Saturday, 11 April 2009

Care to try?

I received a request from an anonymous reader through email if it could be possible for me to post a piece of writing of his. Since I really have nothing to write anyway and this being a working Saturday for us here leaving me with not much time so why not.

Hope you guys could give comments if you see fit.

So here goes.

MahaAssSucker Theory Test

Question 1: Please select anything that Tun Dr Mahathir's did during his governance which you don't agree with?
A) Dont have any
B) Some of it ( 1 or 3 things)
C) So many (4 to 10 things or more)
D) Everything

Question 2: Please select why you have chose the above answer
A) He got da wisdom and perfect leader for Malaysian
B) He's brilliant but not perfect
C) Brilliant but got hidden agenda
D) Devilishly brilliant
Question 3: None. That's it. Just 2 simple question for simple test. Check your answer for da theoretically genius discovery. Ready..

If your answer is D's for both question then you really have a deep grudge with our 'beloved' x­-prime minister and you is regarded as an extremist by UMNO. Believed me. Hate something and kapoof every tiny goods and deeds is gone into thin air. All turned ugly, bad, evil and etc. Come on dude, give that retired man a chance. There must be something good about him. Maybe a soft straight armpit's hair for example. It just happened to my lucky guess. You can try that...find some
and you'll be surprised that you'll be enlightened and calm as never before.

If your answer is C's for both question then good for you because you are cautious and careful to Mamak as he always knew how to kill 3 birds with one stone. I say you got a brain up there. Be careful not to let your 'bird' flying wildly everywhere. It might get smack with that magical stone that old man has. Actually i was wondering why is that old man using stone to kill 3 birds. He can
try to use wide electric net or something. It might kill 5 or a dozen of birds. That's will be more impressive.
If your answer is B's for both question then you are actually in loved with Mamak but being rational is not a problem anyway. Love is blind but brain is not. Someone that we loved must be guided and told for what is right and wrong, but who are you to him? Maybe he will say..."Hey what's wrong with u telling me what's right and what's wrong..go piss off somewhere else." This is painful I bet
especially when it comes from our most dearly person. You can wish to try your luck. What's more to lost anyway...just 22 years of messiness. 

If your answer is A's for both question then CONGRATULATION to you because you just prove to yourself that u are MahaAssSucker. This test is to prove that you got no brain all this time. If you have any then it is actually broke or critically malfunction. No heart feeling okay. I'm sincerely admired you because of the dependancy that you have with that Mamak's brain but here's the fact,
human is unique. Its God's ultra perfect creation capabilities. No one is the same, even twin is different. Uniqueness varies in infinite way. One of it is thought. How can you possibly agree with someone for everything he does and says. Come one there's must be something not to agree with. Go figures out yourself of something. If not then I pity you dearly for voluntarily letting your brain and heart to waste.

Anyway here some some tips that I forgot to give you during your test. Sorry..
Mamak = Tun ­ (Dr + Mahathir) * India

Ini la tulisan saye yang tak seberapa..
Terima kasih



obsceneman said...

my answer would be both c... heh..

but i would prefer D if somone make a servey for Keri"the midget adek" jamaloot

btw chekgu,y r u working on saturday??
same goes with me..ahahaha...

ayor lemuju said...

I might answer a C for 1) and B for 2), but to be thankful to the Mamak, I'll pick B for both. I wouldn't trust anyone else to lead this country during that period of trouble. Not the man who let the devil out, what more the devil himself.

Kata Tak Nak said...

Sorry Mr. Anonymous, because I won't pick any answer at all because I hate that bastard. To me he created this dirty government. He is responsible. Now he is trying to pull wool over our faces by suddenly being concerned about corruption. If Samy is a snake, he is a bigger serpent.

matun said...

ya i agree..he is inquestionable old bastard serpent..

Dhahran Sea said...

Salam Bro.,
I have this simple survey as well about kawan kita yang buat survey ni:

I suspect kawan kita yang buat survey ni either:
A) Baru kena retrenched dan tak dak kerja lain nak buat so spent time kay cyber cafe buat survey
B) Dah graduate tapi unemployed sebab CGPA hampeh, < 2.00/4.00, so ended up buat survey
C) Tak graduate sebab dropped out, so buat survey
D) Ada kerja tapi take a break from office hours buat survey
E) None of the above, saja suka2 buat survey sebab ada personal grudge dengan TDM (mungkin proposal nak buat airport kat Labu or Labi kena reject EPU)

Dah lah bro. go on with life lah, buang masa kutok sana sini, do something untuk anak isteri, adik beradik atau jiran ke lagi baik kan? Dok mengutuk orang apa hal, itu urusan dia dengan Tuhan ler! Awak dah banyak berjasa ke? Dah confident masuk syurga ke?

klindan said...

it a survey anyway..anything can be. try or not, no one forcing you..

i bet ur answer is A for both

Anonymous said...

a doubt.why was it that during the reign of the grand old man, nobody made noise till anwar was framed? werent u in UMNO too? The opposition before anwars episode hardly made an impact.
ARe u implying that before anwar punya sad episode, the old man was an angel and only turned into a devil after that?
Whats ur call, cikgu?

cakapaje said...

Salam Cikgu,

Its got to be 'C' for both questions. No doubt it.

Kata Tak Nak said...

I will answer to anonymous 23.07.

When Anwar was sacked, I didn't give it much thought but was surprised but when he was ill-treated by the mahathir press including Mahathir himself who accused him of everything without giving him a chance to defend himself I opened my eyes. Then I realised what a fool I have been being hoodwinked by this blardy mamak. Then I open up to what the opposition had to say about him , something that I shut myself to, I realised he is not only a blardy bastard, he is also a devil.
Then I saw how he protected blardy dirty bastards in his party, I am more convinced, then I saw how the court was used in the Anwar case, I was totally convinced.
Now I read that he said that this new cabinet is quite clean, I am so very convinced that I am right. If you don't see eye to eye with me that's your business but remember don't try to do a Mahathir here and hijack my blog, I would not allow it.

Hamba said...

Bet you that every single body hair on the Mamak is crooked...It has to be!!! I refuse to acknowledge there's even 1 single strand that's straight... unless it's a split end...

peng said...

He's expired goods. Expired even during his time as PM. Expired goods are not good for us. Expired food consumed will cause us to have food poisoning. That's the effect we have now! It poisoned the government. The bacteria is not about to die off.. it will continue to poison the next government. Know why? Because the poison-carrying bacteria is not purged from our system yet!

Of course my answer would be a D for both!

Anonymous said...

Sunday morning greetings mr.CIkgu
Tq for ur reply but was surprised with the ending.First of all i m not here to hijack ur blog nor m i here to do a mahathir whatsoever.
I was fortunate enough to be taught by some awesome educators along the years.One of those long lasting lessons was about the notion gud people and not so gud people and the importance to ambik the positive or kelebihan seseorang itu, acknowledge it and then try to apply it in our life if it brings goodness to all.
Lets take u for an example, mr.cikgu. i read ur blog daily.ur writings are simply splendid.its inspiring.i try to follow how ur write .Thats ur kelebihan and positive characteristics.I rate us as one of my favourite writers.
So, do u agree that mahathir had some plus points as well a whole load of forgetable traits.
Mr.cikgu.i m not here to defend the old mans actions.thats his problem.i simply asked u a question and didnt expect u to be pissed off.
I am as sensible as u are sir.i also despise the many many wrongdoings which occurs daily in this beautiful land of ours.
Jangan cepat assume sumthing negatif cikgu. Assumptions are overated!

Anonymous said...

Hello cikgu,

You should have taken this opportunity to correct his ENGLISH.

Kata Tak Nak said...

They are crooked alright.

Kata Tak Nak said...

Yes, expired since ......

Kata Tak Nak said...

No that wouldn't be nice, if I were to do it it would be between him and me only. Yes, there were quite a lot of mistakes but give that guy a break.

Kata Tak Nak said...

Anonymous 11.36
Fiest of all I would like to apologise to you for not being very civil. It is because of my extreme hatred for that man because up till now he would not acknowledge his misdeeds. His only mistake, it seems to him, is that he picked Dollah meaning the rest of his deeds to this country were not mistakes.
Sorry again.

Anonymous said...

Late evening greetings.
Tq mr.cikgu for ur reply.U are an awesome leader urself dearest cikgu.i learn from u every single day.I m most humbled by u saying sorry.Likewise my sincere apologies if i had offended u in my comments.
I totally agree with u cikgu, the old man refuses to acknowledge his remorse lah cikgu.
May the force be with all malaysians who refuse to be oppressed by the evil regime which god willingly see its demise soon.


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