Thursday, 9 July 2009

PPSMI and English

Officer: Pengetua, are all the Maths and Science teachers present?

Pengetua: All present except 2. Both of them are having tuition classes.

Officer: What? You condone this? Don't you know that teachers must get approvals to give tuition? Do they have approvals from the ministry? Even if they do, why during school hours?

Pengetua: Wait, wait let me explain, those 2 teachers are from the afternoon session and they can't get out of their tuition classes so I gave them permission not to attend this meeting. Anyway, they will be in school before the afternoon session starts. Anyway .....

Officer: Did they get permission to give tuition?

Pengetua: No.

Officer: Why not? You are in big trouble for this.

Pengetua: Because they are not giving tuition, they are taking tuition and there's no regulation compelling them to get written approval to take tuition.

Officer: What? Err, err, taking tuition? What subject?

Pengetua: English. Their English sucks so I forced them to take tuition in English if they were to teach my students the subjects in English.

Officer: Oh, I see, then its a different matter. So please may I address the teachers?

Pengetua: Please do, before that let me introduce you to them. Ehem! Dear teachers, today we have an officer from the Maths and Science department of the Ministry of Education, En. Arshed, who wants to address all of you.

Officer: Good morning teachers. This won't take long. The ministry has decided to do away with PPSMI. The minister would make an announcement soon so I am here to order all of you to return all notebook computers, LCD projectors and schools must also return all screens and empty their computer labs. The labs would be torn down because they don't serve any purpose anymore. They were built with Science and Maths money so no other subjects could use them. Ah, you have until the end of the month to return the equipments failing which you would be fined. Thank you. Pengetua, you may dismiss the teachers.

Pengetua: Thank you Mr. Arshad and all teachers I hope to start receiving the equipments from next Monday. You may leave but please call the English teachers to come in immediately.

After 10 minutes.

Pengetua: I would like to thank the afternoon teachers for coming for this meeting despite the short notice. We have an officer from the English Language Department from the Ministry who has something important to say to you. Teachers I present to you Mr. Shamsuddin.

Officer: Thank you. This will be a short session. The minister will soon announce that PPSMI would be thrown into the dustbin. He would also announce that we will adding an additonal 2 periods per week for English. English has been up-graded. All of you would be issued with brand new notebook computers and LCD projectors. We will supply all schools with state of the art screens. No, we would not used the equipments used by PPSMI, ours would be brand new ones. The contractors to supply these equipments have been appointed by UMNO. As soon as the computer labs for PPSMI are demolished, on the same grounds, we would build new computer labs and furnish them with new state of the art desktop computers. We would also be sending all of you for courses. Thank you. You can go back to your classes.


nik awin said...

billions spent by the gomen is heading to the nearby longkang.

oh..muhyidin, lepas tu jangan lupa flush semua dokumen PPSMI tu dalam jamban.
Nanti che det marah lagi

p/s: kesian pada 2 golongan;
pelaksana polisi - cikgu-cikgi
penerima polisi - budak sekolah

Singam said...

I also want!

CL said...

should the kids feel relieved or worried?? hhhmmmmm

muteaudio said...

Pi mai, pi mai, tang tu jugak!

ahoo said...

He said it clear and loud ! It is not for political reason that the change is effected. Well, to let a politician to run the ministry of education is a wrong call, to me personally. We need professional people who understand what it means to educate.

With a stroke of a pen, we are again chasing after the wind in terms of educating our children. Of course the book writers are all laughing to the banks now.

The issue of patriotism should not be based on language alone. So what if we put more emphasis on English ? I have a friend whose neighbour is a Malay family. Both families sent their children to
" Chee Wen " chinese school. This Malay gentleman sent both his daughters there and initially they struggled. He sent them for chinese tuition and now they are within the top 10 in top class !

This puts to shame many children of chinese origin. At the end of the day, it is not which language is more important BUT we need to ensure that we have prepared our children well in facing the world out there. They must be multi-tasking (preferably knows more than 3 languages) in order to have a secure future.

Anonymous said...

looks like another Sekim Cepat Kaya beyong Central Bank Governor control lah...

no wonder we have new subject in schools today - H1N1 or in Malay, Selsema Babi!

kopitelp16 said...

I think many will seriously think about sending their children to private/international schools.

With policy change at their whims and fancy, there's no continuity. Pity those kids and parents too!

Anyway, someone with the right connection, at the right time and place is going to get rich! Supplying new softwares to PCs.....

Satu Lagi Project Barisan Nasional!

Anonymous said...

Salam cikgu,
Orang depa buat duit lagi!!!Who cares about you teachers ? Tambah 2 period, mau letak waktu mana cikgu ? Tambah lagi, tambah lagi... and finally all teachers need not go homelah. And who cares about the poor pupils ? Lama-lama student naik gila pula!!! Who cares ! Gang-gang buat duit. Semua buat baru. More money for themlah. Just my 2sen cikgu.

Pak Idrus said...

I think now it is better to send children to Sekolah Kebangsaan Jenis Cina. At this school all subjects including Math and Science would be taught in Mandarin, a powerful international language now, where there are million of books in Maths and Science for further studies and references. Of course English would be taught in English and BM in BM.

Another thing Cikgu at the end of the school period all the students from this school would not only excel in Math and Science but they would also be able to read and understand Mandarin, English and BM.. Mind you 3 languages. Great idea, at least I think so.

Have a nice day.

acciaccatura said...

heehee...typical memang.

Kata Tak Nak said...

That is why they need all these, to spend billions more.

Kata Tak Nak said...

Let's discuss my commissions.

Kata Tak Nak said...

Talk to any student, most of them are relieved. Why? Because PPSMI was done without any preparation.

Kata Tak Nak said...

Yang tu yang depa mau pasai pi depa masuk, mai depa masuk dan dok tang tu pun depa masuk.

Kata Tak Nak said...

We won't be talking about this if they had planned PPSMI.

Kata Tak Nak said...

Hmm interesting subject. I am sure they will spend billions on new labs.

Kata Tak Nak said...

If they have the money that is. Temember all schools come directly under The MOE.

Kata Tak Nak said...

My newest post will focus on mana nak curi masa.

Kata Tak Nak said...

Pak Idrus,
As it is Chinese type schools are bursting with quite a few having enrollments of 3K plus and no new ones are allowed to be built so there goes the dream. Even the Chinese had to fight hard to send their children to quality Chinese schools. Mind you there are hopeless ones. I did my practical at one such school.

Kata Tak Nak said...

Mesti cari peluang dengan apa cara sekali.

Mike said...

Samy Velu today told MIC supporters: "Don't worry. In Tamil schools, Science, Maths and even BM will be taught in Tamil" to cheers and applause from the audience.

Anonymous said...


no need to say more.

hey, how come these BN buggers are shameless?


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