Thursday, 18 December 2008


Boy1: Woi, woi look at that achi there?

Boy2: Which one? Got so many what there.

Boy1: That one la, on the left. Wah! cun la.

Boy3: Eh, true la, really cun one. I have not seen her before, she's new here ka?

Boy4: She's from Sabah, just transferred yesterday.

Boy5: How you know? Woit becareful, car coming.

Boy4. Thanks, if not the car langgaq me already la. She's in my class la.

Boy6: Woi, woi, go to the side la, police coming.

Police: Stop, stop, to the side.

Boy1: Okay tuan, sorry tuan.

Police: What are you boys doing?

Boy3: We all going to school tuan.

Police: Which school?

Boy4: The one at the end there tuan.

Police: Why don't you take school bus?

Boy2: Our parents want to save money tuan and anyway our house not so far away tuan.

Police: What proof do you have that you are school boys?

Boy5: This is our school badge tuan and we are in school uniform, look inside our bags tuan, got school books tuan. No cigarrete tuan. Got lighter only.

Police: Anyone also can do that. I need concrete proof.

Boy1: What proof somemore tuan?

Police: I am calling for the police truck to take you in. Headquarters, headquarters, come in. I have six suspects here. Please send in the truck to take them to HQ.

Boy2: Tuan, what have we done tuan. Please tuan we did not do anything wrong, we were just talking about that girl, we don't know its wrong to talk about girls tuan. Please tuan, I promise I won't talk about girls anymore tuan.

Police: I am taking you in for riding bicycles in a convoy. I am sure you are JERIT people.


Anonymous said...

Ya Cikgu that reminds me during my time when we cycle to school, you know we like to cycle in pairs and talk. Suddenly from behind a tree a mata mata will jump out and stop us for riding in pairs. So last time pair cannot so now convoy cannot lah. HaHa.

Anonymous said...

What is our country coming to? Arresting kids riding bicycles? For their own safety? For God's sake, This is stooping as low as it gets....

Kata Tak Nak said...

last time because they all want some kopi now they are ordered all in the name of children's safety.

The only children safe in this country are theirs not ours.

Kata Tak Nak said...

If you think that is low, you are wrong, they would stoop even lower, they had done it before and they would do it again, why is that so? Because no one could stop them, thats why.

peng said...

Cikgu, pls do police a favor. Ask your students not to cycle to school anymore. Otherwise got to deploy many police on the road.., resulting in manpower shortage to tangkap perompak, rapists, murderers. So the Tour de Langkawi, ban also?

Kata Tak Nak said...

Yes la ah. How about Le Tour ah? Like that means lagi banyak kena tangkap la.

Malaysian Joe said...

LOL Cikgu....

What to say... ride bicycle salah, tak pakai helmet is ok.. jump traffic light is ok... rapist and murderers on the lose is ok.. but police pondok in a crime infested area is a no no because it is "too dangerous" for them. So they all now makan gaji buta only.. go catch school children.

difficult times being kids these days... these mata2 (official registered samseng) nowadays more kwai lan than ever.

kopitelp16 said...

We live in a funny place. In Bolehland, our cop can never set their priorities right. Going all out to bust peaceful citizens while letting murderers, rapist, Rempits go unchecked.

Maybe it's a safer job to catch unarmed/candle holding rakyat than going after crooks.

cakapaje said...

Salam Cikgu,

Haiyah! Jelit, jelit ar? Itu polis bukan butut punya olang woh. Itu binar punya celita, itu sarkas mali, muka make-up tibal tibal dan idung macam ludolf the led-nose leindeer ma. Sikalang, satu dunia kasi kitawa sama itu badut badut...ho ho ho!

Kata Tak Nak said...

Malaysian Joe,
Where can ride bicycle one. Bicycle can explode and endanger people's lives.

Kata Tak Nak said...

Priorities are only important when the dough is concerned. Anyway, our vops have no balls, anything the sarkas people say is an order from god.

Kata Tak Nak said...

Lia mana ada pululi dunia katawa sama lia. Lia kila lui masuk saja, lui talak masuk lia manyak talak suka punya.

frankie said...

There is this Police Quarters in Taman Bagan over in Butterworth where the occupants are the police force with their families. The ironic thing about this place is the surrounding is not free from vandalism. The fence were torn apart and their underaged kids were practicing to join the Mat Rempits by riding motorcycles without helmets. And you can see their family members setting up illegal warungs at road sides serving their own members as they immune from the MPSP enforcement units.

With such disregard to the laws, their role have been downgraded to tangkap budak budak. So embarassing.

Kata Tak Nak said...

They all where got malu one.

Anonymous said...

Tahun depan, no more Le Tour Langkawi ...


p/s - Cakap Penang - best

Anonymous said...

Cikgu ...

Saya setuju dengan si Frankie tu ... Police Quarters kat Setiawangsa KL pun 2x5, 5x2 jugak ...



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