Friday, 15 August 2008

Lee Chong Wei has done Malaysia proud

Lee Chong Wei has done the country proud. He has advanced into the finals of the Olympic Badminton competition and has assured Malaysia of at least a silver.

For a Malaysian I am very-very proud of his achievement. He fights for his victory and never gave up.

No matter whether he strikes gold or settles for silver, Malaysia is proud of you.

Go do the country proud in the final. The whole country is rooting for you.


cakapaje said...

Salam Cikgu!

Yay! Go man, go!

rashid said...

Unfortunately, AMENO hordes say he should go back to China.

Kata Tak Nak said...

Yes, go man.

Ameno, what do they know. They ask Cinas to go back to china in ftont of you and yet they suck the chinese towkays balls.

cakapaje said...

Cikgu, tumpang lalu.

Rasihd: You tell those sarkas guys, all of us are going back - whether we like it or not - to the dirt which our physique were composed from. But off course, that may be too much to ask them to understand.

monsterball said...

Yes..kata tak nak....on Sunday..our National Anthem will be played for the first time in an Olympic Game..when Lee Chong Wei wins the gold medal.
Kindly put out Lee Chong Wei's photo!! That's Lin Dan!!

bayi said...

Wow, Cikgu. I have not felt so much adrenalin pumping through my old veins for a long time now!

I hit a fist in the air when he won the final point!

Way to go, Chong Wei! You have done the country proud!

ayor lemuju said...

A gold in the Olympics will be most beautiful

Rabid said...

Sukan sebenarnya boleh menjadi colour blind dan alat untuk perpaduan.

Tapi UMNO/BN hanya tau untuk memecahkan perpaduan.

Ayuh Lee Chong Wei...gua caya sama lu.


yeappie said...

Three towering Malaysians, one captured the world titles and ranked World number 1 in squash, one is assured of at least a silver medal at the 2008 Beijing Olympic, and one having visited the space strictly as a tourist on a tax payers funded trip!

Toilet paper said...

Salam Cikgu..
Go for the Gold..
make Malaysian proud..
All the best..

frankie said...

Cikgu, the success of Chong Wei of coming this far is also due to Misbun Sidek's tireless and selfless effort to guide Chong Wei into a complete player. Kudos and appreaciation of the highest order to Misbun for his effort. While we tend to forget about Misbun's contribution, Chong Wei will never fail to remind us of his appreciation of his coach whenever he won a match.

History taught us we will be great if everyone works together. Sports proven to us in so many ways. Our great football team in the 70s comprises of almost everyone in the Malaysian community. The hockey team used the same formula and we were once ranked no 4 in the world. Our badminton and bowling team showed involvement of multi racial personnel working together to build a strong team, and we are a badminton powerhouse in the world. And look at the cycling and archery team, we are on the way up. Now we look at other popular sports with minimum or none multi racial approach. Basketball, football,& sepak takraw, we are considered minnow and non threatening.

Working together and learning from each other can never be a loss. So can someone please tell the UiTM students that a little competition is good.

Chong Wei and Misbun should be the Malaysian icon for this year national day theme which is 'Perpaduan Teras Kejayaan'.

We are so proud of them. Gold or no gold, they have achieved what our politicians failed. To bring a sense of unity to everyone.

Kerp (Ph.D) said... and my dad was ecstatoc and screamed like crazy. mom thought both of us were crazy. it was a nicely feeling we just let it go. but judging on his game on the 2nd set, he's easily losing his focus and Lin Dan might capitalise on this. but like you said la cikgu, silver pon kira ok dah. he gave his best. he's proud to be donning a malaysian jersey. i'm proud of him no matter what the outcome in the final maybe.

monsterball said...

Thanks for putting out right photo.

[zsazsa] said...

pray and hope he will win a gold medal in the olympic.. he and his family should be really ecstatic about it now :D

Mat Salo said...

Chegu... saya di Indo ini ramai warga di sini yang jeles banget! Besok ada upacara H.U.T. di atas kapal dan saya tetamu kehormat, Pak. Mungkin bisa blog nanti.. Salaam.

a day to remember said...

The 1st Malaysia Olympic gold to be delivered by a Cina?

Ketuanan Melayu, you really is Ketuanan Maluyu.

Hi&Lo said...


As Frankie pointed out, Chong Wei's success is due to Misbun's guidance and credit. This is a Malaysian testimony of passion for the glory of the country.

-shak- said...

to a day to remember..
im pleased to tell you that chong wei's coach is misbun sidek..

notice that after winning the game, 1st thing that chong wei do is cheering..then hugging misbun and then kissing jalur gemilang on his shirt..

now thats how a malaysian should be..

perhaps our politicians can learn something from the sportmen..

Micheal Phelps said...

Lee Chong Wei did Malaysia proud, so is it not better to open UTiM to non-Bumi so that we can bring UTiM to greater height inseat let it straggle as a 3rd rated school that produces unemployable graduate?

ecam said...

uitm is always for malay. it is and will always be.all this talk of competition is bullshit. If uitm is opened to non bumi then it will reduce places for malays who needed the place for them to study. How about those people from kampung that has no money to enlist in private uni or college? If those non bumi doesn't manage to get into gov uni, that's it they can go to private uni. After all non bumi has the highest household income per capita. rm3500 average for non bumi house hold compared to measly 2300 for malay.

So stop all this talk of opening uitm to non bumi and no I'm not uitm student or umno people or pkr people. Enuf said.

wun said...

Tapi, to say that UiTM is for Malays only is rather childish. How are Malaysians gonna develop and grow if we protect and promote those are not worthy and side step those who are, regardless of race? Malays are smart enough we should have no problem accepting and competing. If we merely say that the Uni is for poor Malays, then don’t you think there are also poor non-Malays? Its only 10% and that could be for the poor non-Malays. Remember, after studying days in Uni, they have to compete with all races for jobs. They shouldn't come out of Universities blunted.

MRSM was also previously for Malays only. But then they accord 10% for non-Malays. The most recent status is that it is now 13% for non-Malays and this was disclosed proudly by the government. JPA also used to be for Malays. Then they accord 45% for non-Malays and Nazri Aziz proudly said the percentage shows that the government cares for all races. Now when a Pakatan member “suggest” for the quota to be open, the same people (UMNO) argue like Hell. Don’t be so easily influenced by cheap politics. Universities are for those who are educationally capable. Even Islam does not discriminate (did Rasulullah not invite all to listen to his sermons without putting certain quotas to non-Muslims?)

By the way, Chong Wei still did Malaysia proud even though he missed out on gold.Malaysia (not just Chinese or Malays) is still proud.

frankie said...

Saudara/Saudari ecam, if the government feels that UiTM need to be reserved only for the Malays, by all means, have it the government way. Let it be. Much has been said and argued. The calls for opening up 10% or more never did originate from the non Malays. It was a proposal by the MB, probably as a 'thinking out of the box' proposal for the benefit of UiTM and its student. If the Malay community felt strongly against it, I think the response has been loud and clear.

Let's move on, you don't need a boogeyman to whack. We have much more important matters to attend to, like how to whack this country's economy to be up and running.

|1f34|-|1r3 said...

cikgu..please check your email as in the profile. i sent an email on how to hide the blogspot navigation bar so that we can avoid blog from being flagged.

ali allah ditta said...


Chong Wei deserve his RM 300,000, pension & a datukship but dont lah use him as UMNO/BN political barua....

Btw, when will Saiful receive his datukship?


syah said...

salam dari germany,

awat dok crita pasal chong wei ja? crita la skali pasal chelsea winning the first game 4-0...hahahahahha...actually lagi aritu nak comment, but lupa nama website..tanya na arini baru ingat...

Kata Tak Nak said...

Apa khabar, harap sihat disana. Bukan tak mau crita pasai Chelsea tapi Chelsea tu suka kejut saja. Patutnya dengan players yang dia ada dia kena menang semua game tapi kalah jugak kat MU. John Terry punya takut sampai terjatuh. Hahahahaha.

Don't worry saya rasa tahun ni Chelsea punya tahun la sebab MU nak rehat.

Jaga diri di sana dan hope to see you back soon.

Anonymous said...

I don’t understand why Chong Wei need to get a ‘Datukship’ By all means give the money but giving a title just because he came in second is ‘too much’.
Nichole David deserves her title but not Chong Wei.


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