Friday, 10 October 2008

You blew it.

When a group of people becomes terrorists people are fast to shout and scream without trying to understand why they resort to such an act.

Do they think that this group of people are natural born murderers out to make life difficult for others?

Do they think that suicide bombers get a kick out of knowing that his/her own body would be torn to pieces as the violent blast tugs tissue from bones and send them flying hundreds of yards away?

Do they think that they fancy knowing that their heads or whatever is left would land somewhere in the north and limbs elsewhere on the compass point making it difficult for their kins to identify any of it?

Don't just denounce terrorism as a violent act. Examine why there is terrorism in the first place. Don't go shouting and crying for punishments when, if properly addressed, there would be no terrorists and thereby no terrorism.

No I am not suddenly going global and now focusing my attention on the international scene since Pak lah has announced that he would not seek election as UMNO's numero uno.

What I want to touch on is Pak Lah's response to the Hindraf 'invasion' - at least that was what the media like to call it- at his open house. He was sad that that they did not come to wish him Selamat Hari Raya but to create a ruckus.

The media then went to town in painting the Hindraf as a recalcitrant group of Indian Hindus much like the western media's depiction of the Arabs and Muslims.

No I am not saying that Hindraf is an organisation filled with terrorists. They are just a bunch of people not satisfied with the way they are being treated. They are an organisation who not only felt cheated by their government but also by their own representatives, namely the MIC.

I do not know of their claims with the British government but I do see valid reasons for their complaints against the Malaysian government.

Have they not tried to voice out their grievances to the government? They have. Why is it that they are still voicing it out? Because their voices are not heard; because their pleas fell on deaf ears and because their own representatives chose to muffle their discontent.

Do you believe that they can simply budge into the PM's office and voice out their displeasure? No, they are not Saiful whose plea for a scholarship could get him invited into the DPM's residence for a consult.

Their leaders who fought for their cause are now in incarceration and others in their ranks are constantly reminded of a similar fate should they not cease with their demands.

Doesn't this paint the picture of a cornered victim? We all know that most cornered victims would not take the blows passively. They would fight back.

The open house is an opportunity for the Hindraf to meet the PM and say what they had wanted to say. If they had been greeted in the Hari Raya spirit at the door, I am sure they would have greeted the PM first before giving him a piece of their mind.

From what I gather the reception they received was anything but courteous. So what do we expect them to do? Turn back and walk off? If you have a genuine complaint, you wouldn't just walk off.

Why is it that others are welcome and not them? Aren't they Malaysians? The act of giving them a difficult passage to meet the PM lent credence to their cry for justice and equality.

So Pak Lah, don't complaint why Hindraf acted the way they did, ask what is their complaint and look into their complaints.

Again you have let a golden chance of doing good go down the drain like the way you refuse to deliver justice to the rest of Malaysians.

Do you know what should make you feel sad? You should feel sad that many Malaysians are happy that you are going away. You should feel sad that many are willing to party and feast when you descend.


Zawi said...

A piece of your mind from the otherside of the coin. Most prefer to accept the MSM's version of the case and blamed Hindraf for the ruckus. I like your's better.

cakapaje said...

Salam Cikgu,

For better or for worse, a leader should accept responsibility on the events afflicting the citizens of his country. So far to date, however, no Federal leaders have the balls to do it.

Ydiana said...


Sad to say, even at the last hours, the subject still doesn't know how to handle any given situation in the right manner. How do you expect him to do miraculous cleansing in the next 6 months?

Bravo said...

They send a young girl with flowers to deliver a memo > Turned Down !
They line up at the open house and they were practically not welcomed,how would the PM feel if he is treated as such when he is PM no more???
Yet Saiful a dropout gets a warm welcome from our DPM.
Gosh Malsysia truly Malaysia!

Mat Salo said...

Well said, Chegu. I think this Hindraf is getting too much of a bad rap. I feel for them. Time to put things straight.

The Hindraf problem is a simple one. What's difficult is UMNO's arrogance. These people only think that it's either their way or the highway. And where's the fairness in that? Hence you sow the seeds of discord.
Chegu, seen my latest tribute to the 'old geezers?' You're in it.

Kata Tak Nak said...

The MSM is there to keep us uninformed.

Kata Tak Nak said...

It would make my day if accountability becomes our ministers' trait.

Kata Tak Nak said...

Exactly. What could he do in the time he has left?

Kata Tak Nak said...

And the DPM wants us to respect them.

Kata Tak Nak said...

Arrogance is going to kill a once proud party.


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