Monday, 13 July 2009

Why court disaster?

Okay, a short break from politics and on to my other passion, albeit a bigger one: FOOTBALL. Oh yes, football is my real passion besides passion itself, if you know what I mean.

It doesn't take a magician to know which football club I support unless of course if you were a numbskull who has a terrific eye for bargains like getting a 24 mil property for 3 mil. Oh shit! There I go again.

As much as I have very high regards for Sir Alex and his managerial exploits, I would say, he has gone a little too far this time. he has bitten more than he could chew, gone a mile too far than his jalopy could go and take on one straw too many on his back. All I want to say is that not all challenges are surmountable.

No, I am not talking about letting Ronaldo go. Yes, he is a damn bloody good player but he is only one player. If he was that good, than Perez wouldn't need Kaka, Benzema and Ribeiry. As much as I like him, I don't think, his going away, would hurt Man Utd too much except probably in the entertainment department. He is a classy act.

Letting Ronaldo go is not The Big Challenge, I am talking about. Not landing another Star Player is also not a big enough challenge as far as Man Utd and Sir Alex is concerned. Man Utd currently have the stars to weather the 2009/2010 storm.

The team that starts the next season must be mentally and physically ready for another crunching season. Everyone knows that but something that not many give too much thought about is the fact that the team must also be emotionally ready. The players should start with confidence.

It is this confidence department that I am very worried. What do I mean by confidence here? Simple, the players start the season believing that they could win the Premiership. How do you give them this confidence? Simple, give them the best pre-season preparation you could give, like beating Real Madrid in a warm up match, or trouncing a Brazilian Selection or make mince meat of your neighbours, City or beating barcelona with your youth team or putting beating the shit out of the scousers. That is the perfect emotional tonic..

This time he is doing it all wrong. He is taking his invincibilty a little too far. Yes, he has got Owen, Valencia and Oberton, and they are going to go on a tour in which they are going to whup the ass of many of the teams they are warming up with but, yes there is a but here. But, why Malaysia?

Like I have said earlier, the players need morale boosting performances and results in their warm up. They could easily get that in Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, South Korea and Australia, these are minnows. Doesn't Sir Alex know that Malaysia is a different league altogether? Does, he truly think he could take on the mighty FAM and the Malaysian Selection?

Malaysia have already shown how cock sure they are by picking an under 23 squad to play the Devils and I predict the Malaysian boys are going to give the Devils a hiding they deserve for daring to take on the real big powers. This is not Real Madrid, or Milan or Barcelona we are talking about. We are talking about a collection of players from a SUPER LEAGUE not Premier league.

Sir Alex, please, put your ego aside and give some excuses and get out of this impending disaster. You are leading your players to the slaughter house and this would kill them, emotionally. It doesn't matter if, by default, you would have to pay FAM 100 million pounds, just get out of this suicide mission and never ever come back this way again.

Doesn't he know that Malaysia is representing Mother Earth for the Inter Galactic Universe Cup?


kopitelp16 said...

They came here not for football but for the money football fans willing to pay to see them. Sell more shirts and get the fan base growing. We are doing that too in S'pore.

Asia is where the money lies. The most populous continent and with a growing economy, more young fans are willing to pay a few hundred bucks so that they could wear the latest kit.

So, ManU will be a contender again but I do think our kids will give them a mauling!

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

OMG, so glad the Gunners will not have to play against the SUPER LEAGUE selection. there's every possibility the London side gets humiliated by the young Tigers...hehehe...

Jokes aside, i remember Wenger bought Jinichi Inamoto a few seasons ago and, no wait...ok that was quite a joke come to think of it..hehehehhehehe...

the purchase was solely for promotional reason to the extend the poor jap was nicknamed 'Tshirt' by his club peers. but it works. more Japs started following the Arsenal since then.

Kata Tak Nak said...

That I agree, I myself would have bought if they have my size where I am.
No, we are not contenders, we are the defending champions.

As for the mauling, I heard the Malaysian team whacked Zimbabwe. Did Mugabe make any phone calls before the game?

Kata Tak Nak said...

The thing they would do tpo make a business out of football. Dong was bought for the same reason and failed miserably, initially everyone thought that Park was another Tshirt player.

Anonymous said...

Salam cikgu,
OMG MU against Malaysian Tigers? I simply can't bear the thought. Very sure MU going to be torn apart by the Tigers ! Phew !!! What insane thought. What's happening cikgu ? Just my 2sen .

Kata Tak Nak said...

I think Fergie's losing it. The defeat to Barca has knocked him hard. So what's the bet? I'll take Tigers and give you 8 goals.

cakapaje said...

Salam Cikgu,

Fuyooh! Mal U23 Selection! Brazil pun takut main ngan depa!'re right, Fergie is losing it. His marbles, mind you, not his balls :)

Kata Tak Nak said...

That's why la, I mean the whole is afraid of our SUPER LEAGUE and this guy shows no respect at all.

Anonymous said...

ha ha ha

we use to giv loas a 16-0 hiding. now, we take a deep breath and offer our prayers of thanks if we just win.

how about a super super super duper league to revive the fortunes of malaysian football? ask the big bosses of FAM who has guided the fortunes of malaysian footbal to this level. Malaysia Boleh.

kkbboy said...

Under the excellent leadership of the President of Persatuan Kenasepak Malaysia, our toothless tigers have risen to 157th out the 203 member countries under FIFA.This impressive showing will surely make the MaNure players tremble with fear and wet their shorts the moment they face our world class players. Top clubs like Barca, Real Madrid etc. do not even want to waste their time bidding for our players as they know the astronomical transfer fees they command will surely bankrupt these clubs.

Kata Tak Nak said...

What Laos, I remember Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and other middle east countries except Iran and Iraq as easy meat. South Korea and us were on par, now?

Malaysian Joe said...


Sorry ah.. been and work and getting lesser pay.. sigh.. this current economic crunch is biting in to my time as well.

SUPER LEAGUE.. dun pray pray... Red Devils gonna have their butt whooped by the galacticos of Malaysia.. a hiding they will remember for life! LOL!

Msian football.. since I dunno when.. we will be humbled repeatedly by Philipines soon..

Anyway enough of our local stuff, I think next season is gonna be tough. Not because we do not have CR but we are certainly lacking firepower up front. Rooney, Berba, Owen? Valencia is good but I have always doubted players from Central America.

I hope SAF is just kidding when he says no more buys... certainly hope to see Aguero and Costa donning the famous red of Man United. Forget Benzema.. forget Ribery. They are priced out by the Madristas.

Kata Tak Nak said...

Malaysian Joe,
I have a feeling that Costa fella is a must buy because he is at present not that expensive. We'll scrape through though it may be tough.


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