Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Where was their Jihad when.....


A group of Mak Datins, from a woman's wing of a political party has declared Jihad on a certain personality whom their husbands claim to have to a preference for man's rear end.

Now why would those Mak Datins be angry? Their men said this politician has been humping man's behind whenever he has the chance. This means these Mak Datins behinds are safe. Let me think here for a while.

I got it, these Mak Datins are actually angry that he has not touched their behinds. You see, this politician that they have declared Jihad on is quite a good looking fellow and maybe they think it is a waste that he chooses to do it to man's behinds and ignore theirs.

Anyway, what do these Mak Datins know about Jihad? Do they really know what it means?

Who is going to do the Jihad anyway? They or the ordinary kampung ladies who are ordinary members who wear ordinary clothes and eat ordinary food in ordinary stalls and who struts in ordinary shoes and wear ordinary tudungs?

What war are they waging against him? A religious war or an economic war? Are they waging Jihad against him for fear that he will destroy their religion or he will destroy their husbads' bank accounts?

Are they afraid that if he wins, more women will shed the tudungs or that they will be forced to wear the tudungs?

Come on la, what do they know about Jihad. Where was their Jihad when their male counterparts were plundering the country to the bones?

Where was their Jihad when a foreign woman was blown to pieces and you can't even find her bones?

Where was their Jihad when the poor was made to pay more to survive and the country was being ruined by their own kind through non-stop politicking?

Where was their Jihad when some people up there decided to put the country into auto pilot while they stop to do more important things?

Where was their Jihad when the children of other ladies were forcibly sent to risk life, limbs and chastity in some camps just so that their kind could make each other rich?

Where was their Jihad when other ladies' children who studied their butts out and upon graduation find it difficult to find jobs as helpers in burger stalls because there are too many burger stalls already?

Where was their Jihad when graduates are forced hide their degrees and use their SPM certificates to apply for clerical or production operator's job?

Where was their Jihad when squatters were forcibly evicted in lands they have been living for generations just so that some of their kind could make many many millions building condos and shopping malls?

Where was their Jihad when known criminals are allowed to walk free because it seems our prosecuting teams suddenly lost the ability to put up a good show?

Where was their Jihad when a cigar chomping male counterpart could go free after groping the arse of one of their kind?

Where was their Jihad when their kind provided easy access to everything that we had to the evil regime of USA to facilitate the bombardment of Afghanistan, Iraq and the destruction of the Abu Sayyaf?

Do I need ask more? Come on ladies, is the whole woman wing declaring Jihad or is it only the Mak Datins who are so fond of rhetoric and suddenly find that Jihad is the fashionable word to use?

I wonder too, what they were wearing when they declared this so-called Jihad? Were they in Purdahs or were they in Gucci's, Jimmy Choo's and Zang Toi's while instructing their baju kurunged ordinary members to take up arms against this enemy of theirs while they planned their next shopping trip to London, Paris and New York?

Tell you what ladies, get your priorities right and then maybe we will give you a listen.


cakapaje said...

Salam Cikgu,

Too right you are mate! Damn them datins can be liken to the westernised wine-sipping Afghans who applauded cried foul when the fighters - Northern Alliance, Toliban, and a few others - got rid of the soviets for it meant lesser money to be made in smuggling and vice. Its the same damned them that appalauds the governer of Kabul - that Karzai fella - who likes to sit with them for a wine tasting ceremony. To them, damn the poor. To us, damn these datins and those like them who put their brains in their arse.

wun said...

these Datins speak not from their hearts...Ignore them for they are but an accessory to the political world and know very little about the Religious sanctity of Islam except for what they listen and watch on TV and of course Mangga magazine...

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

ok i completely missed this piece of (crappy) news.

i mean seriously la, are they for real? declaring jihad against anwar? for what reason? as you stressed, to save their jewelleries from being pawned once anwar in power and their buttlicking hubbies out of job?

to these bitches, i think its wiser to just mind their aerobic classes instead.

nampak bodoh la bila start campur tangan hal politic mcm ni.

abdi said...

Have we heard well? Is this report correct - Shahrizat declares jihad against Anwar Ibrahim? This is playing with religion in a serious way. Islam is being truly corrupted by Umno people.

Does an ultra-liberal minister, whose personal lifestyle we should not expose here, have any idea what she is saying? I guess not. I guess she has never read any serious Islamic material.

For if she had, she would have realised that her action is the last thing a Muslim should do. I bet Shahrizat does not even understand the concept of jihad, otherwise she would never dare say something like this.

Is it that she cannot admit her humiliating defeat to a political novice in her ‘own' constituency, and now she is jumping on a jihad bandwagon against her victor's father?

My advice to Shahrizat - keep quiet, otherwise your family lifestyle may come into the open. Then we shall know the true hypocrite.


fergie said...

Hahaha Cikgu. I just left a comment on Tehsin's blog about this. I am really CONFUSED as to the meaning of jihad. What this datin is saying is not what my kamus tells me. I need to learn more. It amazes me how many VIPs talk without thinking. Publicity stunt ah?

mr.right said...

She's not using the correct term to show her spirit of fighting against ANWAR. Should not misuse such words, could get people misunderstand, eventhough she is such passion in showing her efforts for the party.

koala bear said...

i view there's nothing wrong about this.its usual for this to happen (one party dislike another party).big deal.

but i dont really agree they use the term "jihad".they make it sounds cheap.

frankie said...

She is damn pissed off coz she got knocked off from Lembah Pantai by Anwar's daughter. This is personal to her.

For your information Cikgu, the KEMAS office in Seberang Jaya received quite a number of kakitangan kerajaan from various states, came with tilam so I presuming they will be staying in the office to help out the BN campaigning.

Using civil servant, on government pay to campaign for BN? Is this fairness? I think she got the whole jihad defination completly wrong.

Ydiana said...

Salam Cikgu

And the list goes on....

This person truly doesn'y know the meaning of Jihad. Got confusd with the word pf fitnah. I think we all do Jihad to keep her stupid mouth shut.

joe said...


Jihad ..wat jihad.....for wat
talking about jihad without understanding it....hahahaha...stupid mak datin

itu bukan jihad tapi JAHAT.....

not jihad against anwar but jihad to kumpul harta....ihad among yr own family dulu la...mak datin oiii

Dalam masyarakat manusia ada binatang jalang
tetapi dalam masyarakat
binatang tidak ada satu pun manusia jalang -Aristotle


Tyre said...

Salam Cikgu

They just declared JIHAD. Maybe after this they will declare SYAHID.


Monster Mom said...

Maybe she now holds a PHD in jihad. As a senator, she now expects people to believe in her...
Sorry mate, not me...not in a million years...

What a Shahloser!!!!

sheriff said...

Shah Lizard sold her soul to UMNO when she lost her Lembah Pantai seat to a seeming novice in politics and Pak Blah gave a job that paid more than RM30K per month from our hard earned money! Jihad indeed!

gongkaukau said...

Well, it looks like jihad had finally found its way to Malaysia. And I will bet that very soon you will hear no end of it!

Kata Tak Nak said...

Thats what Datins are for, to talk stupid.

These Datins speak from their arse.

Maybe she got the idea while doing aerobics? Hmm, I wonder.

Yes you are right, a person with that kind of lifestyle talking about Jihad.

Their kamus is different, the meanings are all written to tailor to their needs.

Mr. Right,
Yes, nak lawan, lawan la but don't misuse the term Jihad.

Koala Bear,
Yes it is a big deal and not something common. Desperation is the answer.

I heard they are bringing in 10,000 campaigners. At least that should be good for tourism.

Using fitnah to Juhad would be their modus operandi.

Yes clever indeed, not Jihat but jahat. I agree.

Yes Shahid and fight with see four

She carries a grudge too far.

I wonder what kind of advice she gives. How to declare Jihad, maybe

Kata Tak Nak said...

Now during UMNO meetings they would not be hoisting the keris anymore, they will shouting Jihad those jahat people.

MANTRA said...

Salam cikgu
Alhamdulillah, the mak datins can now dress to kill in their sarongs... unmasked their true looks without patches of their foundations... but too bad, the imitations still surfaced.

Even if with their original looks... i think the PP voters might mistaken them with zombies running around screaming about JIHAD.


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