Thursday, 3 July 2008

Graft declining?

I would like to comment a little bit only on this but would like to get what others think about it. It is about a poll. No, not about the Anwar guilty or not poll. Let the court decide and lets see the behaviour of the court while presiding. This is about perception of corruption. I got this from Malaysianinsider which quoted Bernama.

PUTRAJAYA, July 3 ─ A local survey has revealed that Malaysians now
perceive corruption in the country to be declining in contrast to
findings by Transparency International.

survey, which was done by the Statistics Department and funded by the
Economic Planning Unit, showed that from the total 10 points on the
corruption perception index, Malaysia scored 6.79 points compared to
5.10 points in Transparency International's index. The lower the figure
the worse the situation.

According to the
National Integrity Perception Index Research Report 2007, which was
launched yesterday, the people's perception on corruption alleviation
was expected to be better this year and in the future.

Malaysian Integrity Institute president Datuk Dr
Mohd Tap Salleh, when presenting the findings, said this was due to the
government's development policy and increase in transparency, including
efforts to make the Anti-Corruption Agency a fully independent

Speaking to reporters after the
launching, Chief Secretary to the Government Tan Sri Mohd Sidek Hassan,
however, said that both findings should not be compared as they
involved different sets of respondents.

is the first time such the survey was conducted. It's a good start and
will be the benchmark to improve national integrity," he said.

survey also had five other perception indexes, namely in Public Service
Delivery Quality (6.60 points), Social Obligation and Business Ethic
Practices (6.90), Family Institutions and Community Stability (7.38),
Life Quality and Community Welfare (7.41) and Malaysian Courteousness

Overall, the survey, which was
conducted between August and September last year, showed the National
Integrity Perception Index at 6.79 points.

involved 14,967 respondents nationwide, where 67 per cent were from
household groups, 26.9 per cent civil servants, and the other 6.1 per
cent senior officers in the private sector.

The second survey for this year's index is expected to kick off in the middle of this month. ─ Bernama

My comment is this. Did they conduct this poll at some BN Youth do or at Timbuktu.

What do you say? I welcome any comments, even those against mine.


Kerp (Ph.D) said...

no way, i'm not buying it. after all, the survey was conducted by the statistic department, in turn, was organised by the gomen themselves. this is a case of mausk bakul angkat sendiri. their image has been tarnished badly. this is one desperate move la if you ask me.

Kata Tak Nak said...

Exactly my sentiment. Just like a man telling others to ask his children what they think of their father

hantutelur said...


6.79 out of 10 is bad. Not even a B-plus, or during my school days not even C. What people want is corruption-free, or at least something like 9.999 or even 8.888 (I'd still prefer 10 - why should there be corruption at all?)

So even if their survey shows 7.0 or 8.0, it's nothing to be proud of.

International Transparency maybe unfair because it implies that for every two officers/authorities, one is corrupt, which I believe is not true.

The survey report is meaningless and deceptive. It's similar to saying that "our oil is still cheaper than Singapore" or "there are more crimes in USA than in Malaysia".

Abdul said...

Well, I think they conducted the interview in the midst of a BN gathering at a posh Hotel. And they answered while laughing and swallowing large pieces of meat and drinking wine. So you know the result.

What's more interesting is that the EPU, the bastion of sleaze, corruption and UMNO-Putratism funded the survey. A cat judging an astray rat. I love it.

hantutelur said...

Anyway, it's just perception survey... can never be accurate. I mean if you gather from markaz Pas, the index will be 2 or even 1, but if you gather from Prime Minister's office the index could be 10.

fergie said...

Cikgu, oh cikgu,
they shud get OUR opinion la! i agree with kerp (ph.d) .. no way i'm buying it!

frankie said...

This is a syok sendiri poll, just to satisfy ownself. The Chinese has a saying, sound something like this in Malay, "Sendiri pusing, sendiri tikam",

cakapaje said...

Salam Cikgu,

Honestly, I think the respondents answered with full belief and conscious of the questions and the reality in Malaysia. Unfortunately, the belief they hold is either in part, or entirely corrupted, as they live in the shithouse, and regard shit as pure and edible. That, is the sad affair of those raised by the people of the Sarkas.

Asil said...


They must have done the survey in "jamban", or the survey doesn't even exist.

Let's survey about Najib. Did he or didn't he...that'll be fun!

Ydiana said...

If we can challenge them to be transparent and reveal who actually answers the stupid polls, ....?

Kata Tak Nak said...

It looks like the survey is a goner but am shocked that hantutelor said that Pas might give a 2 or even a 1. That is way too high as far as I am concerned. I think Pak Lah would give it an 11 thinking that everything comes in dozens so he just deducts 1.

rastom said...

Kalau tanya Pak Lah, apa dia jawab? "Saya yakin EPU, seperti PDRM di bawah IGP semuanya profesional."

Maverick SM said...

Things have never changed since Dr M left; what had improved is dissents are more apparent; Pak lah is a lesser bully than Mahathir; Pak Lah have lesser control over the gestapo; the people are far braver to show their disapproval; the present govt has lost much of its influence; the people are getting paid more but spending much more due to inflation; the only thing that remains constant is - Corruption; because it is necessary; it is the life line, the cash flow, the additional income to supplement the living standards. We need corruption and it must be widespread to ensure more are benefiting from it, not just Hassan, Kamaladdin or Khairy, Mokhazani or Mukhriz, Daim or Syed, it must be wide enough to wet everyone.

Malaysian said...

Another thing though, Najis said that he has never met, seen, dined, talked to Saiful (Sinful) Bukhari, the treacherous parent-less marauding he-goat. Today, he buckled under pressure and admitted that he has met him few days before he lodged report. In other words, when Anwar and Dr Azizah were away in Saudi Arabia performing Umrah at Prophet's City. So he contradicted himself. We need answers and we have got him.

Kata Tak Nak said...

Tentang PDRM professional saya setuju, depa semua pro wrestlers.

Kata Tak Nak said...

We give credit where credit is due and indeed, dissent is more tolerated in Malaysia under Lah compared to Mahathir. The obly think left is for there to be action.

Kata Tak Nak said...

Memang betul, saya masih ingat lagi Najib nafi habis semua, tup tup ya dia jumpa saya di kediaman saya. Aiee, ini sudah ubah.

bayi said...

As usual, the government indulges itself as frequently as needed with such syiok sendiri exercises. All these self-delusory exercises are meant to perpetuate the prevailing BN government, nothing more.

Kata Tak Nak said...

No doubt whatsoever.

Anonymous said...

Anything coming from the gomen is suspectlah ...

Maybe they took the poll in Shang-ri La. You need a mythical city to get mythical results.


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