Monday, 21 July 2008

Hey Proton, the Terengganu MB says you suck.

Below is The Terengganu MB's explanation as to why they need to buy Mercs rather than Perdanas as reported here

“Please understand that the Proton Perdanas go through continuous
long-distance journeys. It’s costing us a lot of money due to high cost
of maintenance.

“We are not saying that the national car is not
good but in reality we are coughing up more money for maintaining the
Proton Perdanas, particularly the gear boxes,” he said.

cited the example of the Proton Perdana of state Commerce, Industry and
Environment committee chairman Toh Chin Yaw, which has twice undergone
expensive repairs costing RM50,000 within 36 months.

“In the long run, Mercedes cars are cheaper to maintain and could also save us fuel costs.

There is a Malay saying "Menegak benang yang basah" or loosely translated to erect wet thread. No, no viagra could do it just as no amount of stupid arguments by the Terengganu MB could persuade the people to buy his story.

50K in 36 months? I know of many people who drive Perdana V6s and they travel alot and none of them have to spend 50K or even half that amount since buying them years ago so why is it that that Terengganu Exco's Perdana had to undergo such repairs? Has he been stealing logs in the Terengganu jungles and using his Perdana to haul them out of the jungle?

Many other states are also using Perdanas but we sure haven't heard maintenance being a problem there? Instead of buying Mercs, perhaps the MB should have a look at his workshop people. Are they fleecing the people with exhorbitant repair charges? Are the officers in the Terengganu government working with these workshops to bleed the state?

Maybe, the Terengganu MB wanted to say that Proton should have a look at their Perdanas especially the gearbox. If that is what he had wanted, he doesn't have to change state cars to Mercs. All he has to do is to make a press statement and the message would get across clearly enough. He does not have to spend 3 million plus just to get a message across.

If he were to mean that Perdanas are lousy, thats what he has just said, no matter how hard he had tried and will try to deny it, he could always have a look at Accords, or Camrys. Now don't tell me they cost as much. Minus whatever taxes, these cars would surely cost less than Mercs. Their maintenance cost is definitely lower than their continental counterpart.

The idiot went on to say that it is not money from oil royalty that was spent because they had not received a single sen yet. If you had not received a single sen yet it means that you are still poor and poor people should not be spending money like that, not in difficult times like this, you idiot.

Anyway whether it is old money or new royalty money it is still money and that amount could be put to better use. Everybody knows that Terengganu is one of the poorest states in the country, so spending that amount just to cool the arses of elected representatives is a very irresponsible thing to do so don't 'tegak benang yang basah'.

Next time tell a better story. Try this one. The air in Terengganu is just not compatible with Perdanas. Whenever the excos get into their Perdanas, their piles will bleed causing the government to spend millions on diapers.

Let me add a little bit more. I am sure many of the excos if not all are already filthy rich and many of them own Mercs already or if they do not have any they are surely able to buy one easily so if they really have to travel in Mercs,then use their own not buy them one with the people's money.


teenage politik said...

aiyoo!.i just couldn't understand why he makes such statement.Perdana's maintenance cost higher?.duh.

they expect us to be moderates in our daily life but they're the ones that spends more than they should.

hey,use kancil la if want far cheaper maintenance cost.can save oil cost what as well.huh!

yuwin said...

ITU LA ORG MELAYU KATA..Bee End ni mcm..

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

aisehman cikgu, i touched on the same matter, almost exactly in, iswear to God i did not plagiarise your piece...hehehe...highlighting one's eagerness to drive a kompressor.

youth attack said...

ni lah orang politik.dorang cuba beri
justikasi atas tindakan mereka walaupun tahu ianya agak tak masuk akal.tapi saya percaya bukan semua pemimpin perangainya macam ni.

bak kata suka_aman,kenapa tak pakai kancil je kalo nak saving?hihi.

MANTRA said...

Salam cikgu
Another scumbag in the making huh? Well.. once UMNO is always a scumbag!

Wonder why the Sultan keeping low to his birthday celebration...

Anonymous said...

as reported by The Star, this moron said "The funds to procure the cars were from our own coffers and has nothing to do with the oil royalties". what did he mean by 'from our own coffers'? did they use they own hard-earned money to pay for those cars?? to whom the word 'our' refers to?

fergie said...

hehe .. just left a comment on kerp's blog. If they are not using oil royalty money then whose money? Wah .. not yet receive money already spend .. what will they do when they receive the royalty money? Anyway, the Trengganu people voted them in so they have to grin and bear it .. hahahaha .. have a good day!

[zsazsa] said...

he really said that.. he must think all malaysian does not know what merc car is..

50k within 3 months? he must be bringing it masuk hutan or something.. then may i recommed 4WD to them then..

frankie said...

Is there no sense of patriotism in this MB? Even if Proton sucks big time. this MB should be sticking his neck insisting on Proton, nothing other than Proton. Learn from the American, Japanese, Taiwanese and the Koreans, always give the home brand the priority.

Proton is Brand Malaysia. Where is the patriotism? Proton may not command much respect compared to Mercedes, Hondo or Toyota but when comes to patriotism, government should always put home brand first.

Hi&Lo said...

Sir, the MB should appoint you to draft his press releases so that he won't reveal his stupidity.

cakapaje said...

Salam Cikgu,

Aaah! This is the equivalent to buying a used space rocket - its cheaper rather than having to pay each time we want to send a passenger into space. Hmm...I wonder why he did not contemplate Porche Cayene which cost only a million each and very durable.

Crankshaft said...

Yep, they're definitely claiming that Protons suck. :)

Not that they're wrong. Personally, I think Proton cars are crappy and in the long run they cost a lot to maintain and upkeep.

But if that was the main criteria, why didn't they buy Toyotas or Hondas? The Japanese cars are so much more high quality in terms of fuel efficiency, maintenance and pricing.

I think it's a lie. The Terengganu administration is probably using money from oil royalty, regardless of what they claim.

Zawi said...

We thought this MB is better than the previous one. How wrong. He is just the same. Juust wait till he gets his hands on the oil royalty.

Anonymous said...

Wow, marah betoi Cikgu, tapi patut pun pada MB mangkuk hayun. This are the attitude of UMNO goons, masuk UMNO utk nak jadi kaya dan sebat sebanyak2 harta rakyat, tak ingat kata haram cuma ingat nak perkaya anak bini dan turun temurun, semuanya bermula dari kepala lagi, PM. Ingat tak mati kut

xonar said...

i wonder who got the APs to import these Merc.
and how much commissions did he get for the purchase?

Anonymous said...

Contrary to many people here, I think in principle the MB is making the right decision. Here is why?

Firstly, duty free E200K is RM269,225 available to MM2H. The retail for others is at RM350k When they buy at RM245k, that is about the same price of a 3-4 year old reconditioned E200K. Which means, even after using for 3-4 years, the would be able to get their money back. Free usage..

Maintenance, Mercedes gives 2 years UNLIMITED KILOMETRE warranty on all parts. With the bulk purchase, they can probably extend that to 3-4years.
Which means, no cost for repairs no matter how much you travel.

Service. While most Japanese models have lower cost per service but they require more frequent intervals. The Merc is only serviced once every 15,000kms. That equals 3 Japanese car service for the same kilometres travelled. Therefore, service cost is nearly thereabouts. BMW offers free service for the first few years.

Fuel comsumption, I will bet my bottom ringgit that the E200k consumes less fuel in any similar driving condition when compared to the V6 Perdana. Here is why, the V6 has six cylinders with a displacement of 2000cc, the E200k has 4 cylinders with a displacement of 1800cc. They are however supercharged. Meaning, they consume less petrol for the same amount of power generated. The E200k can do 8.3-9litres of fuel for highway cycle at speeds of 150km/hour. In the city, the car consumes between 10-13litres for mixed city driving. Check with any of your friends driving the present E200k.It has the latest M271 Twinpulse Supercharged engine.

So, there you have it. To me, the MB is right in his justification.The key thing in this purchase is that they are paying the price of a depreciated car, zero repair bills, will likely consume less petrol for the same kilometres travelled.

Also, the Perdanas we are talking about are the executive version which is long wheel base which cost RM200k. I am sure your friends don't have this model.

Check your facts and Think about it?

The unlimited mileage serves the exco’s purpose very well.So they can drive from the north to the south in one day and back again the next day, if something breaks down, the exco will get a courtesy Merc while they repair the car. FOC…..I believe, many other manufacturers have mileage limitations.
At the rate they travel, the warranty will be over in 6months to a year. That is where the MB talks about the maintenance cost. Coupled with the fact that suppliers charges the government exhorbitant prices. I think everyone knows that the government pays top top prices in anything they buy. Show me someone that suppliers to the government and truthfully says otherwise.

ALSO, remember what our MITI minister said about Proton parts are 50% higher which he believes is not reflective that the parts are 50% better than the industry… Add this in and you have your answer.

It is like getting an illusion that the part is cheaper than others but getting substandard quality parts that do not last.

BTW, i do not work of Mercedes or any of their dealers….

Kata Tak Nak said...

teenage politik,
Moderation only applies to the laymen while they can act like kings.

Dah dia bodoh mesti la dia mau rakyat lagi bodoh pada dia, kalau tak mana nak tarok muka dia? Dalam pungkoq?

Yeah saw your post same message with dissimilar treatment.

youth attack,
Memang tak semua pemimpin macam tu tapi kalau dah pegang kuasa terlalu lama dan berada dalam kalangan yang macam tu, lala kelamaan dia terpalit jugak.

Kata Tak Nak said...

Oh his a scumbag alright. The nerve of that guy to suggest that we are that stupid to buy his story.

Yeah, he speaks as if he spent his own money.

He is already salivating thinking of the 5 billion. Oh god are they gonna have a partay.

Thats what irkd me most, he thinks we do not know what Mercs are.

Kata Tak Nak said...

You are right there, even if Prot6on sucks, which it did, he should still be patriotic enough. This is like Najib and Hisham sending their children to International Schools and overseas for their education.

What if syddenly I wrote "I am a bloodsucking vampire" in his speech? I am sure these idiots don't rehearse their speeches.

Kata Tak Nak said...

Okay, its done then, we get them used space shuttles for them to take their mistresses around.

Thats it, why Mercs? If Perdanas are lousy then Accords and Camry's are simply superb cars with affordable maintenance.

Pak Zawi,
Yeah, we have been had.

Bukan marah tapi keciwa dengan sikap mereka yang tak rela berkorban langsung dan juga ingat kita ini bodoh sangat.

Thats an interesting question worth exploring.

If I have said in my post that I have friends with Perdanas I should add that I also do have friends with Mercs and I have heard of their complaints.
How many Perdanas could they buy with the 3.4 mill? Heck you could give them one every three years and still save money.
Look, how much do you spend for servicing a Perdana? Its pittance compared to the Mercs after their warranty is over? If they have to spend 50K for 2 gearboxes for a Perdana, I wonder how much they would have to spend for a Merc.

As I have said in my post 'Jangan tegak benang yang basah, dia akan jatuh berkulai.

oney_chan9 said...

kenapa mercs?kenapa tak guna kete sendiri kalau nak jimat?alasan mcm budak sekolah betul!inilah klu pemimpin yg xingat dunia, lagho....


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