Monday, 13 April 2009


The list is finally ready. Yes, 28 names in the first list followed by about 40 in the second list. With 60 over names altogether there is a lot of work for them to do. Yes, this is going to take the better part of 2 whole days.

Transportation and security is the most important and for that the Inspector General of Police must be roped in.

Of course this has to be so because in the list are the names of the people who are going to turn the country around. Yes, the country's future lies in the hands of this 60 odd, clean and incorruptible people and careful attention has to be given to their safety and well-being. Nothing must be spared, no expense too great. The country had been in a rut for far too long and for once they realised that country comes before party.

The job would have been made easier if they had not screwed up to the extend of making disbelievers of the citizens. Yes they know, no one trust them anymore. No amount of rhetoric is going to change that. Not even Saatchi & Saatchi, their preferred choice of public relations advice, could help them out this time.

It wasn't easy to come to this decision. There was almost a revolt at the Grand Council meeting when it was revealed that a truly clean, pure list is to be drawn. The Council had to be coaxed, pacified and threatened to agree to this list. they finally saw the need for a truly clean cabinet. They agreed that they had no one to offer.

Now the hard work begins. First the visits to 60 odd residences to get consents. Considering the amount offered, this should not be too difficult. Then there would be the matter of persuading the opposition, to put the constitution aside, to agree that this large number of new senators be sworn in. For the sake of the country, the opposition should agree. If they don't then a one day visit to the Federal Courts should do it.

Then the medical checkups and special transportation must be looked into. Finally the swearing in of the whole Cabinet. This is the tedious part. Getting the venue ready is one challenge but providing the right atmosphere would be an even bigger one.

For the first time in history, even the President of the biggest winning party will not be in the cabinet. Yes, this endeavour to get a truly clean, spick and span cabinet, means a radical, untried, untested, previously unthought off and revolutionary new approach must be taken. Of course they could opt to have clean members of the opposition in but the Council would kill them,country or no country.

Everything seems about ready and in place. Final check:

Refreshments - ready
Chief Judge - ready
Consent Letters - check
Suitable venue - Check
Nannies - Check
Birth certificates - check.

Bring the babies in.


Rantong said...

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D'ayo said...

On the "Penerangan'... OTAI takes over... P.Ramlee's movies will be aired tiap-tiap harilah... for me, I tak kisah (still tergelak - peminat tegar)tapi bagi bebudak, takut over killlah pulak... and will be more retro, tu I suka especially cerita Charlie's Angels - version Farrah Fawcett... bukan apa, I nak enjoy watching it as my uncles enjoyed last time... macam nak nampak tapi tak nampak-nampak... itu yang dia orang geram tu... sekarang nie, senang sangat nampak semua, as kata BB King... The Thrill Is Gone

Kata Tak Nak said...

I agree with you about the 'overkill' thing. Bagi sikit-sikit orang akan kempunan, bagi seperiok sekali orang jemu, sama la dengan Faraw Fawcet tu, tunjuk sikit meremang bulu roma, tunjuk habih, what is there left to imagine?


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