Monday, 1 December 2008

At 52, could there be anything new?

At a little over half century years old I wonder if there could possibly be anything new in life. I mean you have gone through life. As usual, for the common man there are some ups followed by many many downs, then downs and more downs and finally death.

Of course certain things could qualify as earth-shatteringly new if only they happened but they just didn't.

I mean if all of a sudden I got a letter in the mail or since this is the age of the wired world, I received an email saying that my application, the application that I did not send, to be the first Malaysian to go to Mars is successful and I am to pack my bags and be in Fiji to catch their craft to Mars next week, it would surely be something new in my life but I checked my inbox and my mailbox and there was no such communication.

Maybe, all of a sudden I get a call saying that since a certain Mr. North has taken ill, and so they have decided to rope me in as replacement as the lead in a new Hollywood mega-budget porn, featuring amongst others, Monica Belucci, young Sharon Tate, Angelina Jolie and a host of other Hollywood beauties and to just spice it up, they throw in a few Bollywood hotties like Aishwarya, Pretty Zinta, kareena Kapoor and for that local flavour, a certain Ms Karin would be making a cameo appearance; now wouldn't that be something new in the uneventful life of a 52 year old school teacher? But alas, it was not to be.

But wait, hold the phone, there was something new; something more thrilling, more scintillating, more stimulating and something more orgasmic that happened to this 52 year old man.

I know you have guessed it and sorry no prizes for guessing it right because everyone saw it coming.

Many have written about the bloggers do at The Terrace, The Curve on the 29th and like any other blogger who is currently experiencing a long bout of writer's block, I am going to pounce on this golden opportunity to come out with a post.

Actually, jokes aside, that meet was indeed earth-shattering to yours truly. I had so much wanted to meet my friends that as the taxi approached the designated place I had butterflies. I had never felt that way since the day I took my driving licence in 1981.

I was about to call Doc, when suddenly the man himself called me and he gave me a wrestler's bear-hug followed by another sincere heartfelt hug from Shah after wich they escorted me inside.

I was almost dizzy as I saw the array of blogging dignitaries. What really tugged at my heart most was to see a smiling Raden, so full of life and so cheerful despite only just being discharged from hospital.

The people whom I hadreally wanted to meet were there except for Pak zawi whose absence was understandable. I tried to be at every table but was mostly seated beside Kerpov who had asked for a hug from me.

It was very eventful indeed. Initially I thought of snapping some shots with my specially-bought-for-the-occasion-Olympus 1040, but the excitement of the whole affair relegated photography to the last item on the list. Anyway, Mat Salo took plenty of pictures and sportingly burnt a cd containing about 200 shots for me.

For the photos, maybe you should go to Mat Salo's or Shah's or I was told, Pak Idrus's blog. The pics that I am inserting is of a private meeting a few of us had the next night, which was last night.

Anyway, I was a little disappointed at not being able to meet Nuraina and a few other bloggers who had to leave early.

The next night, doc called me about a proposed hastily arranged meet at Halim's Ayam Golek somewhere in KL, how the fuck am I going to know where. Since Shah has sportingly volunteered to fetch me, or was he forced to do it since it was his idea to begin with, I immediately agreed.

It was a private meeting between bloggers. There was Doc, Mat Salo, Shah, Kerp, Razlin of muteaudio and yours truly. We had some birds succulently 'goleked' and rice and over 2 BPL matches I dare say that I learnt so much more about my friends that I could ever imagined.

My friends are truly humble, down to earth, ordinary, peace-loving, justice-seeking Malaysians and I wouldn't want to have it any other way.

All in all, it was truly eventful and I am told that some bloggers would be coming over to Penang early next year. I would really loved it if the next bloggers' do could be held in Malacca at the end of next year. Why Malacca? Shhh! tell you a secret. I have never been to Malacca. Would love to meet Hang Li Po. They say she's hot.


The ever smiling Kerpov who couldn't hide his anxiety over the Chelsea Arsenal match.


Shah, the writer of the group, ever so willing to help.


Razlin. Watch out for this boy, he has a great future ahead of him.


The Docta. You would be surprise at how friendly this man is. There's no airs about him.


Razlin and Docta. I am sure Doc was trying to persuade Razlin to be a Gynae and Razlin was blushing in anticipation


Two for the road. Sorry Mat Salo, couldn't get a solo shot of you coz you never stood still



Anonymous said...

salam chegu,
so glad to have met you in person chegu, walaupun kita tak banyak berbual ketika itu. dalam hati asik nak tergelak je bila tengok chegu. salam tu kak asmah.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...


trust me, you wouldnt want having a go on that certain ms Karin. lets not get into that as it can get very nasty. hey, try google up Hannah Tan, she's the hottest of the hottests.

nuff said. it was a great weekend for all, and in particular you and me, footie-wise. we beat the shit out of chelscum in front of their own crowd.

again, it was a real pleasure meeting you boss. and to whoever paid for my portion of rice and ayam golek pak halim, thanks brothers.

cakapaje said...

Salam Cikgu,

You were absolutely wonderful! Thank you for coming all the way from Penang. I really had a great time :)

Say, that guy in the white pagoda t-shirt, is he for real?

Mat Salo said...


I personally believe live begins at 55. Just ask Madey. For most people looking to retire at 55 depa baru nak start jadi PM. So life begins at 55 so you are nowhere near it, Chegu! Yup that's the time when I'm gonna get my two-door sports coupe, top-down with a hottie next to me, preferably also with her top down. Ha ha.

Enjoy gila Chegu. Next on my agenda is to host my former teachers Abd Rahman Ali (also Bung Zawi's teacher in SI Pasir Mah back in the 60s) and Mr. Nadarajah. One down two to go...

Kata Tak Nak said...

Ya la saya kurang dapat bersembang dengan E tapi saya memang nampak E tergolek-golek gelak berdekah-dekah bila E tengok saya.
Harap dat berjumpa lagi.

Kata Tak Nak said...

Hey thank Wenger for the favour and believe me I came back with fond memories. You guys were truly great and the best hosts.

Kata Tak Nak said...

Kerp has already made an undertaking to come to Penang, what about you? Would be great if you could come and it would be a pleasure to take you around, please do try and thanks for the great bash.

Kata Tak Nak said...

Mat Salo,
Really did not get much time to really sit and talk with you coz you were ever the perfect host going round everywhere. When are you coming up North? Maybe a trip with Shah, Doc and kerp? Would be great if we keep meet up again. Thanks for hosting the do.

Zawi said...

Salam Chegu,
Sob, sob, sob. Missed meeting Daphne before she went to Canada. Now missed meeting you when you came down to KL.

Kata Tak Nak said...

Pak Zawi,
I think the guys are up to something regarding meeting you. Who knows it could happen sooner than expected? I'd surely try my best to be there.

muteaudio said...

I'm blushing. Anyway, it was nice meeting u. Will meet u again when I make my way home sometime around errr.... next Raya Puasa maybe.


dear cikgu,

i was so sorry to have left before you came. I had to leave earlier because of a pressing matter.
My apologies, dear Cik Gu.

I had so wanted to meet you! You were one of the first bloggers with whom I connected in cyberspace when I first started blogging.

I am hopeful for another time when I could say hello to you in person.

So until that day when we (can) meet, take care!


now I can comment on your preamble (to you posting)

I swear, cik sound like a strapping 30-year-old!

As a fellow 52 year-old, I am proud that you still have it going for you!

Keep the verve and the hotness going!

Kata Tak Nak said...

Yes, when I got in, they said you had just left. Like you yours was amongst the first blogs that I visited.

Pak Idrus volunteered to host us bloggers next year in Malacca and with Hang Li Poh sitting pretty waiting for me, it would be a sin to disappoint and who knows we meet there?


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