Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Parents Beware

I am going to exactly what is in this entry at AISEYMAN because I feel this is an important entry to us Malaysians. I do not know if there is any copyright. I do not to just create a link because I believe people tend to skip the link. This is an important matter

A very scary thing happened to my husband’s colleague yesterday.

Somebody claiming to be the colleague called the daughter’s school and told the school authorities that “he” will fetch her and that she is NOT to get on the school bus. The impostor introduced himself using the colleague’s full name and gave the daughter’s full name as well. Add to that the fact that the impostor knew the daughter rides the school bus and it is very very scary indeed.

When I sent my son to kindergarten this morning, I informed his principal about it so that she is aware of this and to take the necessary precautions. In turn, she told me about an incident yesterday as well. 2 men came to the kindergarten kononnya to ask about enrolment. The principal told me, “In my 10 years of experience in running a kindergarten, no parent has ever asked me these type of questions.” They asked how many children at the kindergarten? How many Malay/ Indian/Chinese boys, girls? What do their parents do? They didn’t give out any of that information and instead went straight to make a police report.

While it is the school’s responsibility not to simply release a child, parents should also:

1. Drive the point home to our children not to ever, EVER, go with a stranger even if they look /sound nice (”it’s ok, your Mummy asked me to fetch you”) or if the intention seems good (”can you help me look for my lost cat?”)

2. Keep the school authorities updated if our contact numbers change - house, handphone, office numbers - so we are easily contactable.

The phone number for Bilik Gerakan Polis is 03 20529999 if ever you need it.

First thing first. This matter should be reported not only to the police but also to the Ministry of Education. The MOE should come out with a comprehensive guideline as soon as possible. If there is already one, is it up to date. Just send a reminder.

This is not a play thing. This is serious.


Raising Mercury said...

that actually sounds pretty scary! my parents have always warned me of such things EVEN to keep a watchful eye of what vehicles park around the house, if its the same one all the time, things like that.. i think these people really put a lot of thought into their scheming ways and do enough research to get what they want. IT IS SCARY... yes,i hope authorities such as schools keep a more watchful eye on who is allowed and not allowed to fetch the children, instead of just trusting anyone... good post =) thx for the reminder..

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

note taken and i shall convey this to my brother.

i tell you cikgu, something quite similar happened just last week when my mom received a call from my nephew's school informing he was absent. it was my dad who sent him to school that morning just like every morning. it scared the shit out of us only to find out my nephew was in fact in the class room. apparently the caller was from his former school. the question was why the hell my nephew's name was still registered in that school when he's started studying in the new school for more than 4 weeks already. and only after 4 weeks they realised my nephew was 'missing' and the needs to inform the guardian?

it may be a false alarm but whats worrysome was school authorities couldnt be bothered much about their pupils.

Kata Tak Nak said...

Everyone must play their role. We must not take this lightly.

Kata Tak Nak said...

As for your nephew the thing is a teacher could only strike out a student's name when there is an official letter from the PPD. We can't simply strike out even if the parent said so. Without black and white, it is an offence.
Something could have gone wrong somewhere. The school should have called or sent a letter after 3 consecutive days, not 4 weeks.

tokasid said...

Salam che'gu:

I noticed for the past decade, when some incident occured, sinilar incidents will follow for several months. I don't believe these thinhs happen cyclicaly.Most probably the highlights given by the media and they'll look for something similar.

As for the kidnapping of children, we have had many of those but the media have been highlighting it extensively it got our attention. And it made to look as if the crime of kidnapping or attempted kidnapping is on the rise. Which is good. Parents and guardians must be kept on their toes. Let them be scarry hopefully the 'tidak apa' attitude will wear off.

despite these highlights by the media, do we see any change of attitude? generally I don't think so. despite adik Nurin's murder and adik Sharlinie disappearing just go to any taman perumahan and you will see what I mean. Kid as little as 4-5 years old are left playing in parks and by the roadside. Boys of 9-10 riding bicycle doing the wheely rempiting.

We are a careless lot.Deny as much as we want but the fact remained the same. Its like: it will happen to other kids not mine assumption.

Criminals now are not afraid of police anymore. They dare go to kiddies and ask lots of questionable questions. Thats scarry.

Maybe all kiddies should make big simple posters in all their classes about no talking to strangers.Don't take sweets or ice-creamsor toys from strangers.

And maybe MOE should do that too.

Kata Tak Nak said...

100% with you there. Lets divide this into a few categories.
1. Before.
This is where we blame parents for being careless and sometimes schools for being lackadaisical. Despite this happening over and over again we still thing that accidents always happen to others not to us.

2.The report.
When this is reported, we sometime see fantastic effort being made by the law enforcement organisation and the MSM. Usually its because they want to downplay certain other things are they are targetting the blame at a certain agency.

3. The Hunt,
It depends on what is the situation and the profile of the case. If it happens to be high profile they will go all out with the MSM making a circus out of it. If it is low profile and of no significant, it dies off.

4. The End
A very high percentage of these cases end unsolved.

Conclusion. Don't hope too much on no 2 and 3. Pay careful attention on number 1.

acciaccatura said...

thanks for the reminder chegu. now, i need to remind my kids and the kids in my class too. but of course, i dont want to frighten them. hmmm...macam mana nak buat.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

I believe after the incident last week, the school would have done that first thing they found out my nephew no longer one of their pupils.

in the wake of nurin/ninie's abduction, hearing such thing can really send shivers down one spine.

cakapaje said...

Salam Cikgu,

This thing is getting serious by the day! It has now come to look like it an organised crime thing! But, thanks. InsyAllah, I'll relay it.

Kata Tak Nak said...

Yes, our duty as teachers extends to more than just teaching. Be very wary of these type of irresponsible people. I am sure you as a mother would be alert to this.

Kata Tak Nak said...

Is this the price of progress. As you progress you get more nutcases? Or more people simply opt for easier ways of making fast money or even spiritual progress lacks very far behind physical and material progress?

Kata Tak Nak said...

Yes, it is the duty of all schools to be alert. Whatever happens inside the compound of the school is the school's responsibility, fully.


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