Sunday, 5 July 2009

Hari Perkembangan Staff

Yesterday the 4th July was no fireworks day for us. Nope we did not celebrate no Independence Day. Anyway why why should we?

I got up very early coz I had to be in school by 7 am, so they said. I reached school at 6.45, speeding all the way coz I was afraid I might be late. When I reached I was declared the second prize winner. Yes, I was the second person to reach the school. A morning teacher beat me to it.

Well to make a long story short cos there're gonna be lots of pictures in this post. We all boarded the bus at about 7.30 am and was soon on our way to Pulau Aman.

Yesterday was our Hari Perkembangan Staff (Staff Development Day) kali ke 5. Yeap it was the 5th Saturday we had to go to school and there are 2 more. Anyway this time we were going to Pulau Aman, about an hour journey from school. At the Jetty at Tambun we took a ferry. Actually it was 20 per ferry and there were almost 70 of us so you do the maths.

From the Jetty on the Island it was a leisurely 5 minute walk to a small hall where they served us breakfast of, yes your guess is right, Malaysia's very own breakfast special, red hot but not piping, nasi lemak, so what did yours trully do? He took 1 hard boil egg. a liitle nasi lemak and no killer gravy cos he was intend on living for about 20 to 30 years more.

Then it was briefing time. First there would be kayaking and rafting. Yours truly almost fainted because those 2 activities meant sweating it out. His idea of a sweat session was to lock himself in a room without the fan or aircond on, on a hot day and bathe in his sweat. He is one of those who had sworn never to sweat by labour. Then the big crunch. After breaking off from the session at sea, there would be lunch followed by a short break for prayers and for repairing torn or shredded limbs before a mindless walk into the jungle. Yeap, they were gonna let us loose in a jungle and get a few tigers and bears to stalk us till we shit in our pants.

Then its off to the sea. Yours truly of course armed himself with a camera so that he could use it as an excuse to be excluded from the suicide mission. The kayakers got themselves into their kayaks while yours truly and few others of from the 'anti sweat by labour' movement got their asses into a boat provided by Mr. Mat Nor, the guy who ran the whole thing.

Yours truly was of course busy shooting with his Olympus lest he be charged with shirking his duty or worst still, charged with skipping National Service.

Actually, it was a bargain I had with my head. I go but no kayaks and no jungle trekking and she agreed to a few of us.

I dare say all of them enjoyed the activity and I enjoyed watching them enjoy pushing and hurting themselves silly, so we could call it a draw or better still, win win.

Anyway after a short break we received news that the mother of one of our teachers, who was anyway absent, died. The Pengetua immediately gave orders to scrap jungle trekking. The tigers and bears, last I heard. were weeping. The bus driver was frantically called over the phone to inform about the change in plans.

After a hearty lunch of, aaah, you could see what we ate in the photos, we hurriedly left to be in time for the funeral and we barely made it.

At cikgu Zurina's house there was much tears and crying and huggings. It was indeed sad to see her mourning her loss. What started as a promised fun-filled day ended in tears.
Al Fatihah.

Who says the early bird gets the 1st worm? Huh, it gets to wait

Still waiting.

That's Mr. Tuan, the Penolong Kanan Petang.

Rohizan, the master of gadgets. Loves big bikes and high sugar readings.

Aiee, no toilet ka here?

Yeap, we have reached the jetty.

I swear la I tell, the squid was this big and looks like someone from Putrajaya.

Shit man, this is Saturday la. What the hell am I doing here?

If you think Pulau Aman is this clean, then think again.

Not too clean huh?

Definitely not from our group. They look too happy.

Hey, true la, the people there don't wear clothes la. You brought your camera or not.

Huh? This is Pulau Aman? Where are the hotels, the malls, the muscular lifeguards?

Okay, who has not circumcised yet? What do you pick, the knife or the axe?

Okay, who wants to go to the nudist camp, off with your clothes.

What! They want us to kayak? But I did not bring my thong.

Yeah, go ahead stretch till your arms drop, it would not make you any good a swimmer.

Ayoo, why must do this all? Want to kayak, just kayak la.

No ladies, you don't pee through those tubes.

Yes, writing your will is a prerequisite.

I say, today got sales at Sunshine la.

If we die kayaking, we will sue.

Didn't I tell you so? Yours truly cheated his way through. Hey its better than sweating.

Actually they cheated, they had hidden on board motors.

This thing can really keep me afloat ka? Ayo, die la like this.

No, no, no, I want my mummyyyyyy.

Isn't this how they make dodol?

Pengetua and the PK koko. Pengetua must be happy cos the attendance is quite good.

She would rather die than ride in one so I asked her to act act only. See. no life jacket.

The Pengetua said if you came in first you would get the APC.

Alamak, like this no APC la this year.

Excuse me ma'am, that's the way to No Return Island. Are you sure that's your destination?

No Ramizan, this is not the nudist camp so wipe that smirk of your face.

Excuse me, which is the way to the JPN?

Turn right, the nudist camp's that way.

If I die, bury me face down so that the whole world can kiss my arse.

No marks for guessing what this is. Yes, its lady's fingers.

These thing is cheap la here, serious cheap man.

Hey haven't we met before? I could have sworn I saw you in an aquarium somewhere. Why so sombong one, don't want to talk to me.

Ayo, soru inge daa? Fish and ketam only, where's the rice?

No sir these prawns are not stolen from the Tambun market. They are stolen from the Juru market.

Ladies and gentlemen, as from tomorrow I'll be taking over this thingy. I promise you a nudist camp would be set up by latest, day after tomorrow. So undi la saya.

Our first line of defence. To get to us, get through them first. Remember looks can be deceiving.

Oi, want to play police and thief ka?

I hope the Pengetua is not aware that I had ponteng.

Hey she's not with us but with looks like that, I guess I can make an exception.

Ah what a feeling, my very own island.


Mat Salo said...

Looks like a great time ya Chegu? Must have slept like a log after.. I plan to have a debate about the merits of arwah Mikhail J. Abdulla Vs. Prince soon, so I'm marshaling my thoughts on a suitable opening salvo.. I belong to Prince's camp, BTW.. :)

With all that strenuous activity, 'which way to IJN - not JPN' would've been more appropriate. Ha ha.

samson said...


True to M'sian spirit, who was the last one to arrive and what time? ;p

cakapaje said...

Salam Cikgu,

I say, I spy with my little eye, an eye candy or 2! :) Glad to see you made it back/

By the way, is this Pulau Aman formerly known as Pulau Jerjak?

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

cikgu, some of us sure had quite an eventful weekend. mine especially, was trully 'engaging'...hehehehee...

lovely pics you have there btw. but i beg to differ a bit. Nasi lemak maybe our staple breakfast meal but dont forget there's still roti canai, telur setgh masak and ofcos, my all-time 'favourite', mihun to devour on.

and nudist, even though i dont mind ogling at some of them hippie chics, i cant help to think nudists are bunch of weirdos.

Hiriyati said...

Not and your friends got to do lots of fun stuffs for your Staff Development session.

My friends and I had to endure listening to a young motivator who thinks that he's the "greatest" and kept reminding us on how lucky we were because he'd chosen our function instead of the one organised by Petronas where he'd be paid more!

Kata Tak Nak said...

Mat Salo
You bet. I slept like a log over two nights.

You a Prince fan? Yea, it should be IJN if I were the one kayaking.

Kata Tak Nak said...

Yes, very true. When would we ever changed or would we ever change?

Kata Tak Nak said...

No, they are two different islands. Jerejak is nearer to Penang Island but both are visible from the bridge.

Kata Tak Nak said...

Yes, Kerpov, I hope you were 'tied' in a rather 'engaging' evening.

Of course nudists are weirdos. To be normal they have to do it outside their camps.

Kata Tak Nak said...

That's the kind of penceramah I hate most.

Well, to tell the truth, I fully enjoyed myself. I believe all perkembangan staff days should go along this line, not the boring sleep inducing ceramahs.


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