Wednesday, 29 October 2008

To Khan or not to Khan

Yesterday while surfing I received a multimedia message. Now it is not often I get such messages. Usually they are from Maxis with their promotions but this time it was from my nephew.

He has just been blessed with his second child, a boy. He already has a daughter so it completes the set. Another Khan is born. If he takes up acting then he would be a Datuk in no time.

Well I guess its a good a time as any to write about this Khan thingy and no it has got nothing to do with Datuk Shah Rukh. My paternal grandfather is Hawadin from Pakistan but all of his children have Khan attached to their names including my father Mahmud. How that got to be, I really do not know and never had the chance to ask my father.

My father's first son is my eldest brother and his name is Idris Khan. He has Khan. My 2nd brother is plain Nasir and I am plain Nazir. I was told by my father that he dropped the Khan from our names because he was advised by his brother. You see, my eldest brother's birth certificate states 'Pakistani' as race. He was told by his brother, Mohd Aslam Khan, who also migrated here, to drop the Khan should he get any more boys.

My father duly did so and named my 2nd brother just plain Nasir. Now this Aslam Khan, my uncle, named his son who is the same age as me, Mohd Nasib Khan. How come? He advised my father to drop Khan from his sons but attached Khan to his son's name. Yes, I do have a grudge against that.

Anyway, my late brother, the one with Khan decided to drop Khan from his 2 boys, Mahathir and Farid. My second brother who has no Khan decided to reinstate the missing Khan in his name to his first born Mahmud Khan, yes, he was named after my father. Then he had Manzoor Khan, Yusof Khan (deceased) and Anwar Khan.

I have only one son and decided to follow my second brother and named my son Muneer Khan. Now, my eldest nephew, Mahathir got a daughter and so no Khan there. Then his brother Farid got a son a he decided to bring back the Khan and thus named his son Harieth Khan. Mahathir, the one with no Khan finally got a boy yeste rday and I wonder if he would append Khan to his son's name.

I would advise him to but it is completely his choice. So Datuk Shah Rukh, when are you coming to Penang? Anyway below is a pic of the newborn. I wonder if he would be KHANed or not.



Ydiana said...


My family also has this complicated story, though not as complicated as yours, and no grudges involved, except its the Sheikh and the Siti. Some dropped, some maintained, some reinstate, officially and otherwise. :)

Kata Tak Nak said...

So do you have a Siti with your your name? It would sound nice.

AngeL BeaR said...

awwww.....the baby's cute! =D
Thanks for the sharing.

muteaudio said... have Mahathir N Anwar in you family.

Maybe ur nephew should consider Aga Khan? Mana tau, tuah manusia nampak di namanya.

cakapaje said...

Salam Cikgu,

Could not help but laugh at muteaudio's comment :) An alternate to Aga, perhaps you'll have Najib and Muhyiddin :)

Anyway, congratulations is due to you for being a granduncle, and Mahathir - the nephew - for being a father.

Anonymous said...

Picture 6 is definitely E & O Hotel of Image of Penang. In 1969 it was owhed by Mr. Chan Eng Hock of Hin Bus Co. Mr. Chan also owned the Town House Hotel. Royal Selangor is in the shopping arcade beside the E & O Hotel.

:: Aku :: said...

hey cikgu...u asal pakistan ke..?? eheh my hubby pun pakistani (mmg originated dari pakistan eheh)...tapi bukan keturunan khan...syed laa pulak...

panjang jugak nama keluarga...hussain rizvi...tapi diaorg dah buang rizvi, tinggal hussain, nama anak kecik je kat tengah2...diapit syed and hussain :-\

Manaf said...


The same thing happened in my family I guess. All my elder brothers have a Khan in their name as both my father and mother is from a Khan family. I don't have one and so too my younger brother. I guess when I was born, someone 'advised' my father to not put Khan in my name. I wonder now why was the so-called advise given in the first place. My parents also had problems of putting Bin and Binti in our ICs apparently because his IC carried a s/o, hence my elder siblings used to carry ICs with s/o and d/o until rectified by one of my elder brothers. As for my younger brother and I, we had a Bin in our IC from the day our ICs were issued out.

tokasid said...


How very interesting.The Khan went missing then came back.

Now this Khan thing, its meaning I guess is King,right? I just saw a new moviedirected bu a Kazakahztan director abut the great Mngol who unified Mongolia. He is Temurdgin aka Ghenghis Khan.

And now I am wondering, could the Khans is Pakistan and west of India got their namesake from Ghenghis Khan's warlord who invaded Parsi during the Abbasiyah caliphate? It is well known when the Mongols invaded ,they left generals and soldiers to rule the land they invaded.There Mongols assimilate with the locals and adopted the locals customs and religion and marries with the locals.

If this is the scenario, then most Khans in Pakistan and India do have Mongol lineage.

So you sir, I think do have Mongolian blood in you.And that comes to my point: You are somewhat related to Altantuya,no?

So, you have the right to be angry with those involved with her death!

Your family have Mahathir and Anwar. Is there any Abdullah?Or Khairy?Or Mukhriz?
Just a thought.

Ydiana said...

Hi again Cikgu mom decided that all her children need not use the Sheikh and Siti as we are all quite "mixed up" already. My father carries the Sheikh, but he's also half chinese/javanese/potugese plus arab. My mom is from the Bugis lineage. But some cousins have it and my younger brothers named their sons with the Sheikh. oopss..long story.

So, no, I don't have Siti in my name, but I remembered my BM teacher still call me 'Siti' anyway. :)

Kata Tak Nak said...

Yeah I thought so too. I love babies. Can't wait to have grandchildren of my own.

Kata Tak Nak said...

Aga Khan? Now thats interesting.

Kata Tak Nak said...

I was thinking Mohd Zafeer Khan but then again its up to the parents to name him.

Kata Tak Nak said...

Well then, we need to study it further.

Kata Tak Nak said...

My father is from Taja Baja, Attock Pakistan. I have never been there though I have plenty of cousins and a half brother there.

Kata Tak Nak said...

I can't remember having problems with our ICs. Even my eldest brother has a 'bin'. I don't know if my father had problems getting it.

Kata Tak Nak said...

Damn those murders for taking the live of such a Mongolian beauty and who knows she could be my very distant cousin.

Kata Tak Nak said...

With or without Siti or Khan, we are still what we are. So Siti are you attending our planned bloggers do?

Hantu Laut said...

kata tak nak,
Very interesting indeed.There must be many Pathans in Malaysia.

My grandfather came from Peshawar in the North West Frontier province.As this area borders with Afghanistan we are of Afghan stocks.My grandfather was of Pathan/Iranian ancestary.My grandfather married a local of Dusun/Bajau parentage.I am second generation here and many of us still carry the name Khan but we are basically Malays now as we have adopted the Malay custom and culture.

My wife is of Chinese/Javanese mixture and my second daughter is married to a Mauritian Gujerati.My grand children have God knows how many mixture.

My 4 year old grandaughter can only speak English and French as they don't live in Malaysia but every time she comes back for holiday the grandma would teach her Malay.

Don't you think Malaysia is such a colourful and wonderful nation if ours politician didn't screw it up by dividing the races?

Kata Tak Nak said...

Hantu laut,
Well, my father used to brag of his pathan lineage. They may be fierce warriors but are also vindictive people. My father use to tell me stories about how carrying guns was a common thing in his village.

Yes, god blessed us in this country with so much. Other countries should be jealous of us because of our wealth in terms of resources and culture.

Alas, god 'forgot' to give us true leaders. If you were to complain to Him he would have said, 'You can't have it all my boy".

Such a pity.

Anonymous said...

Why not name him Shahrukh Khan? The Dato will come naturally, what with AliKetam obsession.


now everybody wants a "Khan" in their name. imagine if a Chinese name also carries a Khan, like Ong Ka Ting Khan; no way the chinese be hardworking and united like what they are today. Khan or Cunt as it is sound, does not bring good to the person bearing such Khan or Cunt name if he does not value himself well like the hardworking successful tribes of chinese and jews. if one happens to see a jew with Khan in his name, say Steven Spielberg Khan, then this Khan is not successful at all like the real Steven Spielberg because Khan or Cunt are known for their irresponsible and malaise culture, similar to the Malays no?


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