Tuesday, 19 May 2009

What they say about Penanti.

Recently a secret survey was carried out to find out various leaders and personalities' opinion about the question: Should BN contest in the Penanti BE. Below are some of the responses.

Actually, I don't mind being the BN's candidate. If we lost, I already have a lot of money, if we won, I could always jump over back to the PKR but they must give me the DCM post la. BN cheated me in Perak. They said if I crossover they would also make me an MB or at least a TMB but now I am only an exco and they have even taken away my Camry. See, now I have this stupid Perdana only.

What did jamalludin say? I follow him la. Anyway, don't ask me la, I am not feeling well. Today I am on MC so don't disturb me la.

What, Penanti got by-erecsen ka? Why in Pahang also got poblem one? What Penanti in Penang and not in Pahang ka? Acherly, BN no need to susah susah fight the erecsen one. After lose gib that fellow a lot of money sure can kowtim one.

Apa pasai mau tanya sama saya? Diaorang mana mau dengar saya punya cakap. Sumua orang sudah dapat itu Tun, saya bulum dapat lagi. Tadak lawan lagi bagus la. Kalau ada lawan kalu saya misti kena turun kempen. Saya takut itu India punya worang nanti hamtam sama saya lagi la. Cukup la, tamau lawan la.

We must fight. Don't worry, I have already told Hillary that our PM is not involved in the Altantuya case. Go ahead and fight.

Must fight. I want to send that Murrugiah there and ask him to lead. I want the people to hantam him. Talk big only.

Tsu Koon
Don't ask me, I am getting all the Minister's report card ready so I have no time. See all these report cards, all red only. See the attendance column, so poor one.

I will ask my father what he thinks about this.

Prominent Blogger
Tun the statesman say fight so we must fight. He knows best. He is my god.

We must fight. I want a rematch with Anwar. This time I promise no more foaming.

Must fight, must fight, must fight. The banks have been calling me up about my loans. Please la fight la. I have already identified the roads, halls, mosques and huts that need sprucing up. Please fight la.

No more la, no more, please no more. The last time you know, so many people asked me to bend down? Nowadays even JJ is winking at me.

We must fight. I have already signed an agreement to supply every household 5 crates of my special skin whitening, nose bridge lifting tempes and also a dozen brooms per house.


Anonymous said...

Must fight wan. How can no fight ? Cannot. Must fight. We send our dr.M . Sure win wan. BN always win wan. Waaat? Isteri R says no fight ? Where can ? No balls ah ?? My 2sen cikgu

Kata Tak Nak said...

No stim la no fight but they want to save money what.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

correcsen cikgu. Kayveas is only interested to send Muru to Tanjung Rambutan.

Kata Tak Nak said...

Actually he wanted both Muru and Samy in TR.

akusayangumno said...

they said it or you created it?

Kata Tak Nak said...

kalau tak paham apa yang di tulis toksah masuk la. Semua orang tahu yang ini di create. It does not take a genius to know it, so to question it takes a fool.

Anonymous said...

"Nowadays even JJ is winking at me"



peng said...

Allow me to add one more..

Polis chief:
Now can fight in peace! I already tangkap all the anti-govt bloggers. Even their computers kena tangkap! Later I will ask the apa-nama minster to confiscate all computers and block all internet access. See, now we are confident to fight and win!

Kata Tak Nak said...

And anyway what is the name of that apanama? I can't remember la.


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