Friday, 8 August 2008

Mr. Minster sir!

Press: Mr. Minister sir, is sodomy really that wrong?

Minister: Oh, yes it is wrong, it is repulsive and Islam takes a very serious view over it. I am a Muslim and I am a leader, so being a Muslim leader I cannot just accept this especially by a high profile figure.

Press: You mean sir, this persecution of Mr. Ibrahim is also because of the fact that you are a Muslim leader?

Minister: I can't run away from that fact. I am a leader, I have to do what is right?

Press: Then why not charge Mr. Ibrahim in a Syariah Court? Is it because it is more difficult to get a conviction because Syariah Laws are very strict as far as witnesses and evidence is concern.

Minister: No such thing, no such thing. Since our own laws have enough provisions to handle crimes of this nature and since we have ample experience to handle this, let the courts handle it.

Press: So it is really a big crime to you?

Minister: Oh yes, Sodomy is a very very big crime. We are Muslims and anyone caught committing such a crime must be severely dealt with.

Press: Anyone sir?

Minister: Yes anyone. This is Malaysia where the rule of law applies to everyone. No one is above the law.

Press: But Mr. Ibrahim is not charged with using criminal force or rape which is safe to assume that he is charged with consensual sex? Doesn't that make Mr. Bukhari equally guilty? Since it is consensual, it means he has committed a crime too? Why wasn't Mr. Bukhari charged sir?

Minister: Er, er, Saiful is a young boy. Perhaps he doesn't know that it is wrong. We can't go down hard on him. Pity the boy la.

Press: He doesn't know? Isn't it too lame an excuse sir? Why not charge him and let the court decide if he is not aware that sodomy or anal sex is a crime?

Minister: No we can't do that, we must also have compassion.

Press: Shouldn't compassion be applied to all sir?

Minister: No not that way, Saiful is evidently misled.

Press: Misled sir? He is not a minor and he is after all educated. You did say that anyone committing such a crime should be severely dealt with sir?

Minister: Ask the police that.

Press: But you are their minister sir?


cakapaje said...

Salam Cikgu,

Minister: Yes!! I, I, I no erected Minister of Police. You, you, you...must know we are a democratic country and anyone can sodomise anyone here.

Press: Minister?!!!

Minister: No! No! I no said that, you press like to put soft things in my mouth.

Press: Back to the alleged victim: Why is he labeled a victim when its consensual? And if he is a willing partner, shouldn't he be charged too!

Minister: You, you, like to think this is something we made up. I, I, I, admit we did. But the fool, you know not, he is what we call 'not baligh'?

Press: More than 20years of age and he is 'not baligh'?

Minister: Yes, yes. I, I, know that for a fact!

(The media and crowd present grasp in horror. And so does justice-seeking Malaysians and the entire world).

Kata Tak Nak said...

Press: Why are you stammering Mr. Minister? Are you related to Zam.

Minister: What related to Zam? I got class you know.

Zawi said...

Hope he won't get another TV exposure again. He will make Malaysia seems like part of Papua New Guinea. This minister don't really deserve to be a minister.

Kata Tak Nak said...

I can't agree more. Its so shameful. Are we fated to have monkeys as ministers?

alhusseyn said...

Salam Cikgu, desperate sangatkah depa tu? nampak sangat kelam kelibut skrip konspirasi depa kali ini.Dah jadi lawak bodoh sungguh.Kesian kat Najib ...

som said...

The conspiracy of the past unravels as the new one falters.
Will Rais Yatim's proposal for a law to punish foreign based websites realised? Will his campaign to "inform" foreigners about the Anwar case work? May be we need to visit history. Pliz read the two articles below.



Anonymous said...

salam cikgu

right on sir. sodomy is a violation of our law, syariah or otherwise. Im sure they are those who sodomize everyday since that is their sexual preference. But does the law say we catch only those we wanna catch?

monsterball said...

Another gem froM you.
This blog is entertaining.

Anonymous said...

Follow the Permatang Pauh elections from:

[zsazsa] said...

it has been two busy unenjoyable day without internet.. another entertaining read :D.

it seems the minister is quite confuse there :D.. keep repeating the same thing. ckp berbelit-belit.

Kata Tak Nak said...

Kalau sorang Menteri yang senior dan yang berpelajaran pulak tu buat komen2 bodoh yang dia sendiri tau buleh menggigit dia balik, memang desperate la nama tu.

Kata Tak Nak said...

I think there is an invisible provision, visible only to the powers that be, that states that selective prosecution and thereby persecution is encouraged if not demanded.

Kata Tak Nak said...


Kata Tak Nak said...

Two days without internet? That must be like a prison sentence.

Confusion is the order of the day here.


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