Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Clean-up For PUSPAKOM

Let's be fair to them. When they do good then we applaud, when they do bad, which is more often than just often than we screw them.

Now, maybe because they have already realised that they are in big shit, they are trying to do good. So, we should applaud them for it.

I mean we all know how dirty PUSPAKOM is. I bet there isn't a clean soul in that organisation. Un-roadworthy vehicles get passed after the exchanges of some money. The fact that these vehicles could be a hazard is just not that important.

I read in The Star Online about efforts to

Clean-up for Puspakom

Now, this is more like it. This is what the people wants to hear. Now they are serious about cleaning up and I am the first one to congratulate them.

Yes, I know there are skeptics out there and I don't actually blame them for they have been fooled too many a time to take these people seriously but I got this gut feeling that this time it is for real.

In fact I have inside info about this and the info I got has convinced me that that they are serious.

I am told that PUSPAKOM would take delivery of the latest state of the art detergent to clean up all equipments and the whole compound of unwanted, stubborn, greasy and messy black-oil stain.

Now you tell me if they are serious or not.


Pak Oncu said...

Cikgu,,, aku tak yakin mereka dapat membersih kan masaalah tangan yg kotor didalam PUSPAKOM,,,,,

Kata Tak Nak said...

Pak Oncu,
Sama di sini.

kopitelp16 said...

Spring cleaning time? Hmmmm they must make it transparent on the amount they spent on detergent, mops and brooms. OTK, buat tender terbuka, ok?

They can sign MoU with MACC coz MACC takes care of cars ma....

acciaccatura said...

tak lah chegu. itulah purpose ianya di situ. my lady friend yg ada pengalaman dgn mereka told me what she told them, "boleh bayar, tapi tak tau nak jawab esok!"

fatsogigolo said...

wow..finally chikgu,they have make the move,the wise move i think..ahaha..after this they will be sign board hang on the PUSPAKOM wall,
A:SOOOOOOOOOOO Clean,as clean as u want to lick the floor
B:Very Clean,as shine as Rosmah's wife head,wink~
C:Clean,as clean and clear. we know,if they said they want it clean,so it have and must be clean,but please la chikgu,some one have to take care the mouth of yuth and sports toto mentli la..hehehe

ali allah ditta said...


Me think they should start with FAM dulu! The only problem, the broom supplier(Khir Toyo) is no more in business,since his return from Disneyland.


Anonymous said...

I can understand PUSPAKOM is trying to spruce up its image in public eyes. But it is too rotten to the core to have any remedy anyway.

What I don't understand is...MOU to fight corruption with MACC??

MOU what? After this the will be special ceremonies for MACC to sign MOU with PDRM, KDRM, Immigration,Local Councils, ..etc. On the international fronts MACC will be signing MOU with Scorpene builders, GM, that whoever request RM500m for any contract will be reported to MACC...

I am beginning to feel that MACC is a super-idiot agency that this country had ever seen. Need MOU to do their bloody job- their reason for existence?.

tokasid said...

Salam Che'gu:

Puspakom getting a clean up?
The Transport Minister must be joking.

After almost 2 decades of fikthy practices can Puspakom be 'exorcised' at all?
Just try to find out who are the people behind Puspakom?

Most likely the Minister is trying to impress Malaysians that they are seriously wipping out corrupt practices.

And why not Hishamuddin try announcing he will clean up the Immigration Dept too? Will the SPRM look into the 700 plus foreign nationals from a place that have the Forbidden City and a Great Wall that got their PR in Negeri Sembilan?

Or can someone stop a 'protector of taikos' from being the chief of a powerful force at the southern tip of a penisula?

Anonymous said...

greetings cikgu
Seriously think the MCA head honcho wants to clean the puspakom papadom act? nah! payah cikgu.The guilty buggers will be up in arms.literally speaking of course.swinging time all these years n loads of fast bucks made and u think they will simply turn into a new leaf and leave all behind?
Maybe can bring down a bit lah but that too would be mighty difficult.The reason being , the system is rotten to the core, as such it needs a revamp.But nobody wants to make a change lah cikgu
you got to make a change in order bring upon changes.So, dump all the redundant paperwork crap whick lends an opportunity for a corrupt practice to take away wit it.
Wait!, why am i saying all this? let the guy who has pledged to clean the mess think about, if he is cleary and honestly interested to solve the problem in the first place.
ITs his ball game. we watch!

Kata Tak Nak said...

Yes, you are right. Who knows they will use detergents that cost 100K a litre?

Kata Tak Nak said...

Depa nanti jawab, "Buat apa pikir jauh-jauh, nak jawab lambat lagi"

Kata Tak Nak said...

Easy only use the state-of-the-art detergent to clean the menteli's Mouth la. Suruh gargle dan kemudian telan, 5 kali sehari.

Kata Tak Nak said...

That reminds me, I wonder if PUSPAKOM buys their brooms from Al-Tempe?

Kata Tak Nak said...

Actually it is a profit sharing MOU with MACC. Share the collection la.

Kata Tak Nak said...

All that we must ask Madey la because he says the present admin got only a few unsavoury people meaning the rest all very good so that means all us bloggers are lying la.

Kata Tak Nak said...

What they will do is they will not accept any money at all but every process requires special forms and each form costs RM100. The proceed of the sale of the forms goes into their own pockets.


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