Sunday, 6 January 2008

What The Leaders Have To Say

A reporter fielded this question, What is your comment on the Soi Lek case? and this are the answers that he got.

Pak Lah: He was only sleeping, he did nothing. We leaders need a lot of sleep you know.

Najib: Stupid, utterly stupid, he should have done it in Port Dickson.

Radzi: I admire him for being a gentleman and resign. I wonder when will Shahidan do it?

Ong KT: We have recruited some Ah Longs to help us investigate.

Samy: Cit, cit cit, I also did the same thing what, but the lights were off. After all was over, I on the lights and saw Indrani dressing up with a smile.

Keng Yaik: I spit on the people who invade other's privacy.

Muhyiddin: I hope this will not raise the price of chicken this Chinese New Year.

Tahim TC: There goes my supply of free Viagra.

Sharizat: I am sure he didn't mean to do it. Maybe he tripped and fell into her?

Augustine Paul: Irrelevant.

Khairy: My Mat Rempits are ready to investigate, we are waiting for the greenlight from the IGP.

Mahathir: Are you sure the one in the DVD isn't Anwar? He is immoral I tell you, he is immoral.

Zam: I am sure they borrowed the CCTVs from Al-Jazeera, bloody Arabs.

Lingam: korek, korek, korek


bakaq a.k.a ~penarik beca said...

Tulis banyak-banyak lagi macam ni, Cik Gu!

Syok betui aku baca!

monsterball said...

This is one of the best I have seen you put out.
You are getting sharper...wiser and definitely ....a cracko..a sign of genius in the making....but at your the time you are recognized and are me....hahahahahaha
Better ask your children to keep all these and put into a book...when they become very rich....should do it..for the love of their father.

monsterball said...

Even "penarik beca"..very pious person.. feel syok reading it.
Wait till kerp comes...he will need a woman to cool him down....SATB disease came!!

Kata Tak Nak said...

Bakaq, Monty,
I am glad you both like it. Sometimes when we are too angry, we channel the anger into humour just to maintain our sanity.

haris said...

Haven't had such a good laugh in such a long time.


Kerp (Ph.D) said...

Zelangor MB: CSL deserve to get the broom...i mean..the stick.


cakapaje said...

Salam Cikgu,

This is good! Hmm...perhaps it could be accompanied with some grahics? I'm sure Zunar would love to have these replies :)

bru99 said...

Salam Cik Gu

You are right Cik Gu, just to keep our sanity, the diabolical deeds that they do....................

Kata Tak Nak said...

Welcome to my blog.

Kata Tak Nak said...

I was thinking of Toyo but the 'broom' think skipped my mind la.

Kata Tak Nak said...

I got this idea from a sms that doc sent me, the one about Samy velu.

Kata Tak Nak said...

Whatever happens, we must remain sane for the big day, elections that is.

sar said...

Pak Lah: he was only sleeping. i sleep too. we're old. we need 'rest' to run this country. he did nothing wrong.

sar said...

radzi: i know him. he's a good man. he's a young man at heart la.

monsterball said...

Mamak teaching UMNO up and coming politicians: Deny...say cannot remember..say..I don't know. Say''That's silly"...a great reply that make no sense...when being"you are a dictator?..say anyone can say anything..this is a democratic country.
Be as cool as a always and don't show any sign of guilt.
Have you all learn the art of cheating without being caught?
But you must make sure all funds cannot be traced to your name.
OK?...Now go practice it. next I will teach you how to con. Class dismiss!

monsterball said...

Samy talking to 30 Indian school children: Don't be like your those Hindraf Indians. Study hard and leave politics alone.
Student: Teacher ..what is he talking about?
Teacher: YBH Ministers..these are 10 years old students. They don't understand.
Samy:Why don't to tell me first they have cow brains...then I stop talking.
Teacher: Their brains are better than yours. I repeat ..they are 10 years old students.
Samy: So what...Indians are Indians..and I am their King. when I see black..I will talk to them.
Teacher:You better get lost...or I will call the police!
Samy:What's your name? I will get you.
Teacher: Marina get lost!

tokasid said...

Salam Che'gu:

Kah3..this is much better than pendekar Bujang lapok and at par with Labu-Labi series and Ali Baba Bujang Lapok and Seniman Bujang Lapok.

Ajiz Star: Walaupun DVD itu gelap,tetapi lobang idong mu tetap menjadi pojaan hati ku Soil Ek!

Nan Akob Pakhang:(hanya gerak geri tangan dan tunjuk pungkoq pada wartawan)

Ghaney Seman: We only want to get rid of Jambatan Bengkok,not batang bengkok.

monsterball said...

Pak Lah: I will tell you date of election...when I feel good after the blowjob. So far others are better than Jean.
Najib: What stupid idiot..go to same hotel...same room. I do three times a week for years...never got caught... never same place. In plane..toilets...conference room...still do it at many places. Once at Highland Tower ..nearly got caught..yet I escape.
Stupid..stupid.. stupid!
Myhuddin: I cannot to it. I cannot see my balls like Samy. I now enjoy eating only.
M bin M: No class la....30 year old.....anyone can get.Try 15 year old like me.
Hussein: What are you all talking about?
Khairy:Birds and Bees Hussein...and my bee has now grown so fat...cannot stink her properly.
Lim Keng Yiak: Fuck you Chua...why you so dum dum.
Toyat: aiyo..Indian they complaint my broomstick not CORRECT.
Lingam: I swear that is not really me. It's my twin brother.
Mahathir...My Singapore girlfriend say?.. I cannot remember.
Samy: Girls just love to see my bald headed self in bed....enjoying my balls.

Kata Tak Nak said...

I might be away for while because I am very much under the weather, a very bad flu and whenever I get this I get my asthma attack.

You guys have fun okay.

sar said...

so sorry to hear that you're unwell, cikgu. rest well, follow doctor's orders and get well soon.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

stay away from the DVD. it will adds up more to your misery. get well soon cikgu.

monsterball said...

Yes..kata tak nak...Don't get too cold. Wear turtle neck protect the throat..from getting cold.
Stay away from morning dew.
Is your room or house carpeted?
That is one of the main reason for getting carpet gathers alot of dust and dirt!! One of my Muslim worker have a 4 months old daughter with asthma. ...also house well carpeted. I told him to bring to S.Med.Centre for a specialist. He said cannot afford. I told him to do it...cost more than RM4000.
I paid and increased his salary by RM200 per month....promoted him to be settle the loan by easy installments.
He also took off all the carpets.
Daughter is in excellent health...worked for 7 better offer....I told him to take it with my blessings. I sleep with a pug and two chiwawa. It's the pug that give up alot of hairs and dirt. Every whole bed is being vacuumed.
Once again..kata tak nak....take good care of your health.....just rest and don't get cold.

Mat Salo said...


Mampuih pecah perut chegu..

Ek! Kena flu ke dok pii cari minyak masak?

Joke aje, get well soon. We need your dose of humor too to keep sane... :)


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