Wednesday, 30 January 2008

You Don't Buy Cars From A Fishmonger

Things happen for a reason. Accidents happen either because of carelessness or faulty equipments or bad intentions. Flood happen because of heavy rain, or bad drainage etc. If I want something to happen, I would go to the person most likely able to make it happen or I would go to the person who knows the person most likely able to make it happen. If I want drugs, I wouldn't go to a fishmonger unless I know the fishmonger knows who can supply me the drugs.

In the RCI, Lingam has vehemently denied that he is able or has the power to broker the appointment of judges. Since he said it under oath we must believe that he is telling the truth. In reality taking an oath to tell the truth doesn't mean that whatever is told is the truth. There is always the possibility of an attempt at deception. So evidence must be put forth to show that what someone swore as the truth is actually a lie.

Let us go back to the Lingam case. As it is, his defence is strong. He said that he did not broker the appointment of judges. He also claimed that he could have been bragging because he is prone to bragging if he gets a little tipsy. How do we say he is lying then. It is not easy, unless of course he slips and says something else that he should not that could be tied up to the claim that he is lying when he denied his brokering history and ability.

I wasn't there to witness the whole proceeding. I am only able to read what is written about it. I am not a lawyer and therefore what I am going to say might not carry water but just for the sake of discussion lets study this premise.

Lingam claimed that a certain lawyer, Lazar, from the Bar Council had in the past approached him to be appointed to a high chair, thereby bypassing the normal route an aspiring judge should take to get to that chair. That was certainly a slap in the Bar Council's face, since it was one of the many parties calling for the setting up of this Commission in the first place.

My question is, if it was true what Lingam had claimed about Lazar, why did Lazar approach Lingam and not the late Christopher Fernando or the late Manjit Singh or Karpal Singh or any other senior lawyers. Is it possible to get that chair this way? There are many UMNO lawyers who are connected with the powers that be. He should have approached them or a very high up Judge with access to the powers higher up. Why did Lazar approach Lingam?

Could it be that Lingam is in fact able to do what Lazar had purportedly wished for or that Lingam knows someone who could fulfil Lazar's wishes? If Lingam could do what Lazar had wanted him to do then he was lying when he denied that he has brokerage ability. If he knows someone who could do it then he is also in the wrong by keeping quiet about it.

The fact that Dzaidin expressed shock at the leakage of classified information regarding the alleviation of judges and that this leakage comes from the mouth of Lingam himself could surely be linked. It is unthinkable that he was bragging about something that he doesn't know. Anyway, bragging means to show off about what one knows and who one knows and what is one's ability and what is one able to do. How come he has classified information, bragging or not. Is he in a privileged position where classified information regarding the judiciary is at his disposal? Why is it that he has these information? Could it be that these information would be helpful to him in 'helping' friendly parties to move up?

I think in his eager attempt to give one back to the Bar Council, Lingam has said too much. What puzzles me is that why wasn't there an attempt to even ask Lingam why Lazar approached him and not anybody else? Do all sides have things to hide?

I know those who know the law could tear me up in shreds but am I wrong asking these questions?


bru99 said...

Salam Cik Gu

Come to think about it , does anyone believe that the person in the CD is not him , eventhough it looks like him and sounds like him .... ah lawyers, they are beautiful and colourful people.

Kata Tak Nak said...

You know there are many lawyer jokes and none of them a re flattering?

I would love to have a jokes on lawyers but its that I don't want to hurt the feelings of all the good lawyers.

The gall of that man to insinuate that the person in the CD might not be him. I mean what does he take us for?

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

like a certain KJ today, VK was very powerful then.

abit out of topic, if you had read the papers today, there was this pic of 3 blokes from 3 different races enjoying the sunny spain together. thats real muhibbah to you and i, cikgu.

cakapaje said...

Salam Cikgu,

Cikgu, if ever I need a lawyer, I'd look for you first. Then appoint a lawyer to work with you...honestly!

Kata Tak Nak said...

The problem is that I almost never read MSM. Unlike VK, Khairy is still very powerful right now. Detractors would like us to believe that he is losing it but no, he is still powerful. Its this power that is going to be his undoing. Too much power in a small light bulb would cause it to explode.

Kata Tak Nak said...

Thanks for the vote of confidence. I am too old to do law right now so I wonder if VK could help me be called to the bar without sitting for any exams?

jasgill said...

You are really quite funny. I have not commented for a long time. Recently one doctor has been jailed because he did not register his clinic under a new act. It is sometning like a teacher being sent to jail if tuition centres are required to be registered but the teacher did not do so. He was facing monetary problems and was planning to sell the clinic and maybe that is why he did not want to spend RM1500 to register. I don't know if you read about it. The dr's name is Dr Basmullah. He has a non-working wife and 8 kids. Is this the justice BN is proud of? When the act was passed doctors were assured that they will not be penalised for technicalities.
Anyway doctors have a campaign going and you can learn more here.
Have a good day cikgu.

monsterball said...

It will be uncivilised of me....if I don't comment....partly copied from Mahatma Gandhi way of talking........hahahahahaha!
I have been listening to..."What a wonderful World" more than 20 times...came here..and click it off ....without a comment.......not that you have put out a bad post...but feeling real sick of what you have said...that makes me feel shameful to be a Malaysians ..with those sickening people telling lies and treating all of us .like uneducated still living in the jungle...can so easily be bullshitted...year in year out.
It is so clear......UMNO depends on the idiots and lowly educated people for their votes.
Reading MAS is saying....they will make RM1 billion nett profit for 5 years in a row.......makes me feel like an think how lousy Govt. companies are..and all of a sudden...such great great management..publishing projected profits...never heard before!
I can only is possible and logical...only when no hanky panky going on.....and with the BERSIH and Hindraf the lawyers too.....I guess UMNO is telling their fella.....stop corruptions for least after the election.
So you see...with few corruptions...MAS is poised to be the best air carrier in Asia.

tokasid said...

Salam che'gu:

Now che'gu. who said you can't buy a car from a fishmonger? If you can buy a handphone from a prominent and well know lauya, of course you can buy cars from fishmonger. Same thing,you can buy drugs in lock-up from the police or from the wardens in our prison.You want proof? How about the famous footballer from Penang getting caught in Aloq Staq prison for selling drugs to inmates!

And you can by your datukship or datuk seriship or tan sriship if you know the right fishmomger.

As of jasgill's mentioning the poor Dr Basmullah, what happen to him is cruel. RM120k for not registering your clinic? When I first registered, it took them one year to get back to me. One fucking year. Then they'll send you a letter asking you to pay another 1k to get the certificate.

I'll tell this to Dr Basmullah, better go and rob a bank, you don't get a RM120k punishment.

But on second thought,Dr Basmullah is a good man,he will not rob a bank. Its just that the judiciary had been privatised.....

Kata Tak Nak said...

Thanks for dropping by. It has been quite a while. I am bewildered at the gravity of the sentence meted out on the doctor. I think something is definitely amiss here and I am glad that my MP (I voted for him the last GE)is taking up his case.

Kata Tak Nak said...

Yes, suddenly MAS is confident of making so much. I wonder how.

Kata Tak Nak said...

Betoi jugak no? Apa depa tak malu ka buat keputusan yang terang-terangan tunjuk depa dok pekena orang. Depa buat macam tu dah tunjuk depa bodoh dan depa ingat kita bodoh macam depa nak percaya cakap depa. Apa punya tuuurrr!

monsterball said...

It's election time!! And just few months no corruptions...look at how MAS brags.
And Chinese schools are approved like mushrooms. Even malay ministers is saying ...they want their children to learn Mandarin.
The sudden turn from ultra to poooda jargons by these people are fun for me to watch ..and have a good laugh.
I have seen so many elections talks....but this time....plenty actions to win hearts and minds ..especially to the chinese on schools and indians on thaipusam holiday.
No corruption...until after election.....which they are confident to win again..and wake up to realities...with few.... year marked to go to jail by new government......hahahahahaha


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