Thursday, 23 April 2009

Super Clean

Boss: Welcome to the Super Clean Puspakom.

Customer: Superclean? Wow! I hope you truly mean it.

Boss: Don't worry encik, we have revamped the whole system. We have got rid of all our dirty officers. Our personnel are super clean and efficient.

Customer: I am impressed, truly impressed with your confidence but its still left to be seen.

Boss: I don't blame you for being skeptical but I am sure you'd be surprised at the sudden transformation.

Customer: Okay, I have a vehicle without roadtax for 3 years. It's quite old but now I intend to sell it. I can't renew the roadtax and was asked to come here to have the vehicle inspected before getting clearance to renew my roadtax.

Boss: Oh, that is simple sir. Please go over there to counter 4. Get your number from the friendly clerk there and soon you would get the car inspected.

Customer: Thank you. I am beginning to like this transformation already.

Clerk: Your number sir. Wait till your number is called, and have a nice day.

Customer: Thank you. ...... er, er miss, miss, this number says 2713. Currently attending to number 2608, that means I have to wait for more than one hundred numbers, when will my number be called then?

Clerk: It depends sir. On average a number is called every 15 minutes.

Customer: What? Every 15 minutes? That will take days for my number to be called and I don't see anyone else waiting here so where are the 100 over people waiting?

Clerk: I don't know where they are sir. Maybe they went for coffee, or lunch or even for holidays.

Customer: Since they are not here can't you call my number first? I don't have much time you know.

Clerk: Sorry sir. We will wait for 15 minutes before calling the next number.

Customer: This is absurd.

Clerk: Don't worry sir,you could see the officer to get clearance for your number to be called early

Customer: Oh, then which officer do I see?

Clerk: Go to that counter and get a form, fill in the form and you would be attended to shortly.

Customer: Thank you. ..... Can I get the form to see the officer please?

Clerk2: Oh, one minute sir. here you are and that would be RM150.

Customer: RM150? For what? For the whole inspection? But the price list states only RM50.

Clerk2: The inspection is only RM50 but the form costs RM150 sir.

Customer: RM150? You ,must be out of your mind, why so expensive?

Clerk2: Sorry sir, that's the cost of the form. You could wait for your turn.

Customer: This is crazy. Here's the 150.

Clerk2: Thank you sir, here's your form.

Customer: Where's the receipt?

Clerk2: Sorry sir, we don't issue receipts for forms, only for services.


matun said...

Damn leech. Expert at sucking blood. But this is no ordinary leech. It suck everything, bad blood and so do good. Left nothing but skin.

Hamba said...

Damn right it's super clean. Super clean the plate is what it is....Finger licking good...better than KFC I'll tell ya....At RM150.00/form it's a great business, rival only by Perimekar RM 450 million charge for services rendered ( negotiation skill). Anymore of these businesses available for me? Wonder how much the pen cost for use with the form? or do they charge per hour usage of the pen, cekgu? Any chance we can JV for supply of the pen? How about supplying the desk on which to write the form? RM50 per use?

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

ahh...hehehe...very similar to JKM. they are in need of a total revamp. maybe they should learn a thing or two from Puspakom?

peng said...

Oh what pathological cleanliness we have here! Heard of this; a leopard never change it's spots?

fahmi said...

assalamualaikum... waa really funny post.. straight to the face.. very good comic relief from nonsenses in Msia.. huhuhuu

Anonymous said...

i m stumped.only yesterday u were saying that wants to clean up the puspadewikom act and yet today u are saying that it aint gonna work? apa cerita cikgu?

Kata Tak Nak said...

You should read yesterday's post clearly.

Kata Tak Nak said...

That is what the people don't want which the government don'y want to admit.

Kata Tak Nak said...

Thats good and charge for the pen at 75 bucks.

Kata Tak Nak said...

Even my students, when they talk of police or JPJ they talk of duit kopi.

Kata Tak Nak said...

Yeah it can go live anywhere but the spot remains.

Kata Tak Nak said...

'Nonsenses in Malaysia'. You are very right indeed.

obsceneman said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
fatsogigolo said...

salam chikgu..

luckily it happened to PushUpCompany,
because I hardly can't remember,when is the last time I went to PushUpCompany, i remember,never..:)

but what if there implement the same method to another agencies,wow...
let say TNB,Telekom,em...than kena bayar borang lebeh dari bil,kah3..

but i think la chikgu,few month to come,mau bayar TOL pun kena pakai nombor reduce the jam dorang kata..haiyaa...

tokasid said...

Salam Che'gu:

I had an unpleasant experience with Puspakom and JPJ Trengganu few years back.

First, I bought a car in Melaka but wanted a Trengganu registration. JPJ Trengganu said the Puspakom inspection must be done in Trengganu .They will not accept Puspakom Melaka's inspection. And they wouldn't tell me why.

So I had to drive all the way from Melaka to Trengganu with those funny plates. In the morning went to Puspakom Trengganu. Within 45 minutes everything was settled and straight went to JPJ Trengganu.
And JPJ Trengganu told me the inspection was incomplete. I said thats not my problem. It was JPJ Trengganu which insisted on Puspakom Trengganu to do the inspection and now it was Puspakom Trengganu who made the incomplete inspection.

So they ding-donged me to Puspakom.
Back to JPJ I have to take a new waiting number and an hour of waiting. After all the necessary payment made, they dropped the bombshell: Encik kena datang semula lagi 2 hari sebab kita nak dapat clearance AP dari KL bla bla bla....

They didn't tell me this in the morning. It was 4pm and I was supposed to drive back that night back to Melaka.

After discussing with 2 officers and the Timbalan Pengarah, finally the asked the clerk to fax few documents to Putrajaya and within half an hour I got the car registered.

It ca be done IF they wanted it done. The problem now is them dragging their heavy butt with there is no push by the Agong's image.

Kata Tak Nak said...

When they asked you to come back in 2 days you should have asked " En. Ada borang ka untuk buat rayuan? berapa harga borang tu? RM150 ka?" Then magically your problem would be solved. You did not bribe them, you only wanted to buy the form. Puspakom happy, MACC happy, you not so happy. 2 out of 3 happy kira okay la.

Kata Tak Nak said...

That one tak apa lagi, what if to vote pun kena beli borang?

Anonymous said...

kesian to all the small lorries. they have to buy those rectangular reflective (red and yellow} stickers to please the puspakom. another form of corruption.

Kata Tak Nak said...

I wonder how much those things cost?


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