Monday, 21 January 2008

Greenhouse Gases And The Mind

Has anyone really stopped for a while to notice that there is something wrong with our weather lately? I don’t know about you but I see and feel something wrong. It is been unusually windy at times and excessively hot at others.

Can’t really remember when was the last time we got so many windy evenings. Could this be the result of Global Warming? The Greenhouse Effect that so many people have been talking about and the predicted dangers that come with it is slowly being felt.

They say there will be flooding as sea-level rises. They say average temperatures will rise by a degree or so every few years. We can beat floods with proper planning and install more air-conditioning to counter the heat indoors. As for outdoors, the only solution is to avoid them as much as you can.

The real danger which no one wants to talk about, which I think the authorities are fully aware is how higher temperatures affect the mind. I don’t know if there are scientific studies to show the effect of higher average temperatures on the mind but I have proof, though unscientific, but convincing enough, at least to me, to support my claim that it does.

This matter only surfaced recently but what I saw was scary. We are quick to accuse people of faking things because of our own prejudices. We say what we want to say because what we said made us happy, gave us a sense of satisfaction but in the process we didn’t realize the harm our irrational behavior had on other people.

I know of a certain someone who at one time in his life was acclaimed to be amongst the best minds in the world. He is now decimated with a disease that eats up the neurons in his head and I am very sure it is because of the heat. At a very important gathering this genius was reduced to an insignificant entity who could only mumble ‘I can’t remember’ to questions put forth to him. It was so heart breaking to see him searching for his memory for very-very important recollections that even Alzheimer patients would remember. The confusion written all over his face when he uttered ‘I can’t remember’ brought tears to my eyes. Luckily the heat did not infect his bloated and inflated ego.

I was suspicious but not convinced but when another member of the same forum, couldn’t remember a good friend who use to party with him in expensive eateries and who use to have secret meetings with him with important dignitaries, I began to pay more attention to this new theory. I guess what convinced me was when shown a clip of his good friend, he went so far as to accuse his once best friend and banker and financier of either being mad or drunk. That’s it, I am convinced, it must be the weather, it must be Global Warming which has turned into Glokal Warming, it must be the Greenhouse Gases.

I waited eagerly for more proof that we are in grave danger when God answered my prayers. As if to make my work easier, He gave me proof in the same forum. A very eminent gentleman, a man so refined and impeccable couldn’t remember someone who went for holidays with him. He couldn’t remember the man who paid for his trip to ski in a land so far away. He couldn’t even remember his itinerary.

I hope, some scientist out there would conduct a study on this danger for I fear, it is infectious, highly infectious. Before it becomes an epidemic or even pandemic please do something about it. I would like to remember my friends when I grow old. I would like to remember who helped me in my times of need. I would like to remember who loan or gave me money and who paid for my vacations. Please God, help us.


cakapaje said...

Salam Cikgu,

Hmm...interesting theory, quite like the moon thing eh? :)

Anyway, I guess we should look into Kyoto Protocol first to find who the signatories are and who is not. Then we'll find who the biggest culprit, which I think is the You Ass of Ei. Next we find who's the biggest critic of You Ass of Ei; as they say, the dog that bark loudest is harmless.

Oh! Found one! He was the President of some Pacific country you once mentioned! Coincidentally, he has been diagnosed of being infected of this new disease! Hmm...rather ironic isn't it? Still, what's fair is fair :)

Perhaps, we should get the CSI team to do an autopsy on him?

Kata Tak Nak said...

From my very-very reliable sources, it seems the three people were infected when they had a rendezvous to discuss a matter of great importance. Latest news is that the 1st witness has been committed to an asylum for screaming Melayu Mudah Lupa in public. The UN believed it was a code meant to invite aliens to attack a certain floor in Putrajaya.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

oh boy...i can still feel the heat from the last entry. i cant help but to laugh but for obvious reason, i reserved from making any comments.

here's a confession btw, i dont quite understand whats all the fuss about surrounding this lingam fella's controversy. been looking around if anyone might have explained in layman's term, but still no luck. thats why i couldnt give a shit already now.

Kata Tak Nak said...

Believe me I understand when you did not comment and I would never force anyone. My dissatisfaction is definitely not with you. I respect your rights to affiliate with whomever and whatever organisation. Friendship goes more than politics. I would definitely not allow it to get in the way of our friendship. I am very appreciative of the fact that you can accept the fact that I am merely exercising my rights as a citizen to criticize.

I don't know if I can explain it well enough. This whole Lingam episode has a very direct bearing on our lives. We who fought him, believe through evidence deduced and through making our own deduction not made out of prejudice but through facts. We believe that eversince the sacking of Tun Salleh Abass marked the beginning of the Executive's control of the Judiciary. Please don't think I am teaching you, if I sound like it then I apologise. You see the in a democracy, the Judiciary MUST be completely free of the executive. The government only pay them with the people's money because that is what the want when they chose democracy. The way Tun Salleh Abass was dismissed was very disgraceful. Ever since the Judicuary is clearly seen to be partial.

You see, first the do the biddings of those in government. It is common knowledge that those in government are very close with various business personalities. They owe these personalities. These personalities then made use of everything that is at the disposal of these people in government including their proximity and patronage of various personalities in the judiciary.

Instead of only the people in government receiving favourable treatment from the judiciary, this privilege is now extended to various business and other political personalities. So what happens when we the common people are up against these unscrupulous bastards. Whom do you thing would get justice. How do you think justice would be dispensed. A case in point is the Wee case. The judiciary denied the voters choice. It denied the people of the representation that they wanted. To prevent the people from choosing a another opposition candidate should there be a re-election, the judiciary declared the loser as the winner, a move that is unprecedented. This is how an impotent judiciary could affect our lives. Justice could be bought by the rich and connected. Where does that leave you and I? We are at their mercy. Say if I were to meet with an accident with a prominent politician. The accident is the politician's fault. A corrupt and subservient judiciary would put paid to my hopes of ever getting justice. Cases of women being molested by uncles of powerful politicians are not acted upon. That Chinese boy who was murdered by the Chinese Datuk did not get justice because the Datuk is all powerful. Remember these kind of things could one day happen to us. Maybe others are more able to explain it. Despite all these I am not saying you should abandon your principles and embrace mine. That would not be democratic would it. I am sorry if my posts of late touches on personalities whom you admire and have high regards for but I am not sorry that I did it. I am sure you would understand.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

whoaa..i didnt expect to see such lengthy explanation. thank you sir.

ok first thing first. during Tun Salleh Abas's episode, i was barely in my teens. after reading it years later, i knew something wasnt right. suddenly the name Semangat 46 poked in through a teenage's mind every single morning reading dailies, but still had no clue.

then came the anwar's arrest in 98. i was his sympathiser for it didnt make sense at all the accusation made against him. call me lalang, cikgu but i made a u-turn barely a month when he was doing his sentence. to me, being in a wheelchair and shit, reformasi didnt serve any purpose for my personal battle. i stopped reading political bull till ofcos, when Dr M steps down in 2004. i thought the transition would see a better change but his successor failed in his bid to emulate the old man.

if i am asked which political party i'm affiliated with, i'd have a tough time giving my honest answer. everybody knows i admire Dr M but never really a fan of UMNO, even during his tenancy. and get this cikgu, i'm a great admirer of TG Nik Aziz and arwah ustaz Fadhil Noor but not much the party they lead. i guess it was a non-political stuff as their respective personalities are admirable as an individual.

so anyway, i am touched to read the earlier part of your reply. friendship goes beyond politics. not wanting to make it sound too gay, i'll stop here. hehehe...

i respect you and will never have any grudge on you because of your writing. in fact, nobody should stop you from writing your heart out. this is freedom of speech and expression. unless that person crosses the religion boundary line, i'm all for it.

thanks once again, cikgu.

hantutelur said...

Even if it is true, CheGu, the 'fact' that Veekay was drunk when the recording was made, whatever he said cannot be used as evidence/confession. TA said it was drunk/mad man talking. He himself admitted he was drunk. He could be, he was holding a wine glass and bottles aplenty. He was acting, talking to no one on the other side of the phone. He was merely boasting to the Loh chap. What we have now is that Burne fellow was invading Veekay's privacy. HE will go to jail and Veekay may revisit New Zealand with his old buddies.

Mat Salo said...

Greenhouse Gases And the Mind? How about Shithouse Gases?

Sir, with due respect, I beg to differ.My theory is Justice Tan Tin Tun was telling the truth. He was at KLIA and due to flatulence he emitted noxious gases bordering on the terkincit. No way as one of the 20 chosen ones he was going the admit the stain on his underwear. It would be suicide like the judge who put a gun to his head pining for a dead spouse. Then Ling Gump (no relation to Forrest) happened to pass by. It was a Godsend. Somebody who licks arse. I've also heard an eminent personage say, "Licking arse is not a fetish, it's spiritual".

Let's give Tan Tin Tun the benefit of the doubt. He lost a few brain cells, sure. Just like the rest of us who once indulged (and some continue to indulge --I wont name names don't worry) in bottles bearing the logo 'Sauh' or Bulldog.

I'm on my *hic* sixth "come-up-to- the-long-cool-dane" toasting Bolehsaja's judiaciary.

It's hot outside, glokal warming be damned. I need it.

Asil said...

This is Pak Lah's plan to strip-naked Mahathir in this so called Truth Discovery channel political game & another judiciary abuse.

Mahathir's 22 yrs regime is still exist. And Pak Lah can't lead this regime. He looks lame & sleepy. The guy needs his own team/soldiers led by KJ. His own regime for another decades to abuse.

PM/Politicians (whoever) is nothing without people's money. Without judicial abuse. Without his own soldiers. Without connection with business personalities. He needs POWER & MONEY. Both Pak Lah & Mahathir have posts in MOF & KDN.

"Remember these kind of things could one day happen to us".

Thanks for the quote, Cikgu. Just like what happen with your own money in EPF. Me & wife are having tough time to have a child. We spend a lot of money & we plan to sell our house. So we tried medical claim from EPF. They said it's for chronic disease NOT for infertility like IVF treatment! WTF! You can get your own money when you're near death situation? You can't get your own money for your basic needs, to have a child? But, you can claim it to buy a PC when Mahathir launch 1 PC for every home? And who got your money from EPF? That ODASAJA company who charged RM3000 PC for a markup price of RM5000! When you can get your money? When you have a chronic disease or when you're 55, when you're weak and old!

Remember, what the PM/politicians did are not meant for people. They're meant for their political interests. They're sugar-coated with so called development or whatever politicians want to put slogan on it. And we're blindly embraced them!

Kata Tak Nak said...

I did discuss with friends about the possibility of him using that drunk defence. The other fellow said he was not drunk, he said he was so its his word against the other fellow. In usual circumstances, they will try some other avenue to proof if his is drunk or not but this is a special case. This is a case of a friend of the judiciary vs the people of the country. Of course the friend would be given preference. After all who are we. We are just plain insignificant citizens.

Kata Tak Nak said...

When Lingam met Tan Tin Tun the conversation goes like this.
VK: I say Datuk where are you going?
Whats that sweet smell Datuk, did you fart? So nice la Datuk.

TTT: Oh, VK, I am going to Penang but I got a feeling that this plane is going to be hijacked to New Zealand. Then I would have to spend a few days there without any money.

VK: Money ah Datuk. I just only stole some money from my mother in law. Don't tell my wife la. If the plane is hijacked, I belanja you Datuk. We can take picture somemore. I stole this camera from my brother when he was drunk.

Kata Tak Nak said...

Mahadey deserved to be tripped naked but Pak Lah is not that clever to do something like this.

You are so right about them not bloody caring for us the people.

It never crossed my mind about people who have difficulties in having children using their EPF savings to try modern but expensive procedures. You have got a very valid point there. Who are they to say that this is not important?

monsterball said...

Are we talking about those shit guys at the Royal Commission or the funny weather?
Weather..kata tak nak...have been strange for more than a year. How come you notice only now?
To put it in a nutshell....our heat has increased by almost 2 degrees in the last 10 years...while for 100 years ago....not one degree difference. And with another 4 degrees...scientists have predicted the whole world will change for the worst...if not end of the happen inn the next 20 years from now..if nothing is done to cool the planet.
Poor could not care less..rightly so. Why should they..when the rich keep chopping off forests to the poor countries can do same thing and also to export timber...for develpments...unless an more timber export by all countries and ban houses to use wood.
The success we can see is import of paper for recycling seems to cut import drastically....or maybe ban by our country.This is one way to stop more trees being chopped off.
Now on those guys answering the Royal Commissioners.....any idiot will know how truthful and sincere they are. ex PM and lawyers and ex-Chief Judge have shown to the whole world...what shit government we had in the past...and still on going.
We are the laughing stock to the whole world on justices and leadership.Mahathir selective loss of memory is being copied by a band leader....and he is writing his memoirs now..that need an elephant brain to do it..which TDM is famous for.
As he grow older...he is truly a disgrace to our country.

Kata Tak Nak said...

One thing us human MUST remember is that our past will eventually catch up with us one day. Then, only then will we realise that we are only human, we are not Superman or Spiderman. That is what Mahathir is going through now. He may be able to put a brave confident look on his face but underneath that facade, he knows.


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