Wednesday, 2 January 2008

Very Shiok One

Reporter: Many people say that it is you who is the minister implicated in the porno DVD
Minister: Yes, I am the one and wait a minute ah, where got porno one?
Reporter: Don't you think the content is pornographic?
Minister: Where got porno. Don't make it sound dirty la. We did not act one. We really do one. Shiok oh.
Reporter: So you think its okay for a person like you to do it. You are married with children.
Minister: If I did not do it where can get children? You tell me. Why your father bought you from TESCO ah?
Reporter: So you are implying its okay for a minister to be immoral?
Minister: What immoral. Everybody do one. What you think we all discuss every Wednesday, you think we all discuss about the country ah? Haiya, don't be silly la. We all discuss this la.
Reporter: Have you informed the PM about this.
Minister: He know long time ago la.
Reporter: What did he say?
Minister: He nice man, but he scold me la. He say no wonder the viagra all finish in gomen hospital. Wah, very funny la he.
Reporter: You said he did scold you, what did he say?
Minister: He say why don't go oversea do, why do here, here got many enemies, why stupid. And then he ask shiok or not. Ha, ha, gila one that fellow, sure shiok la.
Reporter: What has your wife and children got to say about this?
Minister: Want to say what some more, sudah jadi ma. They all angry la but must pretend okay one.
Reporter: So does this mean you will resign from the cabinet?
Minister: What you gila ah? Some more got so many hospital to make, what, want to give Samy eat all ah, haiyo, siau lang la lu.
Reporter: You are not going to resign?
Minister: Look young lady, everybody do like this one. If I have to resign then the whole cabinet must resign also, they all same one. Some even got children one, some steal other people wife also.
Reporter: All of them like this?
Minister: Got la one or two not like this. That one also because viagra cannot work one. If can you think he won't do ah? You young lady, you don't know anything. You got a lot to learn. I can teach you meh.
Reporter: Will you be standing for election then?
Minister: Sure la, why give other people stand?
Reporter: Won't this jeopardise your party's chances?
Minister: Haiya, where got jeopardise one, make 1 or 2 new school, build new roads, repair this repair that, sure win one. You think people care ah? Haiya, I got a room in another hotel, this one surely no CCTV one, come with me, I teach you a bit.
Reporter: Err, sorry Mr. Minister, I have to get back to the office.
Minister: Why you afraid ah? You got do before or not? You are missing something la, come la we go.


IBU said...

Alahai che gu, lama sungguh ibu tak ke mari. And to be greeted by such a hilarious entry. Very shiok indeed. I started laughing in front of the screen to the chagrin of my son yg tgh enjoy tgk tv - last minute sprint, esok dah sekolah.

Here's wishing you blue skies and everything nice for 2008. God bless..

Kata Tak Nak said...

Yes, its been quite a while. Just keeping in touch with the latest happenings.

Urgh! School. Tomorrow gotta start work officially, coz it was work all the same during the hols.

Mat Salo said...

Mampuih Chegu.. you kicked-off the new year with a brilliant tongue-in-cheek post!

Sakit perut, Chegu..

"Come laa we go..." Kah-kah.

Tak sangka... SOIL EK!

Kerp (Ph.D) said...


wa lau funny one reading this one liao.

good kempen mahh...staying heathy you need to shag regularly worr..

Kata Tak Nak said...

They all anything can do one. Who can say anything. Other people never do also they say got do one.

Yeah la, the campaign should be Do Like Your Minister, Towards A Healthier Malaysia.

cakapaje said...

Salam Cikgu,

Hehe...but the minister forgot to promote Malaysian rubber lah! :)

Kata Tak Nak said...

This press conference is sponsored by Samy Condoms. That should be good.

tokasid said...

Salam che'gu:


When I do one syiok wan you know.But now syiok becoz I must resign.So blady fool one the person who steal-steal take video in hotel.That one my personal friend one. So if I like and she like,where got wrong meh?

Reporter:How do you feel now that you have resigned?

Minister: Feel good and solly loh...Good ah..becoz now if I go and do also one will care. Now I nobody think they got interested to take video some more ah? Sure no one. But also feel solly becoz now if go hotel must pay one loh!No more free-free stay like last time.

Reporter: How is your family taking this,now that you are no more a minister?

Minister: Family a bit difficult lah. My wife and children ah..they do want to talk to me. They say everything maaf-maaf ah..only for newspaper one. Actually, now I think I sleep in toilet or store room la. Also I think now I go anywhere wife sure want to follow one.

reporter: How about your 'personal friend"?

Minister: She still my personal friend meh.

Reporter: Is she single or someone's wife?

Minister: haiya!!That question no ask lah...Now I ask you. What you think?She single or what?

Kata Tak Nak said...

Reporter: The other day, you said you are not going to resign, what made you change your mind?

Minister: The other day, they all say they will saport me one, suddenly ah, those cilaka people all say resign la, good for the party.

Reporter: Don't you think they are right when they asked you to resign?

Minister: What right? If they all clean okay la, they all also do some more want to ask people to resign.

Reporter: Do you think this is the work of the opposition?

Minister: If opposition I can understand la, we all enemy one but this is not opposition work, this is my flen work, also MCA people la.

Reporter: you seem to be in a hurry, where are you going?

Minister: To the hotel la, some more where, want to follow ah?

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

minister: baarger those reporter...why still go look look for me one....i resign oredi worr..


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