Friday, 1 August 2008

How time has changed

Okay enough of politics for a while. I mean a short while. Okay, okay, I admit, a very very short while. Satisfied?

This entry may be insignificant to some but an eye opener to me really. Yes, just one event and it got me to thinking for quite a while. Okay let me just go straight to it first and we'll discuss later.

Yesterday like any other days, during Zohor prayer time, I'll allow my Muslim students about 10 minutes to go out to perform their prayers. Then when they have done the needful, a boy came to me to complain that Mahathir (not his real name, though how I wish it is) did not pray, he was playing outside the surau.

I waited for Mahathir to come in and as he stepped into the class I motioned him over to my table. Mengapa awak tak sembahyang tadi? Like any Malaysian who is pressed for an answer, he scratched the back of his head and answered, Saya tak sempat mandi hadas. I was taken aback. Is this boy saying that he had sex last night or is he saying that he masturbated or had a wet dream?

Now this boy is a form one boy, mind you. Kenapa awak kena mandi hadas? I probed further. He just gave a cheeky smirk. Kalau dah tak mandi hadas mengapa awak pergi surau? I probed deeper. Saya tak ingat, he answered.

This is my 32nd year of teaching and I have never encountered form one students so bold as to admit or imply that they have masturbated the day before, I don't think it was sex or wet dream, and his answer really threw me off.

It could be that he just didn't want to pray and gave that hadas story as an excuse but still, I wouldn't get this kind of answer a few years back.

Yes, they are more daring nowadays, too daring should I add. Anyway for a first offence I asked the discipline teacher to just give him some demerit points but if it persists then he would be whacked for fooling around during prayer time.


MANTRA said...

Salam cikgu

Hehehe... thats a very pure answer i would call it. On the brighter side is this boy sure knows that you must be pure and clean before you speak to the Man Up There!

Well, now a days, form one is already considered macho.. they know well enough. Unlike our days, form one, we play 'masak-masak' only.

fergie said...

Whew .. nice change not to read about politics, cikgu. Youngsters these days are maturing at an early age unlike the old days. Is it the exposure or the food? My cucu in Std 2 talks like a grandma. What happened to the innocence of childhood. At least your student was honest. Parental guidance is a big factor but nowadays parents are busy making money and probably have no time to sit, talk and listen to their kids. A price to pay for so-called "progress and development"?

cakapaje said...

Salam Cikgu,

To do a misdemeanor is one thing, but to use it as an excuse? How come he did not forget to take his morning showers...or he didn't?

Perhaps, just a suggestion, it would be best for the Ustaz at your school to give a talk about sex and the responsibilities attached to it.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

lets just assume that he only wanked himself silly the previous night but to answer that to his teacher is simply outrageous. and he's only 13 at that. should we blame on his upbringing? i doubt. perhaps this as a result for mixing with a wrong crowd.

ahwin66 said...

budak2 sekarang ckp xde alas2..xde lapik2..kurang rase malu n hormat pd yg lebih dewasa..
tu baru sekolah menengah.
sekolah rendah pun penyakit sama dah mula menular..esp. pd budak thn6..konon dah senior la di yg dah baligh..dah mula stat jual saham dan develop perangai 'aku tau sumua,x payah ckp byk la cikgu,aku dah besar'

nak balun..x boleh..sekarang mana bole rotan sesuka hati je..sbg cikgu disiplin saya ni serba salah..arahan GB suruh kawal bila kita amik tindakan..mak ayah datang serang...

nak buat mcmana...
nasib badannnnnn

bayi said...


I am an ex-teacher who was in charge of discipline. I am also a non-Muslim. On Fridays we had a bus to take the Muslim boys to masjid. Later I was told that some of the boys stayed in the bus and played there instead of going into the masjid. I had to refer this to a Muslim teacher to counsel them, but not to much effect, I am sorry to say.

Kata Tak Nak said...

What I fear is that he is giving hadath as an excuse for not praying.

Kata Tak Nak said...

Nowadays almost ecry secondary school student gas a mobile phone each and they exchange short clips and you know the contents.

Kata Tak Nak said...

The problem is there are no uztazs in the school just uzrazahs but the funny thing is that a school 5 km away has 4 uztazs, why is this so? No one cares thats what, not even the school.

Kata Tak Nak said...

Lets be frank, wanking is a common thing amongst boys, but if you beat albert up too much it may not be too good. I think the bloke gave that only as an excuse because he is not the only one who tries to escape praying.

aliya said...

Salam cikgu,
Teachers shouldn't be shocked about the level of sexual knowledge the students have these days. Wait till you read the love letters consficated from a pair of F2 Malay girls my friend showed me in her school. I cringed the moment I read the first line, xxxx explicitly described!

Kata Tak Nak said...

I sympathize with you. I myself do not cane anymore, I resort to the stare. In a way I am lucky because I am huge, with beard and a mean stare. Usually that works with the young ones.

Kata Tak Nak said...

Say it and don't be sorry because it is the truth. Playing truant from prayers is a common thing amongst Muslims.

Kata Tak Nak said...

Nice to hear from you and hope your posting is kind to you. I am sure you've heard that ckg Rosli has passed away, Al-Fatehah.

A copy of that letter ought to be sent to the Minister himself.

aliya said...

Yes, read the sad news about ckg Rosli from your blog. Al-Fatihah.
Sarala & I are happy in our respective schools. Please send my regards to those in the staff room :)

aN_archi said...

We sacked a couple who were making out in the classroom on a Friday prayer long break; y'know when morning school leave early and afternoon school starts late after prayers. So this couple was making full use of the time till a small form one boy heard some 'noises' and investigated. He ran and called the teachers. They werent Muslims btw. Boy Form 5, girl Form 4.

Kata Tak Nak said...

Glad you are happy. Will send your regards.

Kata Tak Nak said...

We over here are presently faced with a new phenomena in our school and that is girl-fights. It is getting a little bit too messy and the culprits are only in form 1 and 2. Their mothers all swore that their daughters are angels. We had to call in the police and the girls are still none the wiser.

wallpapersdeco said...

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monsterball said...

Time have changed.
Minds are changing fast due to free flow of internet news...good.. bad and ugly..all freely available.
It is good ...young muslims dare to speak up.
I read this as a good sign for young muslims....joining the yellow and black devils...talking as good as them.....and not like before...quiet and real bodohs..hahahahahaha

IBU said...

Salam Cekgu,

If a girl says she can't perform prayer because she's 'berhadas' - i suppose we'd all take it for granted that she's telling the truth, wouldn't we? Not sure if some would go to the extreme of ask ingthe girl to show the evidence!

So for this boy - what if he was telling the truth? As for the demerits, was that for the "excuse" (or the truth?), therefore for not performing his solat? OR for entering the surau while 'berhadas'?

If the former - if he was indeed telling the truth - would that demerits give him a false reminder that there's no point telling the truth in the future? Just pretend, like many others?

Sorry cikgu, for these rhetoric questions. I have a 12 yr old boy, who have started asking questions along the same line - how does 'air mani' actually look like? what are some factors that could produce it? If it came during school hours, how would he be able to bathe in time so that he can perform solat at school's surau? If, and only if it happens, and he can't clean himself (no shower room in school), how best to inform ustaz so that he would not be called a liar or humiliated in front of others for telling the truth?

A man-to-be, trapped in a boy's body and mind still. And yes... he asked lots of questions, that I think Ayah should know better how to answer.

Kata Tak Nak said...

Thanks for bringing it up. He is given the demerit for going to the surau and playing outside it. When he realised that he berhadas besar, he should have returned to the class immediately.

MalayMind said...

Well, it's easy for us to judge the kid and seek his answers.

I'll say we should ask the kid how does he thinks about pray, not probing him to answer why he didn't pray.

Easier said than done but that's the different being an educator or being a punisher.


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