Saturday, 2 February 2008

Stop Fighting, This Is Not Your Father’s Country

One clams, that there was a gentleman's agreement and the other denied. No matter how irrelevant this claim and the subsequent denial is, who do you believe?

One is old and senile and the other is a sleepyhead. One thing they share in common though is that both are liars. The Senile one could not remember very important things that happened during his Reign of Terror. These are very important events in a person's life and if you don't remember that, something is very-very wrong with you. I mean, it's akin to forgetting the first time you had sex.

Let's say he truly forgot what happened, how are we to say that he is speaking the truth now? Selective amnesia seems to be the in thing today. How come he could remember this claim of his very vividly? Is it because he gains by remembering? How come he forgot in front of the pussies in the RCI? Is it because he stood to lose if he had remembered? Looks like he is a liar.

The other is a blatant liar, period. Remember "There will be no school fees" live on National TV. We all know what happened next. He couldn't have been misquoted because he was reading from a prepared and definitely vetted text. If he had meant only RM4.50 and RM9.00, why didn't he say so? Was there an attempt at deception? A liar is one thing, a deceiver is very dangerous.

I don't want to go into other things which we all already know. Supporters of old sleepyhead would stop at nothing to say that their boss was right when he denied the claim of the old dictator. Supporters of the old dictator too would practice selective amnesia, choosing to sidestep the issue that what old sleepyhead had done was learnt from The Senile One.

What I really want to highlight here is that who the f*** gave these two aresholes the right to decide who becomes king? Who do they think they are? Do they think that this is their father's country where they can bargain and trade and kill each other to decide who becomes king?

In the first place, the position they are haggling over is not the position of KING but rather Chief Civil Servant. Arseholes don't decide who becomes Chief Civil Servant. Arseholes just serve, period.

Stop treating like this country belongs to your father which you can broker between you. This country is ours.

And to the real owners of the country, look at what you have done by employing arseholes as Chief Civil Servant? You are an arsehole yourself.


tokasid said...

Salam che'gu:

No wonder our country stinks. We have millions of arseholes farting away.
The next few weeks we will have the grand super fart again.

Mior Azhar said...

Salam Cikgu:
Imagine what they think of us... who somehow found ourselves living in this beautiful country belonging to their father?
They are being kelakar up to the point where we are no longer want to even respond, let alone smile. Oh whatever... and the saddest part is that many still find these jokers are so relevant.

hantutelur said...

The agreement, even if there was, was stupid on the part of the Senile one. How can you trust a musang with ah yam?

Kata Tak Nak said...

Get yourself a lot of minyak atar on election day. Arseholes are coming out in droves.

Kata Tak Nak said...

Just imagine, they just couldn't be bothered with us. They bargain and barter right under our noses as if we are statues.

Kata Tak Nak said...

From what I hear, The Senile One was asked to relinquish, he did not give it up easily. Knowing that UMNO couldn't afford someone of Najib's stature, he had to give it to Sleepyhead. One thing he didn't realise is that the son of an Ulamak could also be very cunning.

monsterball said...

Very well said kata tak nak.
But if we think carefully...who give them the rights to behave like this...boils down to the votes.
And each year is getting worst and worst with their if they are the chosen Kings.....not the chosen elected servants to serve us managing Malaysia.
Malaysians have a long way to go and learn what is real freedom of everything..especially religions... and then..enjoy that part of freedom that is priceless.
It seems Malaysians want t be spoon fed and be controlled like 50 year old back bones at all.
Lets wait and see how much Malaysians have vote for democracy and vote them out completely.
Once again...kata tak nak..being a non Malay and not depending on any government help at is the Muslims that need to value freedom.
I am always free!!

cakapaje said...

Salam Cikgu,

Between old sleepy head and young womanajibiser, its like between the devil and the blue sea - either way you lose. The choice then?

Well, either the owners of this country vote for the opposition or don't vote at all! Period! (pinjam pakai ye :) )

hantutelur said...

just got back from umno meeting where i was a branch sec. our good yb said our (state) constituency has 23k voters of which 14k come from the naval base. there are 7k voters on the island itself. at least 70% of island voters are pro bn. however bad it may turn out, the navy counts will definitely secure a bn victory. my yb is as lucky as syeikh muzaffar. they say even a goat can win in pangkor if nominated as candidate. nevertheless my yb said now you can wish for anything, it will be fulfilled. i already brought home 2 crates of mandarin oranges. kong hee fat choy! anyway, my vote is secret.

hantutelur said...

correction: "i was a branch sec..."
as a matter of fact, I am.

Kata Tak Nak said...

Like I have said earlier, I have nothing against UMNO per se. Its just an organisation. Its the corrupt leaders that I dislike and there are many of them. If only those navy people could vote independently, wonder what it would be.

Hantu Laut said...

Many of us wanted a change, but it looks like we may have to continue sleeping with the devil we know rather than the one we don't.

The opposition is pathetic, they can't cooperate and get their house in order.Talk a lot,come election day,they screw each other backside.

The arseholes are as organised as the Mafia.They have huge war chest,corrupt machinery and the police to intimidate you.

monsterball said...

hantu laut may sound right.....just because you can keep reading all the so call disorders of the oppositions from the newspapers.
But oppositions parties brilliant arguments....were never published..thus their real united co-operation are also not known.
What you also is that....oppositions dare to be open minded and disagree ....practicing democracy with sincerities...mean what the say....and say what they mean....while the intentions by UMNO and MCA is to discredit them....publishing in the papers.
Yes......both are are all over the world...but only in Malaysia..we have proven to the world....we talk a lot...and for some even so much for or against the opposition.....will never go to vote.
Some behave so brave with a faceless.....nameless nick...should go to vote ..for or walk the talks...not just talk talk talk.
And if UMNO keeps on winning and ruling shows to the whole world.....we are as good as the Middle East countries humans...not much brainwaves...and like 1500 years ago..still need religious teachers to control their weak minds.
So lets see.....if that is still UMNO love to play race and religion politics with their sidekicks BN parties....carrying their balls for selfish enrich themselves and their chosen ones........never for the country and it's people.
And anyone here still hero worship UNNO....shows you have helped create world record to keep UMNO in power for 50 years...on going...the only donkey kong country in the so call developed world.

monsterball said...

And for hantutelur.....kata tak nak....he is a mild mannered....faceless..nameless guy...that can easily be scared away...if forced to.
We used to battle each other...made up and will agree to disagree like cultured blokes.
However...the degree of agreeing or disagreeing depends on each individuals credentials.
For us ..face all known and dare to walk the have the advantage to talk more and shut those mouths..supporting Malaysia to be a jarkun country....beleiving UMNO can rule forever.

Kata Tak Nak said...

Hantu and Monty,
I see it this way. I already know what is the rule like under the present one and I dislike it.
Let me put it this way. There are 2 packets of nasi lemak. One is made by A and the other is made by B. I have eaten the one made by A. At first it was quite ok but it became worse and worse each time I eat a new packet. A kept telling me that B's nasi lemak is lousy and sure to give me food poisoning.
Now I am being faced with the choice again. If I take A, I already know it is going to be worse than the previous packet. I know that A is a proven liar so why should I believe him?
I will give it to B. If it is bad or worse than A then I just switch. Why should I fear the unknown when I already know how horrible the known is.

hantutelur said...

che gu. what i illustrated earlier, you've got to belive it monty, the odds are bn sure to win. i wish we are like us, uk and aus where 2 parties slug it to form the gov, but no. this is malaysia. tak boleh.

monsterball said...

Wonderful reply....kata tak nak!
And so many is saying like hantutelur.
What matters most is kata tak nak and I are putting our votes for a change in the government...and go home..feeling 100% proud... we have done our best for the country.
And I guess hantutelur will try to be a survivor....carry UNNO balls....if he needs vote for present government and hope to be successful....based on who he knows....and not what he knows.
And I don't understand what he means "this is Malaysia"
Is he saying it belongs to UMNO forever?
I am sorry for youngsters and old futs with no backbones to make a change for their grandchildren.
They have one track minds....and contribute to the 'tak boleh' attitude...even before the game starts.
It is so common to see especially the ... sportsmen ....before the game starts....already on the defensive mood and fear the opposition.
Yes..I am putting my vote for the oppositions.......for change of government and whoever wins...I am not like hantutelur..depending on the government of the day.
I put it for hantutelur's grandchildren..for all MALAYSIANS...and for my family too.
Lets see...voters can put their votes with their same feelings.....and like kata tak nak .said..eating the same nasi lemak for 50 years....still like to my opinion... a weird person.

Kata Tak Nak said...

Hantu, Monty,
Oh yes, I know BN is going to sail through will flying colours but the knowledge would not change my vote. I would not call it a vote in vain. To start a long journey, you must first take the first step. I am just exercising my democratic right while I still have it.

tokasid said...

Che'gu, hantu and uncle Monty:

I have been choosing nasi lemak B for the last 3 GE but unfortunately not many dare to taste nasi lemak B for fear of the food poisoning campaign put up by Nasi lemak A.

As che'gu had said, I find nasi lemak A getting worse by the day with its seller offering red hot sambal but not from chilli but that of colouring agents to make it red.Now they use daun pisang for it but some plastic material which they colored green. very elusive.

But deep down, I feel fully satisfied to eat nasi lemak B.And when many make noises about nasi lemak A, at least I know I didn't buy it for the last 3 GE and I'm not responsible of making Nasi lemak A farting the whole nation.

Kata Tak Nak said...

I have not tasted Nasi Lemak A for the past 2 GEs. No one can blame me from being the culprit.

Mat Salo said...

Reading your last few posts Chegu.. I think you are on a roll, gettin' better day by day, yeehaa!!!

In recognition I hereby award you Tun Tan Tin Datuk Seri Baginda Razak Panglima Al TAN TUN ya: future Al-Marhum Pre-Haj AP, DK, BM, SP, SIL Kelas I - X (PL, VKL, TDM & DSAI) for your excellence in corrupting future youths in Pre-Tertiary levels and also for sowing seeds of doubts of the past, present and future administrations.

We thank ye for your efforts and hopefully you shall have a long and rewarding life. You will also be approaching CSL's levels. And he has given a multitude of Senior Citizens a new meaning to the word 'hope' and Angelina Yam.

Kata Tak Nak said...

You are too kind, all I wanted was a measely Tun Tan Sri Datuk Seri Datuk with a DK prefix. You are just too kind.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

fuhh...lama jugak nak tunggu update ni ye...heheheheheh...


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