Wednesday, 29 April 2009

The Delegation

Sec: Boss, we have a group of supporters waiting to meet you.

Boss: Supporters? From where? Which State?

Sec: From Penang boss.

Boss: From Penang? I am sure Dollah is not one of them, hahahahaha.

Sec: Hahaha, sure no la boss. If that happens then surely you would strike lottery la boss, not that you need it.

Boss: Okay, okay send them in.

Sec: Okay boss ........ Hmm gentlemen, the boss is ready to meet you. He is a busy man so please be brief because he has a meeting later on.

Supp1: Okay, okay, this would not take long.

Supp2: Salam boss. We are very excited to meet you boss. We have been waiting a very long time to meet you in person to congratulate you on your appointment as the boss of the country.

Boss: Come, come in, gentlemen. Have a seat please. Please to meet a delegation from Penang. Drinks gentlemen? One moment, Timah, get us some refreshments please.

Supp3: Boss, we have a signed letter here stating that you have our association's undivided support boss. 100 percent. We are behind you in everything you do.

Boss: Thank you, thank you gentlemen. I really need support from Penang. How's the Tun?

Supp4: You mean the Kepala Batas Tun? He is history la. Actually we never liked him. We have always been rooting for you.

Boss: Thank you, thank you gentlemen. You do not know how much this support means to me especially with Penanti waiting. I don't know whether we are going to go in or not but with support like yours, I think we can win la.

Supp5: Penanti is another reason why we are here boss. We hope to convince you to take the bull by the horns boss. Go in, fight. We are very confident we are going to win boss.

Supp4: Yes, boss, ini bukan cakap kosong. We have made many surveys and the winds are shifting very strongly to our advantage boss. I tell you we will easily get a 5K majority boss.

Supp3: Yes, boss and that is a conservative estimate la boss. We are so excited because now we have a chance to beat them in their own backyard la boss. Imagine the boost you would get boss. Go on, fight them boss. We will give all our support boss.

Boss: Wow!! I am getting excited just listening to you. Your confidence is infectious.

Supp1: Yes, boss, go in boss, go in, fight them boss. We will surely win or else my name is not Mat Awang la boss.

Boss: You can be sure that I would seriously consider this, in fact I'll get my PA to inform you as soon as the Biro Politik makes it's decision. Thank you gentlemen. Er, I am sorry, I have an important meeting with some business people from France so I have to cut this meeting short. I truly am sorry, I would love to talk to you more.

Supp2: Never mind boss, we know you are busy. Just a few minutes with you is enough for us la boss. Remember boss we are solidly behind you and we will get Penanti back, no problem.

Supp3: Aaah boss, before we go, here is something from us boss.

Boss: Ah, just leave the envelope with Timah. Thank you gentlemen.

The Next Day

Boss: Aah Timah come in please?

Timah: Yes, boss?

Boss: Remember the delegate from Penang? The one that met me yesterday afternoon?

Timah: Aah, yes, boss and oh a moment please ....... here's the envelope that they gave me on their way back yesterday.

Boss: Open it, if it is money, then use it to order lunch for everyone in the office.

Timah: Okay, ..... What money boss, all these are quotations la. This one is from Mat Awang Mat Hussein, Kontraktor class F,

Repair mesjid = RM120000,
Repair longkang RM85000,
Supply Amplifier untuk surau RM 55000.

This is from Dunia Cantek Class C,D,E,F;

Tar jalan Pekan Penanti RM350000,
Tar jalan dari Jerat Cina sampai SMK Guar Perahu, RM750000

This is from Sarkas Roboh Sdn Bhd.

Roboh surau lama dan bina surau baru RM1.5 juta.
Roboh dewan lama dan bina dewan baru, RM1.8 juta

This is from Warna Warni Sdn Bhd.

Cat semua bangunan kerajaan dgn warna Biru Tua RM3 juta.
Cat semua jalan di Penanti dgn warna biru tua RM 5 juta
Cat semua batu nisan di Penanti RM 1 juta.

Boss: Celaka they all, this is why they want us to fight.


zorro said... similar situation confronted me when my approval was necessary for some spending in the organisation.....and my secretary was also Tima(h) with an H.

Hope to catch up with you in are around there, no?

Kata Tak Nak said...

I would be around for you.

fatsogigolo said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
fatsogigolo said...

Hi chikgu..
Em..Is it true chekgu?
i think i want to apply part time job la with all the company bosses...

i luv the cat batu nisan the most..ahahaha... more thing,about the color thingy,last time when i'm in form 5,can u imagine,in my school's hostel,they paint the corridor's lantai with blue color..

gila ka apa..hahahaha..
mebi the green highway signboard will be changed to blue too..


Kata Tak Nak said...

They are so paranoid that once, a Mesjid was just repainted light blue. Hardly a month or two the gomen painted it of another colour.

aravind said...

Ha! Ha! I knew u were up to something but couldnt guess lah! Now i know why they still hv some support.

And also, sorry about your friend Ravi lah (your previous posting). Take care.

fatsogigolo said...

owh..talking about mesjid...
i got 1 story happend in my taman,somewhere in sungai petani,

The cometee planed to build a mesjid there somewhere around 1995,since than,the pegawai mesjid start collecting money from the residence..

but can u imagine ha,it took around 10 years for us to collect the money,and somewhere around 2007 just we got our own mesjid.

and suddenly,one time,i went to mesjid and i saw a plaque hanging on the wall "sumbangan ikhlas,ameno bla bla bla"

barger la those who are using mesjid for their own goods,gila la..they do nothing,and they want to claim that they have put some effort on it..em...

Anonymous said...

Salam ziarah. Sekadang membuat hebahan. Mungkin ini dapat membantu orang-orang kita diwaktu gawat sekarang.

Rancangan "Who Wants To Be A MillionaireBlogger.Net" kini, ke udara di screen komputer anda. Sertai & daftar sekarang. Kemasukan adalah PERCUMA...

monsterball said...

The one and only blogger who keeps telling comical stories with a message.
This is it!!!
No need to search..if you like politial jokes.
Have a nice weekend...kata tak nak.

muteaudio said...

Didn't expect the quotation. They've should have proposed mewarnakan semua lembu2 di Penanti dgn warna biru tua.

Kata Tak Nak said...


Kata Tak Nak said...

Memang depa buleh dan sanggup buat apa saja walaupun it makes them look stupid.

Kata Tak Nak said...

Hello monty, hope you are fine.

Kata Tak Nak said...

Ya la and also the Kuda Padi that would graze next to the BKE highway.


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