Monday, 15 December 2008

Chini oh Chini

KUANTAN: The Pahang Government is seeking help from the Federal Government to revive Tasik Chini which is dying a slow death.

Tasik Chini, the country’s second largest freshwater lake, used to
attract scores of visitors during its lotus blooming season every year
but it is dying due to a number of factors including illegal mining,
logging and pollution which had adversely affected the entire

Both of the quotes above are taken from TheStarOnline so don't go saying that I made them up. I wonder how the Pahang people went about asking for the help that they wanted.

The following, now this one is made up, could be the scenario.

Pah: I say man, DS, its been quite a while since you last holidayed in Pahang la. I think you should do it la so that we could publicise it and give tourism a boost.

Fed: Wah, Nan, you are not as stupid as you look ah? Once in a very-very long while you do come out with a good idea la.

Pah: No la, the idea came from my driver la, oops, no, no, I was talking with my driver on the way to Chini when suddenly I got this flash of brilliance la, hahahaha.

Fed: Are you sure, it was not you driver's idea because knowing you, I know you are incapable of thinking beyond tomorrow?

Pah: Hahahaha, DS you pandai joke ah?

Fed: Okay, which area do you suggest that I go for my vacation? Genting? Camerons?

Pah: No, la, Genting don't need any help and Camerons is a lost cause la, I am thinking about somewhere in the interior la, not fully exploited la.

Fed: Where? Jengka ka? What tourism can do there? Kelapa Sawit Tourism ka?

Pah: Hahahahaha, you are really good at joking la. No la, maybe some place with water, where people can relax, you know la, like a lake or something.

Fed: Lake ka? You got lake ka there?

Pah: Hmm, let me think. Aaah! Tasik Chini, the second largest lake is a good place.

Fed: Ha, that sounds like a good idea. Got crocodile or not there?

Pah: Since JJ has gone out to KL, the number of dangerous crocodiles is now zero.

Fed: hahahaha, you also clever to joke ah? Now cigar bars in KL are being targetted by dangerous crocodiles, hahahahahaha. Good idea la. When can I go?

Pah: When ka? Let me see ...... Alamak, DS, got problem a bit la.

Fed: Problem? What problem?

Pah: The lake is not in good health la. I don't know la who go and mine there and then got illegal logging somemore so the lake is getting a bit polluted la er, but but still can salvage la.

Fed: Can salvage ka? Then do it la.

Pah: We want to do it, swear I tell you but it is quite costly la. You can help a bit ka?

Fed: How much?

Pah: Not much la, about 3 billion only.

Fed: What!!!! 3 billion? What you all want to do? Build A Taj Mahal there ka?

Pah: Like this DS, about 1000 hektars of land has been illigally logged so we have to replant. To replant we have to cut down another 1000 hektars to allow people to go there. That cost money.

Fed: The extra 1000 hektars you all want to clear, what do you want to do with the timber?

Pah: That one you don't worry la, my son has graciously agreed to help to dispose the timber. He said he would charge only a nominal sum for the job.

Fed: Waa, pandai ah! He wants to charge for disposal, and then he makes money from the timber, 1000 hektars is quite a lot of timber la.

Pah: No la DS, the timber there lousy quality one, cannot sell one.

Fed: Are you sure? What trees?

Pah: Er, er, I also don't know la, but lousy quality one.

Fed: About the mining, what are you going to do?

Pah: Yes la, those people are illegal miners. We intend to arrest them and put them under ISA then my other son would set up a legal company to mine legally and for that I hope the federal government can give him inerest free loans to buy some machines, pumps and lorries.

Fed: How much?

Pah: Not much la, about 1 billion only.

Fed: You have very good sons la. So willing to help one. I think my son and son-in-law are also willing to help la.

Pah: No need, no need, why trouble them, they are so busy as it is right now, let my sons handle all these.

Fed: I think if my son and SIL cannot help, then the Federal Government also cannot help la.

Pah: Who said they cannot help, I said I don't want to trouble them but since they insist I am sure we could find a solution. Maybe your sons could handle the transportation of workers.

Fed: I was thinking more of my sons handle the disposal of useless timber while you sons handle the supply of labour and transport.

Pah: Like this la, we handle everything together, what say you?


Zawi said...

That is a win-win situation. He will accept.

Kata Tak Nak said...

Pak Zawi,
To them it is either win-win or I win you lose, no ther options will be accepted.

cakapaje said...

Salam Cikgu,

Where there is a rotten carcass, there surely will be crocodiles. Even real 4legged crocs are afraid of these buayas.

Taem World Web said...

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Kata Tak Nak said...

ys, crocodiles with swiss accounts.


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