Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Shabery, when are you going to resign?

Shameful, that is all I can say about the character called Shabery Cheek. He had the chance to show the country and maybe the world that he has stature, he is a professional and he is knowledgeable. He blew it all up by the very unprofessional act of attacking Anwar rather then debating.

He is a real kid when it comes to debates. Is that the best BN and UMNO can send, I mean that man is pathetic.

At one time I thought he had just got a heart attack because he was foaming, how disgusting. Considering, I am very sure about it, he is privy to the questions that that Johan fellow is going to ask, his answers are so weak.

That idiot keeps mentioning Venezuela. He did not stop to think that inflation in our country would have been lower if the price of fuel is lower.

All that I know is that, he said he would resign if he does badly and boy his performance was the pits.Not even that idiot Kardi the counselor could make him look good. I mean how could he because he does not know the difference between a statement and a question.

So Shabery should we announce your resignation? Just tell us when and we would be more than happy. Shit, you are so shameful.


MANTRA said...

Salam cikgu
What to do? Its expected! This is what you get when you rely on proxies.

By the way, where is Pak Lah? where is Najib? where is KJ the houndog?

I have to give a thumbs up to DSAI, well delivered and focused on his issue.

Shaberry, all along, being too emotionally political.. its an economic debate... but i wont blame it on him too much.

Its Dolah should resign now!

awin said...

salam cikgu..
td mmg debat tu memperlihatkan sikap ke anak-anakan menteri kita(siap mulut pun berbuih) mmg geli dan kotor..(begitu juga dgn jawapan yg menteri tu lontarkan: geli dan cukup kotor) x profesional langsung.
menyerang dgn serangan isu peribadi,jawapan x relevan,ape kaitan zaman 70-an DSAI dgn masalah rakyat..betul x cerdik langsung..agaknye shaberi tgh balik taip surat resign esok..masuk PR bagi clear sikit minda dia tu.
sy tgk shaberi mmg x matang..(berdasarkan senyum sinis DSAI bile mamat tu bg jawapan)
by the way,DSAI mmg menggunakan sepenuh peluang yg ada utk menerangkan hal sbnar walaupun masa yg byk.SYABAS

awin said...

aiseh..silap la..
gni sbnarnya..
DSAI berjaya menggunakan sepenuh peluang walaupun masa TAK bnyak

Mior said...

Salam Cikgu,
Sepatah haram saya tak faham where was going with his argument. Pathetic giler.
Clearly, he was bent on painting a bad image of Anwar so much so he lost track of the real issue. Nak kata bodoh... dah jadik menteri pun. Maknanya we have stupid menteris running our country. Sheeeeeesh...

cakapaje said...

Salam Cikgu,

Er...think you need to define the word 'best'. I mean, if you mean the best in professional conduct and all, I agree, Shaberi sucks. But, if you mean the best of the Sarkas, there's 2 other clowns which can beat him to it - palalah and Najib! Also not forgetting Nazbo and the orangutan in Rembau.

Asil said...


LOL. Shabirit adalah gambaran sebenar pimimpin UMNO dan BN - berbuih-buih dan tgh kena heart attack! Dia kesat-kesat pulak tu! Alamak, mcm budak hingusan!

ruletutnah said...

another misinformation minister?

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

cikgu, as i've said in and around the blogs, sabery was more interested at having a dig at anwar than touching on the fuel price woes. he kept going astray with his gibberish. malu la ada minister bangang cam mamat ni. he should just resign, bukan sebab kalah but the rakyat can do with a less idiotic minister like him.

Anonymous said...

Amno mane reti perkataan malu. Dok dalam amno mane boleh jadi cerdik. Bagi saya satu menteri yang cerdik? Berhenti aje ler.

alhusseyn said...

Dia nampak cerdik berbanding dengan Mydeen 'erection' sebelum debat ini; tetapi nampaknya dia lebih teruk rupanya!Sheikh 'Kickdefella' kata Shabery ni pakar sejarah , dia resign menteri nanti ,bolehlah Cikgu rekomen dia ngajar disekolah Cikgu nanti!

Ahmad said...

Anwar floored Mr Shabby and it was a devastating blow that I can swear made Be End (BN) and AMENO to think as to why they chose this road in the first place. Despite that, I give thumps up to Shabby because it was his temerity that had shown what Anwar is made of while his infantile posturing clearly painted AMENO in bad light.

But imagine if Dollah or Mr C4 was there to debate Anwar? Wow...it would have been total chaos. Anwar would have eaten them alive. I think we need to congralute Shabby for standing to Anwar in the first place, something neither Dollah nor C4 can do and would have done.

Anonymous said...

Anwar-Chik debate: Chik eaten alive.


Mr.Right said...

Macam tengok pertengkaran abang dengan adik. Maksud aku abang yang sedang belajar di university dengan adik yang sedang belajar dalam kelas tadika. Langsung tak jawap soalan. Sabri Cheek mentioned pasal 1974 at least 4 times, then he keep repeating "we shuld not take more money from Petronas".Susah kalau Pak Menteri pun tak faham apa yang dia perlu debatkan.

Kesian juga aku tengok Sabri Cheek tu, dia cuba berlagak berani dengan masuk gelanggang dengan Anwar. At the end kena belasah, kesian. Itu namanya bodoh sombong!

frankie said...

Cikgu, it was a lop sided match. Anwar was on top of Shaberry for most of the time delivering left right upper cut. This Shaberry was like a rabid infected dog barking at wrong direction coz he was seriously frothing foam big time.

Too bad Shaberry tried too hard to get personal on Anwar while forgetting about the real issue. Too bad instead of providing information to the rakyat, he instead provide the misinformation. And too bad instead of justifying BN government on action taken, he raised the question of the BN credibilities. With such a Minister of such cablibre in the cabinet, it reflected badly on the other Ministers and the leadership of No.1 & No.2.

And I think if No 1 & No 2 was there last nite, Anwar would make Shaberry as the appetiser, No.1 as the main course and No 2 as the supper.

I think if the moderator stop Shaberry from making personal attack, Shaberry would have run out of ideas on what to debate.

And the chancelor, oh my god, that is why our Universities are in dire straits, the debate showed that we have a stupid chancelor in this country.

1. Anwar trashed or 'lanyak' Shaberry.
2. Shaberry foams when he talks.
3. We have stupid chancelor in the country.

simpleJane said...


Miss Universe tahun ni dari VENEZUELA!!! hehehehhehehehee

fergie said...

Good Morning cikgu
Time and again these BN/UMNO goons bring shame upon themselves and to us because of association being Malaysians. I hope people from other countries don't lump us together with these goons and think ALL Malaysians are STUPID. How embarassing! Have a good day.

Monster Mom said...

The moment this Chik agreed to be BN's scapegoat to this debate, I knew he'll be eaten alive.

Seeing Anwar smashed him left right front and center was so satisfying..

But the foam...OMG.. made me wanna puke!

suealeen said...

awat la pak kardi tu ceredek sangat? padanlah VC unisel kena benti... ramai yang setaraf.

IPP pun tak tau apa... satgi Anwaq pi melalut tempat lain maghah... dia sendighi melalut tak pa...

Ydiana said...

Afternoon Cikgu
Frankie, I like your summary!

Anwar had actually requested to debate with both PM and DPM sarkas rather than this guy, but both just doesn't have guts to stand there. This Shavery pulak nak tunjuk lagak, and impress the sarkasa masters, nak naik cepat, like syfool tu... A better substitute would be Nor Mohamad, because he does know much more,in fact, too much because that guy is too corrupt. He might just slip out some secrets to the whole nation...hahaha. That would be good.

suealeen said...

saudara kita dah kena tangkap...
another sad episode for him and his family...

fergie said...

Wah today arrest Anwar and tomorrow arrest Raja Petra ah? They are flexing their muscles and showing who is BOSS! I thought I read somewhere that some Penang UMNO guys are thinking of jumping ship? Quick la .. no need to think .. JUST JUMP, please! They think we rakyat cowering in fear? What about pleas to Agong to intervene? Fat hopes .. I don't think he will.

joe said...



Walau apa pun taniah kepada beliau kerana berani berhadapan dengan orang yg jauh2(walaupun dirimu jauh) berpengalaman tetapi paling mengecewakan adalah Dr Nordin Kadri
Ketua Pengarah Biro Tata Negara dan kini Naib-Canselor Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM)...sungguh memalukan pada para-para akademi, dan graduan terutamanya dari UUM

p/s..agaknya sapa yang tolak Shabery "cheek, cheek ka boom"...kedepan....kasik naya orng je


apaka66 said...


My wife just call and said, her friend of her came to see her and said "you tengok debat semalam? Teruk Anwar kena dengan Saberi!" Heii, what happen to this world already. How these people see things? How is their perception on things that going around right now? I don't understand it anymore. Mentality orang BN memang terok! They can't see what is fact even by seeing it by their own eyes. How to 'kaleh' these people if they don't understand what they saw?
Any idea Cikgu? I rasa nak nangis ada, nak gelak pun ada.....

monsterball said...

Anwar war arrested at 12.35noon...today.
One said.under ISA...another said...charged with sodomy charges.
Lets hope it is sodomy..so that he can be released on bail.
May Allah protects Anwar Ibrahim.

Toilet paper said...

suka tengok senyum sinis DSAI..
benci tengok buih mulut Shabery..

Shabery should resign..
Shame on u..

DSAI still the best..

Kata Tak Nak said...

Friends, as much as I would like to reply to each and everyone of you I just can't because today, the friend that I blogged about about 5 to 6 weeks ago passed away. I got the message at about 5.45 this evening and am just too devastated. Sorry.

Ydiana said...

Cikgu, sorry to hear about your friend. You take it easy, ok..

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

Innalillah wainna ilaihi roji'un...

sorry to hear about your friend cikgu. things couldnt be worse than to lose someone dearly to us. all the political skirmishes can take the back seat for you at least for now.

take care, sir.

Tabby said...

If i am not mistaken, in Venezuela the inflation is high because of their problems with their neighbour. And Iran is facing sanctions.

My 2cents


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