Wednesday, 23 July 2008

God have mercy on us

Kuala Lumpur, July 23 - The government is on the verge of forming a
council of economic advisors to help it come up with strategies to face
the triple threat of a slowing global economy, rising fuel prices and

This move is a sure sign Malaysians are in for tougher
economic times and also acknowledges that the Cabinet and senior
government officials do not have all the answers to cushion the effects
of the expected global recession.

The last time the government
sought the expertise of the private sector and foreigners was in 1997
when the National Economic Action Council was set up to tackle effects
of the Asian Financial Crisis.

The above is taken from Malaysian Insider. No I am not going to talk about the Malaysian Insider because I have my suspicions about the leanings of those people there but what is written is certainly quite frightening.

This is an admission that things are not rosy and that help is needed and needed yesterday.

Of course the Cabinet and senior officials do not have the answers because this time around things are real bad and couple with the fact that we have numbskulls running the country.

What is it that makes things so bad this time around? Okay the uncertainty of the political scenario is one. What contributes to the uncertainty then? Don't blame it all on the oppositions threat to take over the government and the Anwar cases and also the C4 connection. These are part of the problem.

The main problem is that no bloody minister has been working since about a month before elections. Ever since the elections no clear cut policy is introduce to face the troubled times ahead. Only certain patch work here and there are implemented because the ministers are plainly too busy politicking.

All UMNO ministers are simply too busy vying for a post in the Supreme Council. All money that they hoarded during the last elections are now out to ensure that they get to continue filling their present seats in the Supreme Council.

Those without a seat are working double hard to get one. To do this they have to go down to the branches to ensure that they get enough people to support their division candidates. Lots of money there considering each division consists of a few hundred branches.

Then they must ensure that the division meetings elect only those friendly to them as Perwakilans and this time the amount is bigger. There are about 200 divisions spread all over the country so how do one expect them to be in the office to work?

There are certain things that these economic advisors, that they intend to enlist, know would work but would rather not suggest because they know the government would not adopt these suggestions. These are suggestions on cutting back on non critical and non strategic expensive projects and also to plug leaks which certainly are aplenty.

These projects and leaks are the only way for those people up there to get the dough to recoup the investment they made to get themselves into the Supreme Council in the first place. Of course they would be the odd tens of millions if not hundreds of millions extra to make it worth the effort.

Another suggestion would be the doing away of APs to make it possible for anyone to import anything to make business more competitive. When there is fair competition, the consumers always gain but then again these would mean that present AP holders, who know nothing about business, would face the unfamiliar prospect of competition, something that they do not have the acumen for. After all they have been thriving all this while because of the monopoly they enjoy from the strict control of APs.

Only those connected high up or those willing to spend absurd amount for a cup of coffee would get those APs and enjoy the monopoly that comes with the them. With monopoly, pricing is definitely based on whims rather than on competitiveness and efficiency.

Of course there would be some other strategies that would help both in the long run and short run but then I am not an economist. I write on only what I feel as a layman they should do. The bottom line is that they must be honest.

Would they for once in their greedy life think about the nation and the people? If they are willing to do this then free the advisors to suggest anything logical. Oh by the way, get experts to act as advisors, not politicians please. Otherwise God have mercy on us.


fergie said...

I have a feeling that God has forsaken us la, cikgu. Every day we read depressing news about our country. Korek and expose the filth but no proper management or direction.

monsterball said...

God is ever merciful.
It is majority Malaysians...particularly...the pro UMNO and pro PAS supporters...that have no manners to God..openly show how much they love God...5 times a day..everyday...but love to support.. play race and religion openly.
God hates racialists!!
Too many of Malaysia..right now.
So God is contemplating to destroy Malaysian and be done with it.
Teach ad teach...for 50 years...yet they never learn.
Right now UMNO and PAS talking about Malays...not Malaysians.
Hope they talk about...don't cause trouble and make all Malaysians suffer. That's good!!
In that sense...both parties are confessing ....the are racialists and toothless..gangsters.. parties.

cakapaje said...

Salam Cikgu,

In other words, the gomen is admitting they are incompetent. Great! Not only are they fools and scoundrels and carpet baggers, but they are also incompetent! Dang!

Your last para "get experts to act as advisors, not politicians please.", I believe should be vice versa too - Scoundrels, carpet baggers and incompetent fools should not act experts, nor as politicians. But sadly, they are up there. Sigh.

Zawi said...

Can't do away with APs yet cos some of them still have a stack of APs yet to be sold. Otherwise how on earth are they going to finance those goons campaign in the coming UMNO AGM?

frankie said...

The country's economy is really crawling at a slow pace. Today my business phone is lying idle, very few rings in between. Most of my contacts mentioned the same thing, business is slowing at a very scary rate. If this one continues, a lot of companies will be looking at down sizing their operation, cost cutting will be implemented and people's real income will shrink with the cost of living increasing.

Things are pretty bad at the moment. PM, DPM, UMNO and MCA ministers and elected representative are too busy securing position for themselves rather than running the government.

No wonder S'pore quick to act to sodomised our country by setting up exclusive economic zone on Pedra Branca. Didn't Rais said it was a 'win win situation'? Well Rais, you just being fucked from behind.

wisdomthinker said...

Apparently I agree with what frankie said. the economy of our country is moving at a slow pace, yet the cost of food and materials resources are increasing.

Every party politics busy securing their own position, can't blame them since it is their rice bowl anyway.

But the flow of the political views happened currently is interesting. It is then showing that reformations on government's policy is happening, like ACA, police, judicial, education, and so on.

I'm hoping that the country will not destabilized by the current situation of politics occurred.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

its a long shot la cikgu. just like shah your last para really got me thinking. when we have stupid dick like nordin kardi as VC, we need to do more than preventing politicians. we need to be more specific in searching for real deal experts to save our country.

Kata Tak Nak said...

God is testing us. He is asking us to use that box in our head but many refuse to.

Kata Tak Nak said...

They are playing a dangerous game.

Kata Tak Nak said...

Exactly my worry, experts acting as politicians and politicians acting as experts.

Kata Tak Nak said...

Its APs that is hurting the people and they know it but their cronies wee being is more important than ours.

Kata Tak Nak said...

If Singapore were to claim whatever that they are claiming at this time, what could we do? Our ministers are too busy to even think what the impact would be. WIN-WIN? Now that bastard Rais must answer to us, that is if he has the time.

Kata Tak Nak said...

ACA still no bite, Judiciary has not changed yet, education is just lip-service so what else is new?

Kata Tak Nak said...

The people should stop to think a while. We have been taken for a ride by cunning old sleepy head. They should get off the ride and scare dickhead a bit.


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