Thursday, 24 January 2008

Wake Up

We Malaysians, concerned or unconcerned, at this point in time are being treated to a SANDIWARA, so badly produced and directed that it is only fit to be acted out in hell as punishment to sinners. What then are our sins? Only one I dare say: putting a bunch of jokers in government.

Its like watching a drama where the actors are literally holding the scripts and reading them aloud like a year 1 boy in primary school learning how to read aloud. At the end of it all, a light pops out blinking the word 'Applause' and we are expected to clap as if it was Morgan Freeman and Samuel Jackson who had just finished their take.

Let me put this in another way. I just told Kerp this. Imagine a naked robber carrying a bazooka robbing someone at a traffic lights right in front of a CCTV. He is taken to court and the police couldn't produce any evidence and a smiling judge finds him not guilty. After judgement is delivered, we are supposed to swallow it and say 'Justice has been done'.

This is the very SANDIWARA that we have been put through in many serious cases and there is a hint that a remake is forthcoming as far as the Royal Commission of Lingamgate is concerned.

So what do we do? Go through the remake and applaud when that blinking light is activated or for once get enough numbers to boo the drama to make it known to the producer and director that it stinks and we know it?

Our problem is that we are a disunited lot. Yes, there is a lot of dissenting noise in the internet but like the drama, our dissenting voice is not coherent. Our tunes are a mixer's headache. Ghazal, keroncong, hardrock and opera all being sung at the same time. It creates more confusion and sadly no solution.

Ours, sadly, is exactly like the drama being played. On one side we have an ex director who is not happy with the present director for not keeping to the script he was forced to leave unfinished. He makes a lot of noise and his people sings along with him.

Then we have a few old directors, only given the chance to direct in school plays; who see the deficiency of the old script but could not wake the sleeping audience up because their voices drown each other; each professing that his script is better and their supporters too join in the fray going for each other's throat while the present director and his crew enjoy this sideshow.

We now have a former assistant director who was dismissed by the ex director; who knows first hand how the scripts have been manipulated; who says that he has had enough and he wants the people to see the real script, so he says. His voice too is all mixed up in the din created by all these director wannabes and their supporters.

Our problem is compounded by our own insistence that our choiced director wannabe is right. When a proposal is put forth before us we always say, 'I'll wait for what my director has to say about this'.

It is we who matters. We have the power to tell the present producers and directors that we are fed up being served remakes in new costumes. Don't we realise that we too have the rights to tell our own director wannabes to stop squabbling and to put up a united front?

The way things are going, it looks like we are going to continue being served with remakes. I fear the day when they will be so bold and not produce remakes any more. They will only serve us reruns instead.

Wake up.


bakaq a.k.a ~penarik beca said...

Lost for words, Cik Gu. Feel like being persecuted and brutalized. And, do i have to say by our own "directors"?

Raden Galoh said...

We've been silenced by the power crazy of the directors that we or they(?) forget the meaning of democracy.

Democracy: "government of the people, by the people, and for the people" - Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English.

Okay, we know what democracy is. Do we understand it? Do they?

You've said it satirically well bro. I'm groping for words, the right words to express my disappointment and frustration. Why is that I feel like our judiciary system is like the one in Bollywood movie?

acciaccatura said...

halamak chegu, when i read through, i was saying to myself 'Ni RTM ni'.
i tell you chegu, kat RTM like thatlah. adding to all that you've written, the cameraman just leave the camera and then donno pegi mana. the lighting man highlight kat somebody else but not the one doing solo. orang atas yang tak belajar muzik nak ajar conductor lagi. really like bodoh sombong over there.

the last time my hubby was there, he just couldnt stand them, packed his violin and leave in the middle of rehearsal.some may say dia sombong, but one thing i'm sure, he has waken.

Kata Tak Nak said...

Its not that we do not know where the weakness lies, we do, but we are too hopeful that we do not act. Our own directors must listen to us more.

Kata Tak Nak said...

Why is that I feel like our judiciary system is like the one in Bollywood movie?

You are so right there. Malu kita Raden especially when bangsa sendiri makan kita untuk kenyang sendiri.

Kata Tak Nak said...

I am glad that you feel that your husband has awaken, we need more people to get out of slumberland. Like it or not it is our duty. This is kind of member get member. If we can do this, we are on the right path.

cakapaje said...

Salam Cikgu,

This is going out of topic, but bila terbaca Accia, teringat pula kes M Nasir bila ayah mertuanya meninggal and the journalist tuduh dia unpatriotic kerana mementingkan urusan jenazah daripada menghadirkan diri kat konsert untuk Tun Apaentah tu! Siap lepas tu boleh keluar kenyataan suruh M Nasir minta maaf lagi!

I don't like to swear anymore, but if any, its occasions like this and the Commision VK I would to: Up Theirs!

Minta maaf ye Cikgu.

Asil said...

I love your today's blog. It lifts my spirit, alright.

These jokers thought there're 'Untouchable'. The way I see it, we didn't vote for them. BUT, they 'vote' themselves by the people who can be bought. Like Kelantan and other places won by the opposition, it's simply another SANDIWARA just to show us that a democracy process has taken place. The BERSIH effort is very, very much relevant. The effort needs to move to another level, otherwise for every election, we can simply just cast our vote using SMS.

Why? These jokers just want to protect their political interests.

Let's look at this scenario:

At early stage, a politician needs the right support to pursue his political agenda. He needs bright people so called 'think-tank' to provide all the 'chess' moves. He needs businessmen to sponsor his campaign. When he's in power, all these people need to be served as we can call 'mengenang budi'. This people will be given government contracts, business opportunities, critical positions in the government, etc.

And, these people must give back what they've earned to their political masters - buy people in judiciary, buy people in authorities, buy votes, etc. They even can pay to wipe out political enemies, just like what happen to Mahadev (see, when he's not in power, he's nothing).

Again, in cycle, the politician must protect his own people's interests.

Now, let's take a look at few things, what this process will affect upon us:

- increase price - this how this people wants to squeeze our hard earned money. When election is near, they need a lot of money to sponsor the campaigns. If they don't increase price? Hey, that's another SANDIWARA for us to enjoy, but they secretly will squeeze from our fund, or maybe after election
- all the highways built for us? No, those are for business convenience, not for us. When toll increases, the business people just increase good's price. We stupid pay twice, we pay increased toll, we pay increased goods
- etc. etc, etc

Like Cikgu said, we CAN'T play along with this SANDIWARA. It's like watching Mawi performs, he wants you to be entertained, to forget the pain & misery, and to forget that our own backyard has been raped right before our eyes.

The voting process needs to be right. Otherwise your vote is nothing. Your vote is just an SMS for Mawi to entertain us to block our mind from the truth.

Don't enjoy the show, look what's going on at the backstage.

Kata Tak Nak said...

Sometimes its good to let thing off your chest. I have no qualms about people swearing in my blog if I see it as a channel to vent out frustration. I myself swear when I get angry. Go ahead. I didn't know about the M Nasir story. Thanx for the info.

Kata Tak Nak said...

You sound very angry and frankly I don't blame you. I am angry myself. Why? Because if a long time ago corrupt people commit their heinous acts on the sly, now they do it with a mischievous grin as if saying, "Look I am robbing from you stupid people, what can you do? I have political patronage".

I like the part where you write

"Don't enjoy the show, look what's going on at the backstage". Brilliant.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...


when a criminal is freed on technical reason, it does not by any means make him a good guy. i believe society will still condemn him for whatever he was accused of doing. sadly, the judge (the-powers-that-be) has the the final say and nothing much the masses could do.

this analogy is very interesting. steven seagal comes to mind. during his earlier days, he was one of the best action stars and went on to become a good director until ofcos, he made action movies of different story line but with the same predictable plot.

Kata Tak Nak said...

You are right, the people will remember.

Hey I love Seagal's movies. I just like his smooth fluid fighting scenes. His fights don't last very long but like you said, they became predictable.

Asil said...

I just let it flow coz your 2 previous blogs hit the right spot. I thank you for that.

I do involve government projects. I keep remind myself and people involve that we're with dealing people's money. These money belong to tax payers like myself, wife, father, mother, uncle, friends and all those you've known. Companies who're given govt contracts should remember, they must return back with the right price that they're contracted. The right quality of products/services must be returned back to the people. We, business people & govt servants have 'amanat' to fulfill.

It's that possible? Or mission impossible? Yes, it's achievable. But everybody has to do his/her part. It's not about shouting through opposition's voice or by casting votes. It's about our everyday life that 'amanat' has to be fulfilled. It's our day to day activities that we can control. Yes, it's depressing situation, like I'm having now. But if I don't do it, it'll backlash at you some day.

Kata Tak Nak said...

The government is supposed to help people but in our case while helping the people they helped themselves thus making everything expensive. It is corruption that is the root cause of all our problems.

bru99 said...

Salam Cik Gu

Tumpang lalu Cik Gu


I can understand what you meant cos I too involved in GOM projects but unfortunately, the people that we meet everyday, the so called civil servants that have forgoten the "Amanat" which they are supposed to observe and uphold.

Kata Tak Nak said...

asil adan bru,
The thing is these people are very thick skin. Depa takdak malu punya bila nak memintak yang bukan2. I pernah tengok depan mata sendiri how JKR technicians assigned to oversee a certain project mintak handphone mahal2 depan kami wakil sekolah yang akan menerima project. Depa buat secara terbuka tanpa segan silu. Takdak maruah betoi la.

Asil said...

Cikgu, bru99,

When the civil servants are corrupted, that shows how stinks our society is.

Definitely, no difference in halal & haram. They're willing to feed their own husband/wife/children's with 'rezeki yg haram'.

Like Cikgu said, their acts are open for everyone to celebrate. Mereka mendabik dada tanda kepuasan. They even mock their own religion.

Politicians create this way of life and our society enjoys it.

Ever heard of earthquake in Malaysia? Hmmm...Bukit Tinggi shows some. Need a bigger one?

Corrupt more...

monsterball said...

Steven Segal was great in his thin young days. He produces and directed most of his films. He is a staunch Buddhist....but for past 10 years or so....he was sued by partners ...cheating them...and he did settle out of court....thus proving he is not such a good Buddhist at all!!
And you can see from his latest films..these few years.....fat and ugly....yet still want to act the same old stuffs...hero..cannot move more class.
Now he is a has been.......yet does not know the truths.....therefore he is not a Buddhist at all....just name sake only.
And on waking up from kata tak nak...glad he is doing it....and it looks like kerp is awaken to realities in life....more tan anyone can imagine...with his message.
As for me..not so smart..straight tom the point...and I think it depends largely on how Malays are thinking....still wanting present government as security blankets lazy hypocrites ...or stand up and be a man to have confidence in life....earning a living with no balls carrying.
Yes....what we are reading... the Royal Commissioners case...we can clearly see what type of so call hero Mahathir was.for 22 years..and is givimng us the biggest laugh photo of his life!! I guess he knows Pak Lah dare not touch him...and her feels great..making UMNO BARU .so filthy rich with stolen money....and UMNO Malays seems to like that. As for the others....if voters are not awakened and still want the same government.....then.....just you wait kerbie....just you will be sorry...if you vote for them...just you wait!!
hahahahohoho....Just you wait.

monsterball said...

Wake up...kerp!!....hahhahahaha


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