Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Come to Malaysia, it's dirt cheap here.

Don't you simply love this country? I mean, we have everything here, sunshine, rain, more sunshine and more rain. Isn't it simply a lovely place to live in.

Okay lets be serious, don't you think that Malaysia is one hell of a cheap country to live in? Hey, go into a posh restaurant and eat all you want and the damage would only be a few tenners, definitely less than the number of fingers in one hand.

Go look over a nice looking Mercedes or a BMW or a Jaguar, heck you could also look at a Ferrari or Maserati or Lamborghini and buy one for maybe a 100K for the Mercedes or BMW and maybe a little more for the 3 Italian make.

I am told that a penthouse would only cost about 300K to 400K. A simple apartment costs roughly about 20K. Hey we else can you get such fine living for such prices? Nowhere I tell you except Malaysia. Okay let's not debate about this cos you would want to win and start to talk nonsense and I would want to win but I won't talk nonsense, I back what I say with facts, cold hard facts.

Still not convinced? Okay, a case in point. This my friends, is a palace built on 50000 plus square feet of prime land and the owner is willing to swear upon Saiful's arse that it's only about RM3 million. Now why would he want to lie? If it costs RM30mil of course he would say so. Come on have any of our leaders ever lied?


Mike Tan said...

Biasa lah.RM 3.5 millions loan,the rest paid by lembu or his ill gotten gain under table which is not reflected on the S&P.

Now that he is jobless I wonder how is he going to service the loan.

I still remember Tun Mahathir said gleefully that his bungalo at country height cost only 1 million.Ini sudah lawan taukeh.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

hey ofcos everyone can afford a 3.5mil worth of bungalow. it shouldnt be an issue in the first place bcos you know why? them fucking MACC thinks so. thats why they've been very quiet, quieter than a mouse.

samson said...


Govt discount-mah...you never get-ka? Maybe for foreigners born in Malaysia can get cheaper than locals whose fore fathers fought and died for this country!

Then again, the land could have been bought in 1960 at that price.

Singam said...

Swear on Saiful's arse? I swear, you crack me up.

kopitelp16 said...

Swear on Saiful's arse? Yeah... Khir's looking for a grand opening for his mansion!

Anyway, I do believe him that he only took 3.5mil loan from HSBC. Why? Because, being the MB then, he has done great service to the State. Thus, the State gives him like a 95% discount on every thing he wants to buy. Then you can factor in the friendly contribution from contractors, IDs, furniture suppliers, electrical item...etc

So you all can cry foul all you want, MACC can dig whatever they want (if they want) but trust me.... at the end of the day, swearing on Saiful's arse really works!

ahoo said...

Chegu, why you jealous kah ? He said 3.5 million only and he had taken loan from HSBC. The rest probably settled by donation from friendly suppliers, contractors, labourers etc. He was THE MAN at that point of time and loads of services can be provided with the wave of the hand. Just like the days of "Pharoah" as many would even kiss his feet / arse for some people.

Well, in any blog, I'd offer to buy it for 4.5 million and still waiting for his answer lah. I meant it as 4.5 million rp not rm as country mouse like us where to find such money like them who just sign on dotted lines for land to be given to proxy. Thereafter, develop by proxy and makes millions. No wonder they are into politics to serve,.... themselves.

Kata Tak Nak said...

I think he paid the rest with is tempes la.

Kata Tak Nak said...

I won't be surprised if the MACC comes out and say that the Palace costs only 500K.

Kata Tak Nak said...

Wa got government discount ka? How come I bought using gomen loan got interest so more?

Kata Tak Nak said...

These people worship Saiful's arse. It is sacred to them.

Kata Tak Nak said...

Yes, his kampung people had a gotong royong and built him what 'hut' with materials taken from the surrounding jungles.

Kata Tak Nak said...

I think he is a magician la. Acracadabra, namo namo chi chi tiam and hey presto.

Anonymous said...

When I was lecturing at UTM (Jln Gurney/Semarak then), some of my seniors are actually "millionaires". They are unassuming, but they are really "rich" beyound what a "normal" (cari makan) person could comprehend.

I was fortunate to make friends with these group, and learn "secrets to money" - delayed gratification and wise investing.

Only later these tips are available in bookstore by the likes of Azizi, Renesial, Milan Doshi, Rajen Devadason, Kiyosaki, Paul Allen et al.

It is possible to have riches beyond what you obtain through what is obtained through monthly payroll.

Azizi was a pilot, but he make mis millions elsewhere whilst under regular employment. I am very sure some of his envious collegue would cucuk belakang and say that Azizi makan belakang; because they are incapicitated their limitiation on how to grow wealth.

To me Khir Toyo was a dental surgeon. The fact that he is one already shows that he has the capacity to grow his own wealth. Its the ones that des not have normally cannot appreciate how easy it is to be wealthy; and hence can only talk about "people" rather than "ideas to generate wealth".

MRSM Kalae Chepo 66/73

Anonymous said...

P/s Addendum:

There was a time that land in Shah Alam was dirt cheap. because it is leasehold and predominantly Melayu area. (Notice or not, kalu kawasan Melayu aje harga murah).

The reason - no amenities, no cinema, no kareoke parlour etecetra.

I also ones who took advantage when times are cheap.

MRSM Kalae Chepo 66/73

Kata Tak Nak said...

Okay fair, but please tell me if you believe that that property costs 3 mil. That is the crux of the matter, Don't change subjects. Tell me, does that property cost RM3 mil. I did not say it cost 3 mil, Toyo himself said that. Now you are a lecturer or were a lecturer, tell me if the property is a RM3 mil property. If you believe it does not cost that much then why must Toyo have to lie. If he did make his riches while being a denstist then why did he lie. The question is why must someone who is not wrong lie unless of course he is wrong. You are not a very bright lecturer aren't you?

Kata Tak Nak said...

Answer the above question first. Why did he lie. Idf the land was cheap the bungalow sure wasn't. It was not built in the 50s or neither was it built in the 60s. I drove pass the shit place last year while it was still being built so do that kind of house cost 3 mil in 2008 or was it built through gotong royong with materials taken from Bukit Cerakah for free.

cakapaje said...

Salam Cikgu,

I was about to echo kopitelp's comment, but what the heck: Yup! Those contractors probably returned a big favour by building that Toyo a mansion. However, they could have also been paid by a developer on the same account. In fact, while covering stories for webtv8, Wak Kasiran and I came across many mansions presumably belonging to sarkas DUN or their clowns. Still, that does not exclude corruption and abuse of power. Hang him dry! :)


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