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Images of Old Penang

This could be not a big deal to some coz they have tons of such photos but to those who do not have, I would like to share these photos of Old Penang. Some are in black and white while others are in colour. The giveaway is definitely the cars and in the way the people dress in those days. These photos are courtesy of one of the JACHFRINS, Aravindan to be precise. Thanks so much for sharing these photos and I would like to share them with those who are interested.

I think some of the scenes were taken either when I was very young or maybe not even born yet.



This is Batu Feringhi. Thats Lover's Isle there in the sea. The beach then was definetly unspoilt and as can be seen, not a hotel in sight.




The famous Mesjid Kapitan Keling. Look at the car, that tells you that this is old.



Chulia Street. Funny, even then it looked old. The car tells you its old.




This is a scene in the ferry. Notice the dressing then. I am told this is taken in 1958.



I think this is somewhere near Padang Kota Lama. I may be wrong.



I am still trying to figure out which place this is. Can anyone help me out here? Hey I am a mainland boy and resides in Penang Island only since 1993 besides the 2 or 3 years in 1984.


The Penang Hill Police Station. The last time I went up that hill was probably 8 years ago and if I am not mistaken, the police station looked the same.



View of Penang Island from the hill. Lots of changes I tell you.


This is Penang Road of old. Notice one thing in particular? What you asked? Look, no jam.


Penang Road again. Trishaws or Lang Chia or some people like to call it lancheows were the king of the road then. Is that a Lambretta?


The Odeon Cinema. Now it plays only Tamil movies. Look at Rajnikant waiting there and again, no jam.


No jam along Penang Road. I think if you know what year the movie Annastasia was shown, it would help in determing the age of this photo.


Hey we had double deckers back then. I don't know if I had ridden in one or not. If I had, I must have been too young to remember so Kerp, don't go saying you were in one.


Besides the double decker, this is another of my favourite. Tanjong Tokong and old Malay huts. This is a classic man.



The Botanical Gardens. I remember the excitement of going there and feeding the monkeys. They still do have monkeys now and also two legged ones.


There you are pictures of old Penang. Anyone with any do not mind sharing, please email me their pictures. I'd appreciate it very much.


muteaudio said...

Gambar no. 5 tu kalau tak silap ialah Clock Tower kat Pdg Kota Lama. Bangunan kat sebelah kiri dah jadi tempat letak kereta.

Gambar no.6 tak silap saya ialah General Hospital. Rasanya bangunan tu masih ada cuma tingkap dah tukar dengan tingkap kaca. Kalau betul, block bangunan ni mungkin yang dekat junction Jln Residensi & Jalan Utama.

Kalau betul telahan saya, nampaknya saya lagi tua drpd Chegu. Hahahaha

monsterball said...

Those were the days....when Penang startd to be.
"The Pearl of the Orient"...ever increasing tourists and revenue for all...non stop...until Koh Tsu Koon..of Gerakan took over.

AngeL BeaR said...

wow...i definitely wanted to visit Penang someday.... =)

bergen said...

The picture of the double decker bus - the background is police headquarters penang road. There's a kind sergeant there (encik murad) in the 70s who gave me the advice not to hang around with yusof and siva. I spoke with terengganu accent and he said i know trengganu because his missus was from the state. But I didn't listen to him.

aN_archi said...

Lovely photos. Especially like the one at the ferry and Malay kampong. Nice shot, great composition, lighting just about right. Do you have a bigger photo of the one at the ferry ? I just want to see what make is the motorbike at the far end. Of course you know a have a weakness for old classic bikes. Remember my old BSA ?

Anonymous said...

Gambar 6 ialah E & O Hotel

Kata Tak Nak said...

muteaudio, & anonymous
I agree with no 5 and initially agreed with no 6 until anonymous said that it could be the E&O Hotel. Too many people crowding at the entrance and most of them being Asians, and their workmanlike clothing does not support the E&O suggestion. I would have to go with Razlin here.

monsterball said...

Three places are must for tourists.
Penang Hill...a round island drive from another Feringhi??? Heights....for a swim.
Food to taste...sea food plus crabs...char keow teow...Indian rojak...famous asam few more.

Kata Tak Nak said...

Penang is still a Pearl as far as way of life which is more relaxed is concerned, but the Pearl has lost it's lustre somewhat.

Kata Tak Nak said...

angel bear,
Please do visit. You don't have anything to lose.

Kata Tak Nak said...

I forgot to mention about the Police Headquarters. It looks just the same now.
Anyway, you turn out fine. Those experiences with your pals just made you wiser

Kata Tak Nak said...

Nope, I tried to zoom and the pics goes all wrong. I think the bike is either a Norton or BSA.
How could I forget the roar of your BSA and the fact that I couldn't go a few meters on it because of the different orientation of the gears and brakes.

Kata Tak Nak said...

Crabs is now only for the rich the same as prawns and very soon sotong. Even fish would one day be food for the rich only.
Us poor people would one day have to eat only eggs and taukua.

Ridzzy said...

salam chegu,

I really love those pics! thanks for sharing

Kata Tak Nak said...

Glad that you like the pics. I went over to your place and found out that you have just opened your blog. I tried to leave comments twice but nothing came out. perhaps you did not enable the comment function or you do not want to.

tokasid said...


Thanks for the oldies photos.
I have very little memory about Penang, I remember Penang on 4occasions:
1- Maybe I was 6 years old, My Mak followed a rombongan Cik Kiah and took me along. I remember the ferry ride and a visit to some sardine factory which I thought was in Japan(and I was convinced we went to Japan instead of Penang).

2-Maybe I was in Form 2, Bapak took me and my younger brother.We took and Red Omnibus from Taiping via Bagan Serai and Parit Buntar to bagan.Took the Ferry.Bapak took us along Penang Road and bought us our first wristwatch , a Citizen. It must have cost him a fortune with his small pay to buy us those watches. I used that watch untill my Varsity days.

3-I was in Std 5, when my Paksu took me from Sg Petani to Penang with his Mazda 800. I remember we had mee rojak with ayaq gas(Fanta grapes).I asked me dou want anything else and I said no but the actual fact is I wanted the drumstick icecream which I had never tasted before. I know Paksu
will buy it but I always remember Mak's words: Jangan mintak pada orang. Kalau orang nak bagi ambil supaya org tak kecik hati tapi jangan meminta-minta kerana bimbang menyusahkan orang.

4-During Form 4 our hostel went to Penang Free for the annual KSAH-PFS hostel games.That year was our turn to travel to Penang.Unfortunately most our time was spent in the field and by 6 pm we were on ourway back to Aloq Staq.

Nice pics you put up here che'gu.Very "ancient".

Kata Tak Nak said...

My first watch ever was a citizen too. My late father bought it for me when I was in form 1. The inside was a nice deep blue colour. I was so proud of it. If I am not mistaken it costs 35 bucks then, a princely sum in 1969.

I met someone just now who said he has more photos of the double decker together with the bus driver who is now at 85 still alive. He promised to lend it to me.

Zawi said...

A nice walk down memory lane. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

great pix, cikgu...

Kata Tak Nak said...

Pak Zawi,
Yes, those were the days when life's pace was slow and easy.

Kata Tak Nak said...

Thanx. I have to thank my friend for it.

muteaudio said...

Saya masih lagi mencari gambar bas 'Monyet Panjat Pokok Pisang' (MPPP).

Kata Tak Nak said...

Thats the first time I hear that kind of bus.

Anonymous said...

Anastasia ... checked kat Google - 1956 ... masuk kat Malaya may be 1957 ... lama tu gambar tu Cikgu ... saya tengah jealous nie, mesti cari gambar lamo pokan Kuala Pilah nie ... especially gambar Tunku Muhamad School and old post office and hospital


Kata Tak Nak said...

Bukak la blog lepas tu masukkan sikit gambaq2 yang ada. Saya boleh tolong link kan dan minta kwn2 link kan blog you. Bila orang dah ramai masuk you buleh mintak la sapa2 yang ada gambaq tu. Mesti ada punya.

peng said...

The pictures are so beautiful, nostalgic! I worked in Penang island for more than 10 years. All I got to remember now of it, nothing but traffic jams and more jams, and not forgetting the rape of the hills and beaches. Sigh, this is the price of development?
Thanks for the posting the pictures.

Anonymous said...

greetings and salutations alike
wah, many old school guys here ah? well i collect old photographs too especially pics of british bikes, cars, bicycles etc.the ferry pic steals the limelight la.would love to have the pic.heheheheh.

Anonymous said...

ya laa cikgu...Anastasia tu tahun 1956...lama tuuu...sempoi aa cikgu

gambaq dato kramat road tak dak kaa cikgu..?? bleh laa saya tengok camna rupa kampung saya before saya celik kat dunia ni...

gambaq feri tu mmg gempaq laa...pakcik tu pun steady berdiri mmg macam org dulu2 laa ehehhe (mmg org dulu2 pun)...

chulia street mmg camtu laa sampai skrang...ada laa kenangan rumah kedai yg lama2 tu...

saya ingat lagi kecik2 dulu abah selalu bawa gi jalan2 kat botanical wooo...main kasut roda, badminton...pastu masa tu telekom pun buat family day kat situ jugak ehehhe...monyet pun join sama aa

Ridzzy said...

salam chegu,

sorry i was overseas,overwhelmed by work..when it rains, it pours for me. With the economy the way it is, its going to get worse before it gets better..
Anyway im back now ready to lock and load!

thanks for visiting, im putting u in my blogroll

Baijat said...

nice photos, when I view the photos it recalls all my memories when I was study in Penang Free School. But the pic been shown is older than me even I'm still not born yet at that time. Thanks to share with us.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful pictures of old good days. Still remember all this pictures. The 6th picture is the E&O hotel.


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