilliant la, the way you decimate him, the way you tore him to pieces leaves him foaming, uh, uh, gasping for air la.

Shab: I told you I am going to slaughter him what. Now he knows who Shabery is. Now people will look at me with respect. I think I am fighting for one of the top places la this December.

PM: Hey don't fight for the Presidency la Shab.

Najib: Ya, don't challenge me also la, you will surely slaughter us.

Shab: No, I won't go for the top two la, maybe one of those lower la. Er excuse me please, I have to go to the man's room for a while.

Najib: Why you want to wipe the foam, uh, uh the smudge on your shirt ka?

Shab: What smudge? Is there a smudge? This is a 5 thousand dollar suit la, I hope there is no smudge. I'll be back in a while.

PM: Okay, take your time............ Ala, Najib, why your mouth so teruk one? Why you keep on mentioning foam?

Najib: No la, Pak Lah, I can't forget the foam la, everytime I see him I just see foam la hahahahahaha. Funny la that clown.

PM: Hahahahahaha, ya la, I really cannot tahan la when I see him, hehehehe, foaming like a man with a heart attack, hahahahahahaha.

Najib: Hehehehehehe, er, erm, so when do we tell him? Hehehehehehe, I cannot tahan la. hehehehehehehe, ayo, my stomach is getting the cramps la.

PM: Hahahahahaha, stop it la Najib, I think I want to pee in my pants la, hehehehehe ayo, ayo, I haven't laughed like this since the day Mahathir retired.

Shab: Why, what's so funny? Why are you people laughing so loud?

Najib: No, we were laughing at Anwar, hehehe we were saying how you made him look stupid.

Shab: So boss, don't you think I deserve a promotion for my scintilating performance?

PM: Er, we were just talking about it before you came in. Najib told me that we should reward you and I whole-heartedly agreed with him.

Najib: Yes, Shab, since you have proven that you could take up a job and do a remarkable work, we were thinking that you are the only person who is capable enough to perform this new assignment. There is no one else better, honest I tell, there is no one else better, don't you think so PM?

PM: Where got any other person who could do it. I thank god for delivering you to us la Shab. If you had been in the opposition I think we would have lost all states la.

Shab: I have no words to say, you are too kind with your praises sirs. I am willing and ready to take any new assignments that you think I am capable of handling.

Najib: Like this Shabery, you know as well as I do that Anwar is a spy for the US. We need someone to work in our Embassy in the US and identify the US mole in our Embassy there and to find out who receives all the information Anwar is sending.

PM: This is obviously very dangerous and only a capable person could do it. Do you think you are up to this task?

Shab: You mean I will not be a minister anymore? I will have to move to the US? Hmm, not exactly what I had in mind.

PM: Don't worry, we will give you the status of a minister and you could go on enjoying all your perks. Please the country needs you.

Najib: Yes, you will be the new Ambassador there but actually you are something ,like James Bond la. We will equip you with all the gadgets you need. Please, for the country, we are begging you.

Shab: For the country? Done, I'll do it. When do I go?

PM: This afternoon, everything is ready to move.

Shab: Thank you sir for having faith in me. I'll discharge my duties to the best of my ability and better.

PM: That's my boy. I know I can depend on you, now go on, you got some packing to do and I'll send you there in my Executive jet.

Shab: Thank you, I'll report everything direct to you. Farewell.

PM: Hahahahahahaha, hehehehehehehe ah, ah, I can't stand it, I can't stand, you terror la Najib, What you said? Like James Bond? Hehehehehehe and he believed you.

Najib: Please la Pak Lah, my stomach is exploding already la, hehehehehehe, ayo, ayo hehehehehe why is he so stupid one.

PM: There goes Mr. Foam, hehehehehehe, I forgot to tell him to always carry a hand towel, hahahahahahahaha, hehehehehehe,aduh, aduh, my back hurts la.

Najib: hahahahahahahahaha Mr. Lux.

PM: Mr. Lux?

Najib: Yes la, Lux soap and foam, hehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehe.


fergie said...

hahahaha .. "foam" seems to be on everyone's lips these days (oops .. pun not intended hehe). I've read blogs/comments re the disgusting foam. Send Cheeky to US? Wah .. he can speak English or not? Seems some of our top guns can't speak proper English. How Malaysia go global? I also note that some Uni graduates don't speak English. True ah? How to cope if want to find jobs in multi-national companies? Have a great weekend, cikgu

frankie said...

Honestly I don't meet many people who foams when they talk. I am trying to recall hard on which friend of mine foams and I can't seem to remember if anyone of them did.

The debate supposed to be 'buah mulut' for everyone instead became 'buih mulut' of Shabery. Now the whole country will watch out of Shabery's 'buih mulut' whenever he opens his mouth.

monsterball said...

Not easy to be creative...yet funny and most important...the foams will be the one get many loose their appetite...and skip lunch.
Making UMNO politicians laughing over each other is needs to be extremely careful...who you can that party.
Obviously Dollah and Najib do not trust each other...yet you painted them a work of an intelligent blogger.....saying..these two men can act so so good actual fact...don't trust each other and each holding on to their posts....depending on each other...until......??
Dollah is destined to be the winner.
Foam guy is Najib man. Idiot begets ,.an idiot. He may laugh outside...with Dollah...but inside...gastric is turning to ulcers...and Najib...will be futting with no control.
One nice day...when he give a listen carefully....
"phhooopphh' a sound from no where.
That is his ulcer fut.

acciaccatura said...

salam chegu,
first and foammost i actually missed this foam thing. foam what i know,it did happened. foam your information, it can be another f word foam now on.
heeheehee...or may be kihkihkih....

cakapaje said...

Salam Cikgu,

Hehe...typical of palalah and najis. Let's pray they'll be the one to go foaming mad soon.

Kata Tak Nak said...

Foam and froth, the sums up the whole system.

Kata Tak Nak said...

Neither do I, I mean these people are rarities so in a way we could consider ourselves lucky for being given the chance to witness a freak.

Kata Tak Nak said...

I like the gastric turn to ulcer part and for them I hope it ends in cancer.

Kata Tak Nak said...

Foam what I heard, foam, froth and buih are now banned in all UMNO meetings.

Kata Tak Nak said...

They must not only foam but also squirm.

Anonymous said...

Doh nok wak guane kalu keadaang dia macang tu. Doh semulajadi. Dok kang kite nok hina dia sbb bende bende gitu. Kite patut tengok pade kekuatang dia. Berdosa menghina.
Jangang nok simpang ke laing,aku takdok kena mengena dgn dia, cuma kesiang dia saje, dok kene kutuk oleh oghang yang pendek akal yang hanye tahu kutuk manjang.Ape doh nok jadi


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