Sunday, 6 July 2008

So what describes him best?

I hope this would be just a short post. Usually I don't plan what I write so sometimes what what I thought would be short would end up long like this post I am typing now. All these typing without touching yet on what I am going to say looks like it is not going to be that short and crisp as I had initially intended for it to be. Ahh, what the heck.

I would like to touch on Ezam's pronouncement here. Hey I am not saying what he says is wrong and neither am I going to say that it is right. Being someone who is connected to both sides of the divide, I am sure he knows what is saying. I mean he knows what he wants to say but if what he says makes sense or not is entirely up to the readers.

Okay for those who has not gone over to the link yet, let me give you a teaser,

IPOH: PKR de facto leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim has no chance of
ever becoming prime minister, said former PKR Youth chief Ezam Mohd Nor.

who was Anwar’s political secretary when he was deputy prime minister,
dismissed claims that Anwar had managed to convince 30 MPs to leave
Barisan Nasional for Pakatan Rakyat.

“If he had the numbers today, he would be going to the Istana tonight.

I am not going to dismiss this but this raises a question in my mind. We all know that Ezam joined UMNO after the elections where the PR did credibitably well but fell a little short. They are indeed not far off the numbers needed to take over the country.

Lets say that Ezam's claim is true, the question I would like to ask is that by saying it he is implying that PR would not be able to take over the country so is that why you ditched the opposition front? If they had won would you have handed your application to rejoin UMNO?

We all know that he was very much opposition inclined prior to the elections with his claims of boxes of evidence and thousands of pages of claims of government sins.

So now that the opposition cannot form the government as he claimed, he decided to join the government? What does that make him? Is 'opportunist' an apt description of this man?

As I had said, it is not as short as I had wanted it to be. Got to go for writing classes.


Anonymous said...

writing classes chegu?

cakapaje said...

Salam Cikgu,

Was about to ask the same q as accia: writing classes?

As for the link, I care not to go there at all.

hantutelur said...

It is short, Che'Gu, you could go further.

About Ezam - there are always other points of view. Assuming the 6 boxes are boxes of lies, Anwar had been living with lies for a decade. Perhaps Ezam doesn't change his ways, he just changes bosses. And boxes.

Kata Tak Nak said...

accia,& Shah,
Yes, real good writing classes on how to write. I would love to attend such classes if they come cheap that is.

Kata Tak Nak said...

He looks like an opportunist to me for deserting something that he stood for, unless ofcourse he was asled to leave. If it is Anwar that he doesn't like then he should realise that Anwar is not the opposition and the opposition is not Anwar or is it that Ezam was a victim.

Estrelita Soliano Grosse said...

I agree. 'OPPORTUNIST' WITH CAPITAL LETTERS. Just started following your blogs and I enjoy it very much. Keep it up!

hantutelur said...

It is usually the case when a party person can't get along with the leadership, on principle, administration or even personal matters, that person will choose to leave the party, not matter how much he loves the party or has accepted the ideology adopted by the party. If he stays on it will cause instability within the party. Same reason veterans of UMNO left their party they once led.

In the case of Ezam, I think his reason for sticking with Anwar through thick and thin was the purpose of KeADILan, i.e to fight injustice and rid whatever rot in the governing party he once belong.

But gradually the purpose has disintegrated and instead PKR became UMNO-like and even worse. It turned out that Anwar he was fighting for has evolved into a very ambitious monster. He finds that it is his responsibility to stop Anwar since no one else can.

Ydiana said...

A very shrewd, cruel and bad, bad, transparent opportunist, I must add.

And Cikgu, you need not attend any writing classes. You're very talented as it is, and you do put your point across, be it long or short. And sometimes very funny and entertaining too, with strings of 'blogger followers' (any such term?...hahaha). What more could you ask for!

Ydiana said...

Cikgu, sorry, I need to comment on Hantu's comment.

Hantu, if that's the case, if I were Ezam, I would totally leave politics,rather than sell my soul and eat all my words. Where is the credibility, intergrity, could you live with yourself???

Kata Tak Nak said...

I beg to differ here. If Anwar is the problem there is Pas and DAP. Why UMNO. Forgive me but I don't see him as a principled man because a principled man would rather die a lonely death. If he sees Anwar as a devil then why chose to share the same blanket with Lucifer and belzebub?

Kata Tak Nak said...

Thanks for the compliment but amongst the writers I so admire are people like Shah, Shirzad, Mat Salo and Doc's Malay postings. They capture souls rather then string words like I do.

Ydiana said...

Yes, I agree those you mentioned has their very own talent and style, soul-capturing as you put it. But if you change your style, who's going to write like you? :)

hantutelur said...

My points were in the last paragraph. He has to stop Anwar. He can't fight Anwar from within PKR allied parties, neither can he sit outside politics and watch things happening when he has the ability and capacity to stop it. Maybe he finds that Lucifer and Belzebub is less evil than the Devil itself.

Ydiana said...


Interesting, but I don't buy it. Why does he want to stop someone who he 'thinks' is more devil who hasn't done any harm to the country?

I don't think Anwar told him that he plan to murder anyone with C4? Or will escalate the price of all goods and petrol? Did he tell him that he plans to bring Malaysia economy down? Did he plan to put Malaysia to shame to the rest of the world as the sarkas is already doing now? How worse can it be?

I wonder if you know the answer to all that? Then, maybe, you can try to put your point across.

How can he lie before, saying the government is corrupt and so much more, and eat his words to say the government is the best now? In current economic and political situation which is flip-flop, topsy turvy, no respect from rakyat?

Bottomline as Cikgu said, he in a BIG-time Opportunist. You are entitled to your own opinion, but if you keep defending him, I wonder if you're Ezam yourself?

Kata Tak Nak said...

No hantutelor is not Ezam, that I know. He is a friend who agrees to disagree but yes your points are valid in questioning Ezam's intergrity.

Kata Tak Nak said...

From what kingdom do Belzebub and Lucifer hail? They both hail from hell. You don't ditch the head devil to be with assistant devils. A man with principles would ditch the devil to be with angels and if there are no angels then he looks for one rather than embrssing the so called assistant devils. Evil is still evil. If the devil is evil then so is Lucifer and so is Belzebub. Sleeping with them is not a stand of a principled man but rather an opportunist and an apportunist is worse than the devil himself.

Ydiana said...

Hahaha.. Cikgu. I know that!

Whatever it is, I'm done with my arguments.

I rest my case! :)

frankie said...

Everyboday has their 6 boxes, I also have my 6 boxes....of porn mags from last time during puberty years, maklumlah, no internet that time.

For me to describe Ezam, well Ezam made lots of noise, no substance, like an empty can. This kid is a lost cause.

Kata Tak Nak said...

I thought so and you presented your case well.

Kata Tak Nak said...

Yes a lost cause indeed. Hmm 6 boxes of porn eh? Interesting.

AAB said...


You are screaming here with nightmares surrounding your thinking. Sir, Ezam is basically a most shameful being. You see, PKR or PAS or DAP didn't fail bcoz he was out. They did marvelously well without him. The fact that he is a noisemaker who has less shame shouldn't make you think he is smart. By what law, justice is he? You have got a 2nd Hon. Economics gradudate even trying to shame 3.3 million UMNO members by saying he will fight corruption as if the 3.3 million members are so corrupt and hopeless that they were waiting for him.

He is being driven by HATRED if you understand the word. And UMNO is not interested in him and that's why they simply want him to make noise but deny him any post. Have you ever head of someone being forced into prostitution? And how would Ezam destroy Anwar? Do they play in the same league? Ha ha ha! Your mean streak shouldn't shadow your thinking boy. UMNO itself is not in need of him and that's why they will never make him even a councillor. To endear himself therefore, he has to descend to a dirty level that even will make his enemies sympathise with him. Personally I feel so rather than hostility bcoz his case is tragic and beyond salvation point. Him saying Perak PR govt will fall is a gush of nightmare sperm rather than the truth. Which PR ADUN did he elect for him to force him/her to switch sides? What does he got to do so? And don't you realise how unprincipled and opportunist he is? When Utusan Munafik interviewed him one month ago, he said it was "immoral, irresponsible and etc" for BN MPs and ADUNs to defect. Isn't immoral if PR ADUNs and MPs defect to BN as well? Dirty minded sore loser doesn't mesmerize people unless you are of the same calibre, and for that, birds of the same feathers fly together. enjoy!

hantutelur said...

Thank you, AAB. No, I don't understand the word "hatred", you definitely do.

"So what describes him best?" CheGu KTN suggested "opportunist". Your lenghty analysis says he's not. He doesn't gain anything for rejoining UMNO. He's not getting any post nor other perks. That doesn't make him an opportunist, does he?

"To defect" is a loose term. It can be bad, it can be good, depending on which side you are on. Maybe the term only applies when a BN MP defects to the opposition, not the other way round. Remember "sedition"? Sedition only applies to someone on the opposite side of the government. Yes, I'm joking.

Bad news to you AAB (I hope you're not my PM), come August when the 2 PKR ADUNs "rejoin" BN, they don't defect. You see, PR is a very fragile co-operation between parties of different interests and ideals. PR will disintegrate and worse still PKR will crumble, much earlier that you anticipated UMNO do (and UMNO wont).

What happened last night was a very shining example. PAS didn't want concert (they opposed Ella and Mas Idayu, remember?) but PKR wanted it. You claim UMNO is harbouring Mat Rempits (which mostly are offsprings of unfortunate ordinary, hardworking, burdened parents of Malaysia like most of us today) but PKR put on stage wild culture of Trash Metal and Punk Rock (thanks to Papa Hishamudin Rais), now what you have? The whole country saw hypocrisy. Poor innocent pak lebais of PAS. For the opportunity of power sharing, you have to endure PKR and DAP, and compromise.

Qaadisiya said...


It is interesting that you engage in fantasy here. Well, consolation is good bcoz it offers momentary relief but you shouldn't over do it lest you lose the focus and land in a ditch.

To say PR is made of different ideolgies and not look at BN is a joke that's meant for toddlers and I think he we have elders. BN is made of an abusive, polygamist husband called UMNO and very poor, hapless women. What Samy Velu says nowdays, what Gerekan former President said about non-UMNO parties in BN "Beggers", what Sabahans said about BN "step children" is a testimony of the idealogy of greed and destruction that has crept into that edifice. One wonders who you are hallucinating rather than being sober. To say PR or PKR aduns will defect is not a problem, we only see BN crumbling and others starting to lash at the leadership and ministers insulting the appointing PM and calling him all sorts of names with him being unable to help and act. Strength you call it, I love it. There are no two parties that have the same ideology in BN and the reality of the past-the ideology of fear and the bogeymen of May 13 are a thing of the past that no one will buy again. People have passed the Rubicon and there is no returning point. I think before you deflect and engage in sideshows, get a job for Ezam so that he can feed his children. He has already foamed at the mouth and got tired and that's was the subject. Why would PKR defect to the Manglish speaking, marauding Tajol and leave the far sighted, educated, intelligent Eng. Mohd Nizar? Oh, consolation is a good relief anyway. If there is disorder, don't look far. Look down there at need for finger pointing.

ketam said...

Harap semua rakyat Malaysia dapat komen berkenaan perkara berikut. Kenapa Pengakuan Sumpah RAJA PETRA DAN BALA yang terang-terang adalah daripada “hearsay” atau dengar daripada pihak ketiga atau khabar angin MENJADI BUALAN dan PEKIKAN semua orang TERUTAMANYA PARA PENYOKONG ANWAR IBRAHIM yang kononnya betul tetapi PENGAKUAN SUMPAH oleh BEKAS TIMBALAN GABENOR BANK NEGARA yang dibuatnya sendiri atas apa yang dia lakukan sendiri TIDAK DIAMBIL BERAT?

Pengakuan sumpah yang mana benar? dari yang dengar orang kata ke atau dari org yang melakukan??

Rakyat masih tertunggu-tunggu dan tertanya-tanya apa sudah jadi dengan lapuran siasatan BPR tentang pengakuan bersumpah bekas Penolong Gabenor Bank Negara, Datuk Abdul Murad Khalid berhubung dakwaan bahawa Anwar Ibrahim mengawal berpuluh akaun induk berjumlah berbilion ringgit semasa menjadi Menteri Kewangan. Jika dilihat kepada isi pengakuan bersumpah itu, ianya bukanlah mudah untuk direka-reka.

Didalam akuannya, Abdul Murad turut menyatakan nama beberapa individu yang mempunyai kaitan dengan urusan dana berkenaan. Sebagaimana yang dinyatakan didalam akuan bersumpahnya, beliau menyelesaikan masalah individu tertentu setelah mendapat arahan Anwar menggunakan dana berkenaan. Risiko pendedahan Abdul Murad adalah besar jika beliau sendiri mereka-reka dakwaan berkenaan. Dakwaan Abdul Murad mungkin boleh dianggap berasas manakala penafian individu terbabit pula tidak boleh diketepikan begitu saja. Hanya penyiasatan rapi sahaja yang dapat menentukan segala-galanya.

Begitu juga, disebabkan kedudukan Abdul Murad di Bank Negara Malaysia sebelum ini begitu penting dan beratnya dakwaan yang dibuatnya itu, BPR tidak boleh menunggu masa yang terlalu lama untuk menjalankan siasatan. Tambahan pula, maklumat yang diberikannya itu adalah dalam bentuk akuan bersumpah. Sebagaimana dijelaskan oleh Ketua Pengarah BPR pada masa itu, Datuk Ahmad Zaki Husin, hampir setiap perenggan dalam akuan bersumpah itu adalah maklumat mengenai rasuah. Dalam sesuatu akuan bersumpah, setiap dakwaan perlu dibuat dengan rasa penuh tanggungjawab. Oleh itu, pengakuannya itu perlu ditangani segera.

Berhubung dakwaan Abdul Murad itu, BPR sudah pun membuat laporan polis dan dengan ini, siasatan dianggap sudah bermula. Abdul Murad pastinya orang pertama yang akan mempertahankan pengakuannya. Pengakuannya akan lebih jelas jika beliau dapat mengemukakan bukti, umpamanya segala dokumen berhubung urusan dengan bank terbabit. Mereka yang disabitkan dengan tuduhan itu juga seharusnya memberi kerjasama untuk memudahkan tugas BPR.

Satu perkara yang agak jelas Abdul Murad dan Anwar mempunyai hubungan yang rapat, sekurang-kurangnya ketika Anwar menjadi Menteri Kewangan yang sering berurusan dengan Bank Negara di mana Abdul Murad bertugas. Abdul Murad sudah pun menyatakan beliau diperalatkan. Apa pun, rakyat seharusnya menunggu keputusan siasatan tanpa perlu membuat andaian sendiri.

Yang menjadi persoalan sekarang mengapa kes ini sepi membisu. Mengapa tiada kedengaran susulan cerita mengenainya. Adakah kes ini sudah ditutup atau masih lagi didalam siasatan polis dan BPR? Rakyat ingin mengetahui tentang hasil siasatan kes tersebut. Anwar Ibrahim memang bijak dalam mencari kesalahan orang lain tetapi pada masa yang sama beliau sendiri yang melakukannya. Adakah Anwar Ibrahim terlalu suci dan bersih dan tiada cacat dan cela. Adakah satu lagi Suruhanjaya perlu ditubuhkan untuk menyiasat kes Anwar Ibrahim ini?

Kenapa Majlis Peguam tidak memperjuangkan Pengakuan Bekas Timbalan Gabenaor Bank Negara itu??

hantutelur said...

Well, expose by ketam is one example of the many things he did. Cheats, lies, pretense, deviations. There were many people directly and indirectly affected by this arrogant man when he was in power "back" then. I was one... indirectly of course.

(Epoi should offer a blow job instead. Then he can bite the man off, let the whole world know. Then there'll be no need for mubahalah.)

For him to become our PM? God forbid.

Ezam is an opportunist? Maybe, now he is taking this opportunity to make things right.

I rest my case.

qaadisiya said...

Ketam and Hantu is the same person who would like to put on a different dirt and that's the temerity that you have exhibited here fron the beginning. One wonders whom you are addressing. Pliz we are old, ok? I think you need to go to MYKUM, not here bcoz concoction and pettiness and different shirts don't hide the truth. Get lost man.

AAB said...


May be you should list what good UMNO leaders do that you believe Anwar can't do? Can you list that? May be you should write down what intellectuals like Albar, Bung Mukhtar, Hishamuddin, Najib and others can do that will fail Anwar.

For Ezam, I think you getting childish by syaing he will correct anything unless of course you are him crying repeatedly here. Who is he to correct anything? How comes AMENO didn't give him the necessary tools to correct anything? And what wrong did Anwar do that he gonna correct? And what good do AMENO leaders that he gonna augment? And what power has he got to implement it? Can he start with the PM? Sir, you don't need to disturb yourself and cry repeatedly, it is simple, state your position and quit the stage. Whatever Ezam wants to do, that's his choice and I think no body is disturbed by that bcoz he feeds no one and fends for no one. Can u get the message? Whatever he wants to do with his life, that's his choice but to argue that he is correct or not is a matter of an individual's decision and judgement. The fact remains he is behaving like a sore loser who is not here and there. Neither AMNO is interested in him nor PR and this makes him behave like a neglected child crying for attention and help. Concerning Anwar and whether he wants to be the PM or not, that's none of your business bcoz you have got one vote and you can vote for whom you want. For others, they will simply tell you off and remind you to mind your business. Stop the wold cries here and give people space.

hantutelur said...

qaadisiya and aab,

If you have been reading my comments in KTN, you will realise that I never have said anything about UMNO leader being good or better. I'm here is to disagree with the points in discussion. I don't lick UMNO arses either.

If everyone agrees and no one disagrees... this make this blog a grapevine - the place for women and softies.

I suggest, don't see things from your point of view only, see from others too. That's how you learn. Or else you'll never learn. By refusing to listen/accept second opinions, that what makes people with denial syndrome. There are a lot of these nowadays, starting from our PM AAB himself and Anwar is no exception.

Denial leads to hypocrisy. Be careful.

I'll keep on commenting here until the blog owner decides I should quit.

Thank you Che'Gu for the space.

hantutelur said...

Oh, one more thing, aab. Ezam is doing well in his roadshows nowadays. Maybe you should come and listen to what he'll be saying when he comes to town? And of course he does that not for the money or position.

aab said...

Why should I listen to Ezam? Who is he? I'm a Medical Doctor doing fine and minding my business while he is a jobless 2nd Honours Economics graudate in his fifties (41)? What has he got to tell me? What is that he preaches that I need to listen from him? What kind of knowledge, experience and leadership does he got to impart to others? Even he has never been an ADUN. He once tried to conest for a seat and he was thrushed in Shah Alam. Is he an intellectual who has authored ground breaking books to tell us about his books? Is he a leader elected now or in the past by Malaysians to tell us of experience? Is he a religious leader to give us edicts? Is he an inventor to share with us what he has invented? Is he a political leader to share with us the platforms of the party he leads or acts as its adviser? Is he a social activist who aids the less prevlidged in the society who wants our help in his endeavours? Is he an example to anyone apart from his children? Who is he? And why should I waste time with him? Sheesh!

Kata Tak Nak said...

Just one thing. What about the claim that he got 1 million before joining UMNO and a further million after. Of course there would be denials. Everybody can make claims and everybody can deny. Everybody says they are right. You may have your reasons for hating Anwar and there is nothing I can do to make you change your mind and I am not going to do it anyway. Likewise many and may I repeat many have their reasons to hate UMNO, Mahathir and Pak Lah and there is nothing anybody can do to change it.

In your circle of friends you sit and screw Anwar and in my circle of friends Mahathir, UMNO, Pak Lah and Najib are murdered every minute.

I know you are a good writer but considering you know my stand I resent you being subtle with words in inverted coma because you are also hitting me. Please do not do it again.

I don't mind you disagreeing with me because I would like intellectual discourse but please do remember that this is my blog and to come and pass subtle hints is not the right way.

I can do it because this is my blog. I suggest that you do this subtle insinuations elsewhere or better still in your own blog.

Come on it is free to start a blog and then you can screw anyone you like.

hantutelur said...

Sorry Che'Gu no more inverted commas.

Of course if I start a blog it wont be as popular as this one. Also, usually I don't have free time to write, except for these past few days I'm ill and not working.

As for one million before and one million after... I never heard of it, but possibly there is such thing. For Ezam to take this new stand of course he needs some sort of security or something in return.

When I said - quote - And of course he does that not for the money or position - unquote, I was merely echoing fellow commentor's claim that he was unwanted and doesn't get any post by rejoining UMNO.

Kata Tak Nak said...

Thanx for being gentlemanly enough. I was worried that I might have sound too harsh which is something I don't reserve to friends. I can see your point there.

Please do start one. Ir would be interesting and I promise to provide a link from here and no, mine is just a so so blog, nothing spectacular.

hantutelur said...

So much for the short post, haha. Sorry folks. Farewell...

bayi said...


Sounds to me like Ezam is trying to convince himself!

He had better be right because if DSAI were to become our PM, Ezam is going to bang his own balls for jumping ship!

Let's see how the plot will unfold.

monsterball said... everyone knows the real hantutelur!
Don't worry..he has said goodbye...arguing with blog owners and me....and came back again. He never keep his word to change......but keep coming back.
Chinese have a saying..."hantutelur have a "chee pai chew"...meaning he has a mouth like a woman's to gossip and instigate. Mahathir too.
To sum up....who cares what Ezam said?
Yes...all he said were put out in UMNO and MCA papers..but who is he.. to Malaysians?
Lets talk Najib and Anwar.
Both are at each others throats....and Anwar should not come out with concrete proofs...Najib is lying.
We cannot wait till 16th Sept..especially many are saying....they are not joining the oppositions.
We cannot wait till 16th Sept...with Anwar going round the whole country....steering up anti government...and maybe..emergency rules by military will step he wants too???'
That will be Malaysians suspicions...right now on Anwar....if he keeps talking ..trusting a Balasubramiam...who can really twist and turn like a snake....then Anwar's so call evidences are not evidences at all. Who cares..whee is he. I suspect...whole family are enjoying a long long holiday in India...with special tourist guides.....all somebody..and if they like tom settle there...all can be arranged. What is the truth?..who cares....but Anwar introduced him. Anwar has to come out with strong and concrete evidences that Najib is a liar..that he knew Atlantuya....period!! What about the Paris restaurant owner... tell us...he saw Najib with Mongo lady?
Which restaurant...which hotel they stayed together in Paris??
Just look at the oil price rally....what happened?
Expected 1 million....not even 20000 turned fill the stadium. Malaysians are fed up and are no support this or that...against the government....when People's Party leader....Anwar Ibrahim.. has yet to deliver.
LKS is LKS....and DAP seems more manage Penang....and
support Anwar......politically....but not totally supporting all Malaysians frustrations..right now. In that sense.....DAP is dragged down by Anwar. Hope they can think properly.
I told everyone.....I am a true Malaysians...with no support to any political party.
I voted for oppositions...for a strong democratic country.....for for the young generation...and I will still vote for a change in government......whether People's Party is good or we need to Malaysia..from obvious huge corruptions...sickening police and law council reputations...2 institutions....that must be free from politics...or else....whole country is fucked up!!
Lets get focused. Right now...relax and be free and easy.

monsterball said...

Trace it back..kata tak nak.
hantutelur is here...because I am here...and you are the only blog friendly with him. give him face....he will talk nonsense.
But may think be it. It is your blog.

tokasid said...

Salam che'gu:

Finally I manage to visit here today after abattle with the internet connection.

EZAM? Hmm...I never like his dramatic approach in politics even he was within PKR.And I never believe there was any 6 boxes of evidences that he or Anwar kept just like I never believe when Mahathir said Anwar sodomised those few guys.

Despite what is happening, I still think Ezam is still very much with Anwar. His very self had been Anwarised. His talk: its tempo,its tone its punctuation its syllabe is Anwar's. His hands movements when giving a public speech is Anwar's.

Most knew his fall out with Anwar is due to his 'rival' Azmin's growing influence with Azizah and Anwar.And Ezam thinks that it was him who did not most work to nuture Keadilan in its infant stage.Yes,Ezam was the vocal of the two and he was more well known among the Reformasi movement and within PAS members. But it is Azmin who is the real mastermind on the rise of KeAdilan and PKR.I think as a mathematician,Azmin is better at strategies and tactics.

Unfortunately,in any group especially political parties you can't have too many stalwarts who are too ambitious. A matter of principle becomes a matter of personal agenda within the principal and then one day you realise that a decision need to be made. You either stay but become a lesser leader or you quit.

Many in PAS was hoping Ezam will join them after he left PKR.Even at the eve of election many still hoped he will get into PAS's wagon.
But it was not to be so and how fortunate that is for PAS.

Ezam cannot go else where. He was first a true blueblooded UMNO member with Anwar as his master.It was only logical that he followed Anwar,quitting UMNO.But still the UMNO blood is running in his veins. So finally, he knew since his lively hood is in politics and nothing else he need to make a choice. Where else is close to his heart if not PKR and UMNO? Can he re-join PKR but that will like be licking back his own spit and he knows there will be favour in PKR for him. His alternative?Of course its UMNO.His old flame. Especially now when UMNO is struggling badly, Ezam's entrance even with scorns from many UMNO members in a way is a psychological political war between UMNO and PKR.Ezam still have influence of certain groups within PKR esp those who went to the street with him.

Yes,Ezam is an OPPORTUNIST. But which politicians are not one? Anwar is. Khairy is. Najib is. Pak Lah is.

In politics, principle can change .with time and situation.But the core of that principle shouldn't change.That's what I belief.No matter what that core principle must not the moved at all.

For that core principle,I can never be an UMNO or PKR member.

Letting the time pass me by said...

Hypocites?? Oppurtunist ??

Well, it maybe the easiet and the most logical answer.


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